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Edward is leaving Joy!!

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Charlie's pov

I have never seen Joy act like this laying in bed crying being depressed Edward tried talking to her. That didn't work everyone tried it still doesn't work. Funeral is today I'm not sure if she's up for that. Edward came back but she's sleeping right now. Cayln came by as well but she didn't even purup. But after a week she started to talk to me and Edward and Cayln.

"Edward can I talk to you?" I said
"Yea sure go ahead" he said

"Edward we need to do something about Joy she's not herself anymore. I don't know what to do?? I am worried about her safety its scaring me to death." I said

"I am doing my best here Charlie she's so stubburn. Joy has her on mind to make up on that if she wants out this." Edward said

"There she is." I said watching Joy coming downstairs.
"Hey baby you want something to eat??" I asked her.
"No I am fine Edward come with me plz???" She asked

Normal pov

Joy and Edward were going up to her room Charlie didn't mind. If anything he could maybe talk to her and get into her head. Alice just happen to pop in threw the window "Joy I am so sorry about your lost." she said Joy started to cry again.

Edward is firecely mad now, "Alice out" he said she left. He looks down at her "Alice didn't mean anything by it" he said.

"Maybe she have kept her mouth shut about my mom." she said
"Yes she should have I'm sorry about that." he said
"Joy are you ok?" he asked
"Yea I guess. Why you ask for?" she said

"Babe you been in this room you haven't been out. Charlie is worried about you, you don't socialize. You don't talk to Cayln your best friend to the end. Were all worried you and then you won't talk to me." He said

Then Alice came "GET OUT NOW ALICE THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS." she said Alice pull her into a hug.

She looks over at Edward then to Joy "what if theres away to see your mother would you be ok then if you see her?" Alice said

"Yes I wanna see her with no interuptions and at all cost" she said
"Ok but Edward and I will take you see her then. Edward will be away for an hour or so." Alice said

They just got there Carlisle was waiting on Joy to come to see her mother.

"Joy this way I promise there will be no interuptions from anyone...." he said walking her up stairs.

"Carlisle do you think this is right way to go?" He questioned Carlisle.
"Yes Edward its not like her to be like this. You want her to be normal this is the only way...." he said

He pushed Joy in "Joy is that you?" her mother asked.

Robin turned around Joy was standing where door was "momma I am so glad to see you" she hugged her.

"Honey whats wrong aren't you glad to see me??" Robin said as they both cry.
"Yes momma I am I really missed you and Charlie does too." she said

"Charlie can't see me yet dear I am thrilled to see you though." she said

As the day went on they were still talking. Then it was time for her to leave "honey its late your tired you need your rest for school tomorrow" Robin said

"But mom I wanna stay with you." she said
"Baby its time Edward come in and take her." Robin asked
"Ok if I will see you again?" she asked
"Yes baby you will ok just go with Edward..." she said Robin gave her hug before leaving.

Edward looked at Joy she's tired. But maybe Joy will be happier tomorrow.

Cayln's pov

Finally I see Joy and Edward walking in together. I thought I would never see this again they both sat down by me and Billy. During P.E. she started crying Edward wasn't there the I asked she said that she missed her mother. Edward is problably is reading my mind, Edward came running over to her. Edward scoops her up takes her home.

Edward's pov

Benji saw us he walked over "what is wrong with her?" he asked
"She doesn't feel good I am taking her home." I said
"She misses her mommy doesn't she. Come on Edward we know your dad turned her mother into a vampire. Just so that she could see her daughter one more time." he said

I sat her down in the car shut the door looked right at Benji "listen here you stupid little pup. She just losted her mother you say that to her. As far as I know her mother is in ground resting in peace. And just for your info I will be fighting her battles as I see fit to and if that means killing you then I will do it for her. Just leave her alone you got that." I said

I got into my car she's asleep Charlie's not home yet Esme is at home. Carlisle isn't either he have took her mother on a animal hunt. Maybe I shouldn't have pushed her that hard.

Cayln's pov

I went over to her house that evening just to check up on her. Edward is there he left she's awake. She looks at me "hi Cayln I am sorry I left today I am just not over it like I thought I was" she said.

"Its ok Joy I uderstand." I said

What looks like woman trying to get into Joy's room "its ok Cayln she's my mom....." Joy said

normal pov

Robin comes over them "girls you have what I want. I want your blood now." she said
Both girls were scared "mom whats wrong I don't understand?" Joy asked

"Dear I am not Carlisle's pet any more I am on my own I just want a taste of you and your friend Cayln...." said robin
"Mom didn't kill them did you?"
"No honey I didn't I just want your blood." she said

Billy pulled Cayln away Edward trying to pull me out of the way he did it without help. Him and Billy would take care of her. Cayln and Joy watched them take care of her. Billy and Edward pulled there girls to them. Joy just looked white and quiet and so was Cayln. Cayln fainted cause of the blood that was spilt.

Normal pov

After a week Joy and Cayln returned to school. Joy is acting her unual self like always. Edward, Cayln, Billy were happy they got there Joy back. They all looked over at her "what whats wrong?" she asked

"Nothing dear were just glad your back with us." Cayln said

Benji and Joel came up to Cayln, they pinned her against the wall. "If you have any sense at all you will tell Joy to leave him we want her for our side Cullen doesn't love her like we do. So just tell Joy that we need to see her right a way or her daddy will be killed you got it good." Benji said droping her.

Billy came up to Cayln "whats wrong why you so jumpy for?" he questioned
"Madden's want Joy on there side if she doesn't go to there side they will kill her dad Billy I can't let them do that to her she has lost a mother she doesn't deserve to lose her dad either. Cullen doesn't love her like we do thats what Benji said to me." She said

Edward is in car taking Joy home. She's my girl no can take her away from me. Benji and Joel think they both can take her away from me I beg to differ with them. He drop her off went over to Cayln's house "Billy whats up?" he asked

"Madden's got to Cayln told her if she doesn't go to there side Charlie is gonna be killed. She's worried about Joy she has a father Cayln doesn't want her to go through that again." Billy said
"Can't blame her for worrying about her. She's not going over to them. Well keep Charlie safe. Joy is staying with us until this is taken care of." He said
"Yea but what about Cayln???" Billy said
"Yea they both need to be under one roof." Edward said
"You two are planning to keep us away from the big bad wolf." Cayln said
"Yes dear something like that.......!" Billy said
"Where's Joy at?" Cayln questioned
"Ummmm she's at her house with Charlie. She's in shock right now.... Charlie is calmming her down." Edward said

at Charlie's house

Joy is resting in her bed after Charlie looked in on her, he shut the door went down stairs. Both brothers come through the window "great she's asleep Benj great plan." Joel said

"Dude she's sound asleep I'm not gonna take asleeping girl out of her bedroom. Benj just let it go she's with Edward not with you I understand why she picked him then." Joel said

He starts to think about them it makes him angry "lets get her go Benj....." he said

Benji picks her up pull her close to him. Joel is really angry "Joel its gonna be fine lets get this over with" he said

They just back to there layer Benji layed her down "I get to bite her I brought her."he siad
"O save it Benj it was me who wanted to get her." as they started to fight.

"I gotta an idea??" Benji said
"Lets here Benj?" joel said
"Lets bite her together." BEnji said
"Great Idea Benjamin lets do this." Joel said

As they both lean down to bite her then the one only Edward Cullen shows up. As he fling one into wall and other one into pool. He raced her out there as soon he could.

Benji wasn't having any of it he raced Edward down, he turned around only to find, him on his feet Benji took his feet out from under him Joy went flying to ground away from Edward. Joy had begin to wake up saw them fighting "guys whats going on here?" she asked the guys were engaged in fighting that they hear her at all. Joel came up behind me "Joy darling come me I promise not to hurt you?" he said she followed me he had something that Edward did as well.

Emmett went after Joy "hun just stand here Cullen if you come any closer...I will make her die?" Joel yelled.

Emmett dealt with Joel and Alice got Joy out of the way. Alice took her out "Alice?" she questioned her.

"Joy lets get you away first...." Alice said before coming Paul's meal.

Edward had come to save her "Joy its ok darling everything is okay."

Few months later

Everything is changing Edward is going away and braking up with Joy.

"Joy" Edward said
"Yees dear?" She looked at him.
"I love you take care of yourself for Charlie." Edward said
"Tell me your not braking up with me?" she questioned looked into his eyes.

"Yes because I'm putting you in danger most boyfriends would get away from trouble. You're most stubburn girl I've met but you are different I am not putting you in danger again I'm leaving for good please tell me you will take care of yourself bye babe I love you." he kissed her then he left she tried following him but it didn't work.

It had started rainning she layed down and cried and cried until she fell asleep.
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