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Chapter 8

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Gerard's POV

I continued to throw bags under the coach as the others moved busily around me. Instruments and amps were being dragged to the back of the bus, Ray and Frank sat on the bus steps strumming away on their guitars and still I watched Kat moving around the cases from the corner of my eye. Bob had instructed her to help me but she seemed preoccupied and her mobile again bleeped. She opened whatever text message was there and read it. I watched as a tear rolled down her cheek and threw the last of Mikey's luggage in. Where was that brother of mine anyhow?
When I turned to look at Kat again she was gone. I left the coach and walked quietly down the back alley out toward the street.

Darkness filled the small stone corridor and the walls were covered in a thick Grey slime. There, sat down behind a dumpster was Kat. As the sun was shining she had taken off my jacket and had carefully removed her jacket and thrown them at Ray who had put them up on the bus. Now she sat curled into a ball shivering and weeping silently. I sat beside her and pulled her into a hug as she lent her head on my chest. I felt the tears soak through my thin t-shirt and waited for her to calm before I spoke to her. “What happened? Why are you here?” I asked wiping away the tears from her cheek. “Nothing happened, I'm fine, just a bit home sick that's all.” she looked up at me and my fingers tingled as I took her hand, “I'm here if you need someone to talk too, OK?” I gently pressed my lips against the back of her hand and felt her sharp intake of breath, “Mm, I know.” she said, standing and brushing herself down. She walked ahead of me in silence and only spoke again when we were out of the alley.”You going to show me our new home then?” she laughed a brilliant smile now replaced her solemn expression. I took her hand and pulled her last duffel bag from the ground before climbing the steps into the bus.

It was the biggest bus we'd ever had and the others had already picked bunks. Franks was the first on the top and was covered with his family of teddy bears, each named after his dogs so he had something of them with him on tour. Nobody knew how he'd breath in there if Jamia got another dog while he was away. Maybe next tour we'd get the teddy's their own bus. Mikey had already drawn the curtain of his across and I could hear his soft breathing from behind. Ray and Bob had chosen the next two bunks on either side on the top row leaving two bunks underneath for Me and Kat. “Probably best if you take the one under Bob,Ray snores a lot.” She laughed as I placed her bag on the bunk and led her towards the front of the bus. The kitchen was quite big and Kat started searching through the cupboards.

I left her there and climbed down to the road where I luckily found Bob clipboard now gone and his rucksack swung on his back. “Where's Kat? I cant find her and I want to make sure she's got everything.” Bob had always been kinda sensitive before but we'd never seen him this caring and nervous before. “She's OK,I too her up to the bus, she's up there now.” his face flooded with relief, he must have also noticed her earlier incident. “Thanks man,don't forget, 15 minutes and we're on the off.” Bob turned to get on the bus but I held on his arm, “Bob, whys Kat here? You've never said anything about her or your mum before so why now?”
“She's... well..she's got it tough now mate, she needed me so I asked her to come out here. Mum threw her out of the house just before she called me and she was living with a friend. She's got nothing left but me.” That still didn't explain why she'd been so upset earlier, and she said she'd been homesick but how can you be homesick if you don't have a home? “Are you getting on Gerard, cus the others are ready.”
“Yeah, I just wanted to speak to you before we left.” I followed him up the stairs where we were greeted by Frank's girly screams as Kat thrashed him at Guitar Hero, Ray was still in the process of unwinding and unpacking the Wii and the remainder of Bob and Frank's gaming collection.”That's my girl,” Bob was admiring Kat as her and Frank's game came to an end. “I'd better go unpack, when we leaving Bob?”
“Soon babe, bout 5 minutes,” I went to the back of the bus and grabbed the cardboard box I'd filled with my D.V.D,CD and Vinyl collections before leaving the flat. I took my phone from the bed and saw another few messages left by Mum and by Lindsay, none that actually had any meaning mind, all reassuring me it hadn't really happened, yet my heart and my head still told me it had. I turned the phone off and threw it into the bottom of the draw beneath my bunk, I would have to buy a new one or borrow one from Worm for now.

“GUY'S ANYONE NEED ANYTHING CUS WE'RE ABOUT TO LEAVE!?!” Bob's shouts filled the bus and everyone groaned, only another 15 hours until we'd stop again so this was the last time we'd be still for a while. I took the box to the front and handed it to Frank who began to tear at the duct tape covering it, dying to see the contents. Kat was stood by him and was looking on entertained, I sat behind her on the sofa and Ray moved to lean in front of the couch beside me, before handing me a Wii remote, the wires wrapped tightly around each other.

The bus suddenly jolted and Kat was flown backwards, she fell over Ray and landed curled on my lap, laughter filled the cabin and the bus finally drove away from LA and the life I had chosen to leave behind.

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