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Lust for a Human named Joy!!

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Then as I was driving home I begin to think that maddens were trying to get my attendion. But I had Edward Cullen he's my boyfriend. I went up to my room layed on my bed and cried for the first time I was here. I heard some one coming in "hi Joy whats wrong?" Edward asked

I sat up looked him right in the eyes "he kissed me" I said
"Who kissed you?" he asked wiped the tears from my face.
"Benji Madden" I looked at him.
"Joy you want me to hurt him?" he asked
"NO its just that he wants to have me. But I love you more then anyone." I said
He looks at me "i know you do. Some times I think it would be better if you went with him cause I am no good for you. Maybe he's good for you I know he wants you." Edward said

"Yea but he's not the one I want. I want you!! Everyday I go to school hoping to see you and touch you." I said
"Babe just let you know I am not good for you. I'll be here as long as you let me be." he said

Cayln's pov

I saw Joy yesterday with Edward. I am happy that she is happy. I see this guy accross from me who's been staring me for the last ten minutes. He comes over "you must be Cayln. I'm Billy Cullen Edward's brother." he said

"Yes I am Cayln its nice to meet you." I said
"Same here your one of Joy's friends correct?" he asked
"Yes I am she's going out with your brother correct?" I asked back.
"Yea thats right she seems good for him, she brings him back to life." he said
"Thats good it seems he does the same for her. So what did you come over here for?" I asked
"Well wanted to see if you would want to come with Edward, Joy, and myself to see a movie?" he asked
"Mmmmmm.............. sure I will talk to Joy we will be there." I said

Wow I am going on a date with guy. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad I guess. I called Joy that night she wanted me to come over tell her all about it. Which I did it wasn't that unusal I guess. I think she called my mom and her I was staying over. I didn't mom would care. But the Edward and Billy came through her window "don't worry Cayln Edward does this all the time as to Billy well this is first time he came here." she said

few hours later

We went to the movies, I saw Edward and Joy cuddling. I heard about Maddens getting Joy's bad side. They actually hit her I will not stand for that. It makes my blood boil everytime I heard there name. She told me about her boyfriend. I am her best friend I will not tell anyone. After the movie was over they took us home, which is nice.

Joy's pov

I am glad that Cayln stayed. Edward wanted to stay i know he did. It was like seven am in the morning I woke up and went into kitchen got a glass of milk I heard some one speak. I looked up it was Edward saying good morning. It was nice to see his face "Joy I halfa go hunting with Emmet this morning I wanted to say good morning to you before I go." he said with that being said he left.

I am stuck here Cayln went home eariler like five am so she could see Billy. I wish my Edward was here its comforting to know that I have vampire watching over me. But I have a day to myself I guess I could go some grocies while I have nothing to do.

I get into my truck and got my shoping done. Then came back home cooked supper. Well dad came home first and gave me a kiss. Edward just appears out of no where "hi angel" he said kissing my hair.

"Ooo your hair smells good." he said gives her a big hug.
"Hi to you too. I have been slaving over this stove for hours where have you been." then she gigles.

"Like I'm going to eat dear you may need too though" said Edward.

So that night she layed down by Edward. After while I fell into a deep sleep. Any ways I was on my way to school my seat belt was not acting right I didn't see this car that mashed my truck leaving me unconscious. They rushed me to the hospital Dr. Cullen had something to do with it. I had a broken arm and cut on the head. Then dad came in "Joy you are you ok?" he asked

"She's alright Charile she has a broken arm and cut on the head after that she should be fine." he said

Edward came in looked worried "Joy are ya ok?" he asked walking over.
I looked at him "yea broken arm and cut on the head after that I am fine." I said

"I feel like a broken record." I said
"I knew I should taken you to school you always get into trouble when I'm not around." he mumbled.

I got to come home Edward and dad were on my case at the same time. It was crazy I look down for minute then boom. Edward wasn't mad but my dad was. Madden brothers showed up at front door wondering how I doing I told them I was fine.

"Joy you really should go out with me I am smart, sexy, confidence!!!" Benji said
"Well I am with Edward now so just beat it before I beat you down." I said
"Like you could beat me down we both punched you what makes you think you can fight us both." Joel said
"When I become a vampire will see now want we." I said

Edward came in "what are you guys doing here didn't I tell you two about coming here?" he got in front of me.
Benji looks at him "well she was telling us when she became a vampire she was going to hurt us."

Then I knew Edward was mad I haven't seen him mad before. Few minutes later he took me up to my room "Joy what makes you think I want you be like me?" he asked

"I love you and I want to be with you." I said
"Thats not a good answer Joy I know your hurting so I am gonna go get you some tylenol ok." he as he run downs to kitchen ulta fast. He came back with the tylenol and glass of water I took it. I sat up "tell me something that I haven't heard before?" I asked

"Mmmm lets see Joy you need your sleep." Edward said
"Yea i noticed." I said
"Your sleeply we will talk about this tomorrow bye." he said
"No Edward don't leave!!" I said

By the way he didn't leave he stay by my side all night watching me sleep. In the morning he's saying that I kept saying his name in my sleep. I didn't mind. But he says from now on he was driving me to and from school. I didn't say anything to him.

I walked right pasted him he grabed the keys before my hand got there. But I walked on out kept my maddness to myself. Its oblious that them two cook up a non trouble for me tomorrow. I can do things to keep myself out of trouble like I can go over to Cayln's, or Cassie's. Maybe I would to Seattle tomorrow Edward can't read mind hahahaha I will leave at ten.'

So the next morning dad was gone to work. Edward had went hunting with Carlisle this morning. I wanted to go to Seattle so I am going without my men power I am grown girl I need away so I am going away. Edward and Charlie will be so pissed. Anyways I am on my way here I come Seattle.

Normal pov

She going on the Hwy 18 just out side of forks. She heard something on the back of the truck she turned her head to look. She looked at the front saw a wolf. Her truck swirled down into forest wolves started to smell her scent. Some how she got out looked around she found two wolves looking at her she started to run but they have caught up with her. She started to scream. Carlisle heard her first "Edward I hear something lets go" he said as they both took off running in the direction. Edward and Carlisle dealt with wolfs then saw Joy laying there. "Edward!" she said

Carlisle step in "Joy this not a good place for you to be in" he said.
"I just wanted out with out my dad and my boyfriend so I can prove to them that I can be alone." Joy said
"Joy it doesn't matter you could have proved it another way." Edward said
"You wouldn't have LET me?" she said
"Yea thats true but I am doing so you wouldn't get hurt and yet I leave you still get hurt." he said
"You two are best the thing that happen to eachother so suck it up." Carlisle said

On the ride home it was quiet. Edward wasn't the yelling type I knew it if Charlie saw me he would have a fit like Carlisle did. Edward had reason to be mad I didn't do what he said. But anyways Edward took me up to my room and he kept his arms locked around me "Edward I am not gonna leave the room." Joy said
"Ok fine I will leave." he let her go and left.

Edward's pov

Why do I bother with protecting her if she doesn't do what I ask. True I didn't ask to stay she has a right to do what she wants. Joy is beautiful girl that i have seen in my years. So I made my way back into her room she is fast asleep. I layed down right beside of her "I knew you couldn't stay away from me to long" she said smiring.
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