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Edward is love with Joy

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Interesting how your life turns out you got ups and downs. But you never thought in a millon years that you would meet a vampire.

My dad had a bought me a car so I could get back and forth to school etc. I went to school I got things that I had to have for classes. I sat down in sit, "hi you must be Joy Whitlow," this girl said.

"Hi you must be??" I said
"I am Cassie Mogan.." Cassie said
"Its nice to meet you." maybe that would make her leave me alone.

At lunch I got something to eat sat down I looked across to the other tables. He wasn't in any of my classes.

Few weeks later I had friends there names Cassie, Cayln, Sid and a few guy friends Madden twins, Paul Thomas, Dean Butterworth. There all very nice we all sat down at the table I couldn't help but notice guy across from me at the other table. Cassie looked me then seeing what I seeing "Joy what are you looking at?" she asked.

I looked at him once more "thats Edward Cullen he's hot he doesn't date" she looked at me.

"He's looking at you," she said.

The has ring it was time for biology stupid bell I was happy being at lunch then here. I walked in and taken by me.

After class I went to my locker to books in. I saw my friends coming to me. Cassie was first to get to me "hey Joy aren't you excited about dance?" she asked.

"What dance what are you talking about?" I asked her.
"Well girls ask the guys to dance" she looked at me.
I started thinking "I got plans to go Seattle that day" yes its a plan good going.

He ignore me all day the next day. Yea so Cayln asked me if I wanted to ride horses I told her I had plans. She made this face at me "Joy its not walking its riding a horse plz?" she asked.

"Cayln I don't know look I will to see what I can do bye!?" I said looked over at Edward, I turned my head to see Benji coming over.

Benji sat down "hi Joy are you doing anything on the night of dance?" he asked
"Yea I was going to Seattle sorry maybe you can ask Sid she wants to go with you" I said.
Next week

I walked right into Biology there he was. He looked right at me as I took a sit by him. He can't stop looking ar me "Hello sorry I didn't interdunce myself last week I'm Edward Cullen" he said taking scope looking in it.

"Joy Whitlow?" he asked I shook my head.
"You were gone." I said
"Yea I had stuff to do." He said

"So how do you like the weather?" Edward asked

"Its good I guess!" I said

He looks over at me "thats grate!!" he said

I drove my truck home then girls had me to ask me to go with them for dresses. I had told girls that I was going to book store. I had just gotten a book. Then I saw Edward coming this way "hi Joy what are you doing walking alone at night in a city where you don't know where stuff is?" he asked

I looked over at him "well I took a chance I am doing very good" I said.

This weekend I rode horses with Cayln like she asked. I still couldn't wrap myself around Edward being a vampire. I am not afraid of him although I should be but I am not.

"Joy what are you thinking about?" she asked
"I am thinking about Edward." I said
"You are always with him doing stuff with you, we never do stuff together?" Cayln said
"I am sorry Cayln I have some one in my life that I can't igorge any more I am sorry." I said

So that night I sat up thinking about Edward Cullen why I am always thinking about him. My friends think I am crazy for doing this. It doesn't matter now. He says he can't get into my head. I am out side walking along in the woods then I feel this cold arm around me. I look up its Edward "you know you shouldn't walk alone in the woods alone there are other things out there besides me that could get you" he said.

Cassie came up to me "Joy guess what Joel Madden has invited me to the dance isn't that cool. Your not are ya??" she asked
"No I don't mind you two will make a great couple." i said then Edward came up to us.

I am at home resting Edward comes through the window "hi Edward what do I owe for you coming over?" I asked him.
"Nothing I thought I would you that your friends are trying to find out my secret. They need to stop before something you and them." he said

I saw the look in his eyes "Edward I didn't say anything" I said.
"I know you didn't. I think its the Madden twins, I know one of them is after you. Joy I need you tell them to back off or something will happen and its not gonna be pretty when some one finds out." Edward looked at me with those eyes.

Normal pov

Joy is out side washing her truck and sees maddens coming her way. Benji starts to speak "Joy we came to talk to you is that ok?" he asked
"Yea sure go head?" Joy looked at them.
"Well we wanna talk about boyfriend Edward he's not what you think he is?!" Benji said
"Yea I want you two stay out of my business. You two have know right going through some one elses life now leave." Joy said
"No Joy were trying to tell you he's not a real person he's vampire." Joel said
"No he's not you can't prove it so leave now. I love him all you want to do is just scare me back into your arms. I love him theres nothing you can say that will me change my mind." Joy said seeing Edward coming up them.
"You heard her now leave." Edward said
"No we know what you are and were gonna tell her too even if she doesn't believe us." Benji said

Maddens gain up on Edward. He held his own though Joel was throwing punches. Benji did the same thing. Joy yelled at them but either of them heard her. She fought her way into a fight but Benji and Joel both punched her Edward lean over her bruise body with maddest eyes "leave her alone or next time it won't be so simple. Leave her out of what ever you have against me just come at me not at her" he took her into the house.

He lays her down cleans her wounds. Her eyes open "Edward!!" she said in a panick. The tears begin to fall from her face, "its ok Joy I will not hurt you again not like that."

She had gone to school with Edward "hey Joy I don't like you going with Edward it makes me angry" Benji said as looks at Edward.
"Who freaking care Benji I love him." she makes a mean face at him.
"Go on Benji before I do something that will make you look a wolf." Edward said
"Joy just pick Benji we won't half to do this to your boyfriend?" Joel said
"Do what to my boyfriend?" she said
"Kill him!!!!!" Edward pushed Joy right past them.

Edward had his smug look on his face "Cayln is going to ask about your face?"
"Ooooo......what should i tell her?" she asked him.
"Tell her the Madden boys did it." as he took arm wraped around her waist.
Cayln was waiting at Joy's locker for her. She sees them together "hey Joy what happen to your eyes?" she asked
"Madden boys thats what happen." Joy said
Edward had something to do at home Maddens were waiting on Joy. She had just came out going to her truck "Joy plz rethink this?" Joel said
"NO I LOVE him" she got in her truck leave.

Joy's pov

I am out with friends doing what up thing with them. Edward went hunting again. I see Benji coming this way "Hey Joy can I talk to you?" he asked something about him made me change my mind.

"Yea sure." I said
"Joy I wanted to appolise for doing that to you. I just wanna be friends I am sorry." Benji said

He kissed me right there on the spot "Benj why did you do that for?" i asked
"Because I like you and by looks the looks of it you like too" benji said
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