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Valentine's Day

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Valentine's day

Edward's pov

I had to do it I was hurting her too much. I told Alice she is not to read her future because it was hurting me and my family. Joy loves me but I can't do it too her.

Joy's pov

I am not a good at this Joy I am leaving because I'm not good for you thing. I read between the lines I know why he did it. Edward it hurt me to say his name in my head today of all the days Valentine's day. I hate it that much sense Edward broke up with me it. I'm not going back to that place please understand. So today I am hanging myself if I can't have Edward then I am only good dead. Charlie is in bed asleep. I have eatting disorder which is not good my friends at school have noticed. Cayln told me that I looked like a straw thanks Cayln. Billy he doesn't say that much to me but he says that I need to put on pounds. But trust me I'm not gonna do that. I tryed hanging myself but I didn't do it. Now I am taking pills and cutting I know its very emo its the only way to get the pain out. I've did that now its time to go back to my room.

Cayln's pov

I told Joy that I would come over this after noon. But I didn't had plans now there's nothing plan I am going over to her house. She's been distance for a year now all because of Edward. Billy stayed intouch with me I told him if he did what Edward is doing to Joy I would castrate him. He didn't want that but I would if he have. Then Charlie knew I was coming over too. Charlie is going tp bed I went into Joy's room saw blood I tryed to stay strong but I couldn't any more I just black out...

Alice's pov

I am sitting down with Jasper. He's such a great guy he is. Then I see Joy hanging her self thats her good bye to the world. Jasper looks me "Alice whats wrong?" he asked

"I see Joy hanging herself thats her good bye to the world we have to tell Edward" I said getting up going to Edward's room.

I went in "Alice what's going on?" he asked

"Edward its Joy she's hanging herself if she couldn't have you she's only good dead" I said to him.

We all sprinted out his door ran through everywhere. "Charlie's asleep so he doesn't know whats going on!! Cayln is in there fainted at the sight of blood. Emmett is informing Emse and Carlisle as we speak." I said to them both.

"Thats not working so well. Now she's taking pills and cutting herself in the bathroom with door locked" I said

Benji's pov

I knew they would come after all. Joel is sucking her blood at the moment. I will soon after I tell them she's dead and gone away. Three of them came in "well well Edward, Alice, Emmett!! Emmett its been to long what up?" I said

Edward had those dark eyes "where is Joy and Cayln" he asked
"Cayln is right here. Joy is getting her blood sucked by Joel at the moment. Now if you will excuse me I have some blood sucking to do myself.." I said as I walked into bathroom.

Edward flew over to and pinned me to the floor "now where is she?" he asked

"She's in the bathroom with Joel getting her blood sucked out...." I laughed at him.

Emmett and Edward spent time beating me up. Alice beat up Joel I was too out of it to noticed.

Alice's pov

We got there Edward suggested that we goe through her bedroom window. As I went through her bathroom the door came open she looked white as a sheep. As she fell to ground "I love you Edward" she said. Edward grabed her up took her to Carlisle. Me and Jasper stay behind for Charlie and Cayln.

At the Cullen's house.

Edward came in carrying Joy "Carlisle" he yelled as Carlisle came in.

"What happen to her son?" he asked.

"She took some pills and cut herself alot" he said Carlisle took her from him.

Billy and Cayln came in "Emmett keep Cayln and Billy out of here plz?" Carlisle asked

"Edward go get Emse plz?" he asked

"Emmett don't know if she's gonna live or not. But for Edward's sake I hope she does. This turning into a ugly thing with them both. He needs her as much she needs him." Carlisle said
"Yea I noticed Edward's behavior its been rather differcult to be around him. He's not his self without her." Emmett said watching Emse coming in.
"Yes you wanted me?" She said
"Emmett keep Edward away from this room please?" he asked Emmett he shook his head and left.

Charlie's house

"Wheres Joy at Alice?" Charlie asked
"She's gone to Edward she couldn't live without him anymore." Alice said
"She's went a year without him being in her life. Why would she need him now??" Charlie questioned.

"Because they belong together. Charlie they need to work it out without people going in after them." Jasper said

Cullen's house

Carlisle has done what he could now he's just waiting for her to wake up. Emse held his hand "Carlisle everything is gonna be ok." she said

"I hope so Emse. If she doesn't come through this I don't know whats going to happen to Edward." Carlisle said

Edward comes in "how is she?" he asked

"Edward honey lets go hunting I wanna talk to you alone." Emse said
"OMG is it that bad?" Edward questioned.

"Joy will come back when she's ready. Edward its gonna be alrite..." Carlisle said putting one hand on his shoulder.

Carlisle and Emse left him alone with her. As he took her hand into his "Joy I never ment for this happen. My love is yours if you will forgive me?? I know this is not enough to cover what I did to you. But its a start if you will let me know your ok then I will be happy." he said as she squeeze his hand.

"You already have my love Edward you know that...." she drift back to sleep.

"Thats good love go back to sleep we will talk about when your feeling better." He said.

Cayln came in mad as a hornet "Joy Whitlow do you realize what you put me through tonight??? Honestly I didn't know you would have cut yourself for him. I know you love him but honey maybe your better off without him."

Her eyes flurted open "Cayln I was being stupid I hope Edward can forgive me. I didn't mean to make everyone upset...." Joy said crying away.

"Honey its ok everything will be fine you rest ok....I'll talk to Cayln." he said taking her outside.

Jenny had came in wanting to see Joy she's a very close friend of hers. Edward knew who she was she's a good vampire gaurden angel type deals. Jenny went in found her asleep "Joy dear I love you like a sister but your friend Cayln and your boyfriend Edward you have gotta stop this..." Jenny said

Edward came in after yelling at Cayln or so much as talkiing to her. "Jenny I'm glad your here she woke up an hour ago. I know she will be tickled you were here to see her." Edward said

"Edward your good for her don't let her tell you any different. When you left i hated it so much it hurt. I saw the look of pain on her face it killed me too. Its not that easy as you think I know why you left so that you couldn't hurt her anymore. Edward do you realize how much pain put on her. You of all people know your special to her. Joy did this so she could die because you....." she said

"Yeah I know she did this for me. I missed her too. Joy is in pain because me yes. But I had to go I thought if she forgot me she would have gotten on with her life. But that didn't happen I cept worrying about her. Its not fair how we missed eachother. She's live I'm alive and in love with her more then I was then. But when I saw her in that pool of blood. It hurt so much. I wanted her to have a safe life without me but that didn't happen like I plan it too be. I'm not letting her go for anything anymore I love her more then I have ever have before." Edward said

So after they have finished up there little talk. Alice wanted some time alone with her. Then Cayln wanted to tell her how selfish she is. Edward didn't let her though.

After a month Joy is at home resting. Cayln got to come over tell her how selfish that was Joy needed to hear that. Edward came in "Hi Joy and Cayln" he said

"Edward leave us alone I don't know why your here for unless you want to spend time with Joy. Which your not gonna spend time with her this weekend me, her, Degan are leaving for a camp trip." Edward and Joy looked surprize at her.

"I didn't say I wanted too go. You don't have a say in life Cayln." Joy said

"Girls girls Joy she's only trying to protect you from me. Cayln I am not gonna hurt her again. Please go Joy she wants you too." Edward said

"Joy plz I wanna spend time with you I hardly ever get to do that with you. Your always hugging on him or doing something with him. So please?" she asked

"I don't know I love you both so much. Ok I'll go if Edward comes with me thats a deal." JOy said

Edward's pov

Cayln it will make her feel better if I go. I'll ask Billy to go with us I'm sure he will love the great out doors. Alice will have a field day with this she'll take Joy shopping like always. Honestly it would hurt to be away from her. She's my world theres no going back. Emmett would love to go as well as Jasper. Rosalie who could forget her she loves Joy so she'll go too. Alice is going as well.

"Cayln do you mind if my family comes too?" I asked
"Yeah I don't mind." Cayln said
"Joy are ya ok?" I asked
"Yes I am now that I am getting my way I'm really happy" Joy said.

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