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I had a bad day again

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Joy loses her mother but she comes back as a vampire

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new chapter

Benji's pov

Yes everything is going to plan just like that Edward is gone hunting with Emmett. I see Joy alone over there "hey Joy" I said

"Hi and bye." she said getting with Cayln.

Cassie came up to us "so are you going together for the dance?" she asked
" were not why would ask such a thing." Joy said
"Just was asking is all." Cassie said
"Good were not together geez." Joy said walking away.

"Cassie has shes been acting weird you know why?" I asked
"No I don't know maybe her and Edward are having problems." she said

Joy's pov

Thank god that was over with!!! Edward came to pick me up I was in no mood to talk about anything that happen that day. He drove his vovo "Joy what is going on in that little head of yours" he said.

"Nothing I just want to go home I'm tired I want to rest." I said pulling my hand up to my head.
"Babe is everything ok with you?" he asked
"Yea I am just tired thats all." I said

I looked at him "my life is falling apart Edward. Benji wants me and I don't want him but he wants me. Cassie thought we were going to dance together I don't wanna go to the dance......" I cried.

He pulled me out of car "babe you don't have to worry about him just worry about yourself honey everything else will take care of it self." he said walking me up to my room.
"Thank you for driving me home." I said

"Cayln I am bad person?" I asked her.
"No why would think that?" She asked

She looked at me "well I am keeping Edward from doing things that he wants to do." I said
"Joy if that was true he would be doing something else not here with you so stop with this shit plz......" she said I nodded my head.

Cayln and I gonna spend some time together riding and having a blast. Cayln looks around "Joy hes not your regular boyfriend hes a vampire like my boyfriend is. You love it too just admit it??" she said

"Yes your right I love it and I love him. So are you going to the dance this weekend??" I asked
"Hell no Joy you know me better that. What about you?" she asked
"Ahhh no I think Edward wants to go. Charlie and Edward wants me to stay out the woods you know the wolfs are bigger problem then they thought. Its beginning to get on nerves." I said
"Wow Joy you think they would leave you alone. They are looking out for you but I can see how that could get on your nerves." she said

Cayln's pov

I wanted to become a vampire. And so did Joy. I had a paper due for a class tomorrow. Its sucks having friend that is miserible you can't do anything about it. At least I have Billy to keep sane my best friend would have done that but she has enough to worry about. Her dad is the police chief of Forks, Washington. I could understand why he wanted her to stay of out the woods. Chief Whitlow didn't know she was going out with a vampire. I'm not telling him anything she's been keeping info from him. But any way I wanted to with Billy for a while without my parter in crime Joy. Although were gonna scare the shit out of boys one day. I think the next day will be fun I am not a happy camper when fun is involve.

Joy's pov

My dad decided that he wanted to bond with me so hes taking me and one of my friends to a theme park. It was a good day to go I guess. Cayln wanted to go with me dad told me I couldn't bring Edward with me. That made me sad that Edward couldn't go. He said he love me that morning little did I know that day would change my world. On way down there "Joy are you ok?" she asked

"Yea I guess I'm looking out of window." I said

We finally got there "girls were here to have fun no talk of our boyfriends ok." Charlie said
"Yea ok dad we got it." I said

I walked over to ride got on, Cayln looked worried like I was doing a bad thing. I had just sat down then someone who is sitting right beside of me "hi is sit taken" he said

"Hey no go ahead." i said ride started then I saw Cayln again she really did looked worried. I thought I had seen Edward there in the crow'd some where.

"Joy you have got to be careful you never know who your riding with?" Edward whisper in my ear.

I looked over to my left and I see Edward "how did you get here?" I asked him
"I took a run to get here. I couldn't let you have all the fun without me dear." He said "Does Carlisle know your gone?" I asked
"Yes he does...., Cayln looks abit green she thinks your on a ride with a bad vampire or worse." Edward said
"Thats cool I guess" I said
"Yea it is sweetheart." Edward said

Billy is with Cayln as we started too stop. She looks happy to see him as I am with Edward. Charlie isn't though he know that we were thinking about our boys. So after a day with my dad both them rode with us me and Edward ride up front with Charlie. The love birds road in the back Charlie kept his on them as well me and Edward. I layed my head on Edward and took a nap.

Cayln's pov

Man I thought Joy was in trouble getting on a ride with a vampire. It was Edward so I am happy that Billy came. Were on our ride home I couldn't take a nap I just stared at Billy I don't he minded it that much. Billy told me that Edward was on the ride with her I am so glad of that. Charlie kept his eye on us as well Edward and Joy. Charlie took me home first "Cayln Joy will call you tomorrow." he said

I went right to bed Billy came with me I understood why didn't want me a vampire yet. He knows I want to be one just like Edward he wants me to be human first.

Charlie's pov

I think I should check on Joy, her boyfriend carried her up to her room. She had fell asleep on the ride home. I know she is in good hands with Edward but some times i wonder. I hear the phone "uh huh ok bye" i said into the reciveer. Damnit everything is going good for Joy she doesn't need this too. I had just gotten her back from her mother she loves her mother. I walked up to the stair well knocked on her door "Joy honey....." i said making a bit of a noise at the door. I just to her sleeping in her natural habbit.

I sat down on her bed and tryed to wake up "Joy honey I need to talk to you wake up." I said watching her move around she finally woke up.

"Yes charlie" she said
"I just gotten a call its your mother baby....." I said
"What about her?" She asked
"Shes in bad shape honey I'm sorry.." I said I saw tears coming from her eyes then she huged me.

We were on our way to the hospital I saw Dr.Cullen Edward's father coming to us.

"Hi Charlie it looks really bad Robin has broken leg and back, she has head tramua we gave her some sedives to help the pain." Dr.Cullen said
"And her brain injury her brain is bleeding. So were trying to stop that...." He haded

I looked shocked at him "will she wake up?" I asked
"I don't know Charlie its hard to tell right now. Were gonna do everything we can to make sure she lives." he said
"So can we see her?" I asked him.

I took Joy by the hand we followed Dr.Cullen to her room. As we walked in I saw laying there with tubes running up her. I knew this wasn't gonna be easy for Joy she loved her mother more then anything. She looked at her "mom" she cried. Joy went over to hug her I pulled her over to me to hug me her mother isn't awake for that.

I saw Dr.Cullen and Edward walked in "Charlie could I speak to you for a few minutes alone......" Dr.Cullen said

Charlie looked over at me "go with Edward honey I'll call you if anything changes ok?" she shook her head she went with Edward.

Normal pov

Edward and Joy is walking into the waiting room. She sits down and Edward does the same "Joy I am sorry this happen to you I really am" he said

Joy just cried her little heart out he didn't know what to do. This was braking her heart he coudn't stand to watch her cry. He pulled her into his lap after a few minutes her breathing became calm. Charlie walks in seeing asleeping Joy in Edward's arms.

Carlisle's pov

Edward and I walked into Robin's room just now she flat line me and Edward tryed to revibe her. It didn't help we tryed and we tryed "Dr.Cullen plz go head make me into a vampire I want to see my daughter lot more plz just do it." she said before she crashed into flat line.

Edward looks at me "do it Carlisle both of are really hurting out there........" he said

"Edward go and tell Joy and Charlie that she's gone. Then call Alice tell her I need Jasper and Emmett you stay with Joy and Charlie ok?" I said

"Yea sure." he said calling them over.

Edward went to them "Carlisle what's up you called us here?" Emmett asked

"I want you and Jasper take her down to the morgue." I said
"What about Joy and Charlie??" Emmett asked
"There want to see her before we take her away." Emmett said

Charlie, Joy, Edward came in. He's holding on to her hand she's holding on Charlie's. I felt really bad because Joy has love her mother more then anything.

Joy's pov

How could this happen my mom was fine this morning tonight is a different story. I saw my mom for the last time. I saw Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett there. Charlie and I just said our byes. Edward pulled me out along with Charlie. I soaked his shirt with my tears then we were riding home in dad's car. Edward took me up my room I just layed there with Edward. I cried and cried. Its just another bad day for me.

I told Charlie that I needed to go to school he wouldn't let me go. By the looks of I didn't want to go anywhere anyway. Week went by I still haven't change any I missed mom.
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