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Joy's pov

Something has to give I told him I was going over to Joel's today which we as in me and Joel that was working on a project for science class Edward didn't like me working with him. We came back to my place "nice house Joy" he said
"thanks so what do we do first?" I asked

"Well I could work on planets you could work on the painting the box" he said
"Cool I am already on it" I said

I have started painting "so have you seen Edward?" he asked
"Yes I have sooo lets get this over with so I can be with Edward." I said

He looks over at me "ok yea lets do this" he grabed my body pulled it over this his.
"Joel let me go now??" I screamed.

He kissed me then yelled for Benji "you know that day you had your accident in the woods we there. I wanted you so bad I could taste your blood too bad Edward won't have time to taste to it." he said sling me down to floor.
"You two were ones that I stared at?" I asked
"Yes we were don't worry we take care of your Edward for you." Joel said
"Don't hurt him or I'll kill you I don't care who knows either." I said

Edward and Jasper came beat up wolfs except for Benji and he bit me.

"It burns make it stop." i said hurting.

Jasper came over "Joy its ok Edward is here." he said taking me into his arms.

Edward looks over at me takes me back into his arms. Thats all I remember up until Carlisle's house "Joy squeeze my hand if you can?" Carlisle said I did what he asked.

"Edward your gonna half to suck it out the venom before it speads." Carlisle looked at Edward.

Then he looked down at "I will make this all better Joy I promise." he said he waits then he begin to suck the venom out.

Then I pasted out. I had no way of knowing if Edward was ok. I wanted to see him I don't care about myself anymore.

Normal pov

Edward is asleep in the chair by the bed. Carlisle came in to check on her, Katie came in with him "Carlisle I called Charlie told him she is spending the night with us he didn't mind at all" she said.

"Ok thats great everything is looking good Katie. She's gonna make a great addition to our family. Edward is waiting to do it so she can do human things." Carlisle said

Katie looked at him "yes I know she will be grate for us to have." she said

Edward wakes up "is she ok?" he asked

"Yes Edward she's doing ok for some one in her condition." Carlisle said looking at him.

"Ok thats good" Edward said
"Yea thats really good." Carlisle left.

"Edward she should waking up any minute now." Katie said

Joy wakes up "Edward" she said. Edward looks at her "Joy everything is fine." he said
"Ok leave me be." she said

"What about my dad how is he?" She asked
"Yea hes fine he thinks you are staying with Katie your ok." he said
"O ok good Edward are you mad at me??" Joy said

"Joy I am not mad at you were doing a homework with that jerk." Edward said

Cayln's pov

I ran over to Cullen's place Billy open the door "hey Billy is Joy here?" I asked
"Yea she here come in." he said

Then I saw her talking to Edward "hey vampirette them stupid Maddens haven't gotten through there head that your Edward's not theres?" I said

Edward looked at me "how did you that they were ware wolfs?" He asked
"Billy told me everything. Edward its cool I won't tell anyone just don't hurt my best friend well be fine." I said
"Im not planning on it." Edward said

Joy's pov

Few weeks later Charlie had went to work. I am stuck at home then I saw Cayln coming up the walk way I open the door "hi Cayln what brings you here."

Cayln came in "well came over to if you wanted to become a vampire cause I am Billy said he would turn me if I wanted him too. So I am gonna let him what about you?" she asked

"Yees I want to be one too. Edward doesn't want me to become one." I looked sad.
"Well come Joy on??" as she drag me out of the door.

Billy stood there Cayln went over to him "Cayln I can't do it to her thats Edward's job not mine...." he looked me.

Cayln looked at me "Joy I'm sorry Billy doesn't want to do it then I will as soon as I am able too dear."

I walked off into the woods cried until the night came. It had began to rain of Edward found me "Joy what are you doing here alone in the woods when I told you not to be alone." he said
"Cayln's becoming a vampire I am not." I said to him.
"Honey she's not I convince him not too I know you both want too share this moment together. Come on lets get you home before Charlie comes home to find your not there." He said

He ran me back home I sat down on the bed and still cried. My boyfriend doesn't me either I guess I could go back and live with my mom. Then at least she would want me to stay. Charlie came into my room "Joy what's wrong?" he asked

"My boyfriend doesn't like me." I said

Charlie looked me "I'm sure thats not true just give him some time I am sure thats all it needs." he said as he huged me kissed me on the forehead.

Edward came through the window "I love you Joy theres not anything I wouldn't do for you. You and Cayln will be vampires soon enough." he said hugging me.

Edward is driving me to school as we speak he doesn't trust me to drive myself. "Edward why can't I drive myself to school?" I asked
"Because you drive like a manic on the road. And besides I like driving you too school it gives me a few minutes alone with you before your friends still you away from me for the day." he said

"Why what are friends gonna do to me?" Edward can read minds thank god for that.
"Its seems there going to take you away after school for a girl night out." he said

"Interesting I don't need a girls day out I am fine with being with you all afternoon." I said
"Yea I know I love you too honey. Your friends think other wise...... but Maddens will be around be careful stay a from Benji hes after you but not in a way that you think just stay away from him." He said

"Ok stay away from Benji got it." I said
"This maybe good idea for you to get out with the girls your own age." Edward said

Girls were standing there waiting on me to get there. Cayln, Cassie, Katie, Benji, Joel, Billy were all there Edward had to go hunting with Emmett or so he said. Edward gave Billy and Cayln a glace before leaving Billy knew what it meant.

Joel is going with Cassie to dance, Billy asked Cayln to the dance. Katie asked Jasper if he wanted to go of coarse he said yes. I just got in the car. Girls wanted to shop dresses guys were looking around like something guys would do. Cassie went to try on dresses, so did Katie. Cayln and I just stood around both of them look at us "what is wrong you both its dance its not gonna kill you both go to a dance" Cassie said

"Yes it will!! I'll spran my ankle" I said
"Yea I'll get into trouble which isn't hard from my point of view." Cayln said
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