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Chapter 7.

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Gee and I ran through the park, the rain lashed down around us drenching us both. By the time we reached the street Gerard had picked me up two or three times from where id slipped on the muddy ground so I was now coated in thick layers of dried mud and grass, Gees hand held mine tightly while he pulled me along behind him. I flagged down a cab and it stopped to let us in. Gerard gave the driver directions and he gave Gee a dirty look. It shocked me but Gee didn't notice and slid his arm around my shoulders gently as we sat and laughed together. Still I couldn't ignore the driver keep looking back at us and by the time we reached the hotel road I was sat in silence, glaring at the back of the drivers head. Again I saw him snigger at Gerard, this time I would refuse to sit in silence, “Sorry, do you have a problem with my friend here?” I asked the driver, he slowed the car and squinted into the rear view mirror. “Yeah, I have actually.” Gerard stopped looking at me and sat bolt upright in his seat. Gerard had done nothing to offend the driver in any way and had been as polite as he would have to his grandmother. Suddenly I felt the weight of Gees arm around my shoulders and our earlier laughter filled my head. “I'm sorry, what have I done?” Gerard asked his voice spoke of worry. “Look at you,” spat the driver, “Your sort make me sick!”

“And what sort would that be, sir?” I spat right back even though I already knew the answer he was about to give me. “His sort, prying on young girls, and you all fall for it, a man taking interest in a young pretty girl like you, you should get away from him, tell your dad, your brother someone who'll put him in his place.” He kept his eyes on the road ahead and Gerard removed his arm from my shoulder. I took his hand and placed it in mine before laying our hands on my lap. “I'm sorry sir, you don't know this man and you don't know me so id appreciate it if you don't judge our relationship. This is one of my brothers married best friends who is taking care of me until we meet my brother at our hotel if you don't mind.” “Oh Yeah, and I forgot to mention, don't think I didn't notice you eying me as we got in the car, you bloody hypocrite.” I'd gone red and my voice flamed with the anger that had risen inside me. Gerard pushed my hand gently and I held his closer to my lap as if making sure he'd stay by my side.

We spent the rest of the journey in utter silence, when we reached the hotel Gerard reached for his wallet but before he could hand the driver the $20 bill he'd driven off.

“You shouldn't have spoken to him, you should have let me handle it.” Gee said pulling on my hand as he guided me around the back of the hotel towards the back doors. “I wasn't going to let him call you a pedophile, I know your not so I'm not going to let him call you one.” I stopped. Ahead of me was a double decker coach-bus type vehicle. It was huge, much bigger than I expected. “C'mon.” Gerard pulled me towards the tour-bus door where Frank was throwing his teddy bear to Ray, bear by bear, Ray collected them and put them on the bus. I couldn't help but laugh, Frank, A fully grown man had a bigger toy collection than I, a 15 year old girl. Frank stopped, “Gerard, mate, I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have been so stupid, Please forgive me?”
“It's OK, you were right, I've been an arse the whole time we've been here and I'm really sorry, but Kat here has shown me that I can still have a really good time.” He pulled me under his arm and laughed, “So where do you need us?” he asked and started to grab the cases from the ground and load them in the buses underbelly. “Kat, Bob wanted to talk to you he's round packing the instruments” “Thanks Ray,” and began to walk to the back of the bus, “Oh and he's packed your stuff up as well, said your room was a mess.” Ray laughed away to himself. I Continued on my journey and found Bob, clipboard in hand, making sure Worm had put everything in the right place. “Hey Hey Big Bro.” I said cheerfully. The rain had stopped and the ground was still wet but the sun had begun to shine. “Where have you been? I'm going to get you Way, You hear that? Keeping my sister out with you!” Bob shouted to the front of the bus. “So you ready for life on a bus?” he asked chuckling away to himself. It was quite daunting, living on a bus with five grown men stopping at every state so they could play music for their fans. “Yeah, its going to be great,” I hoped.

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