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Bleed It Out

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=====+new chapter+=====

The girls were in the forest for the first time ever. Edward and his family join them as he said they would. And yet nothing is gonna be fine for now. Edward is with Joy but Cayln is getting mad so she took Joy on a walk.

"Cayln why did you do that for I was playing with Edward?" Joy said
"Cause I wanted to get some wood for the fire." Cayln said

They were getting fire wood. Then Billy and Emmett came up to them.

"Hi girls what up?" Emmett said
"Nothing is going on. I was with Edward but Cayln took me away." Cayln said

Charlie's pov

Gosh my daughter has left already I guess Cayln wanted to get there earlier. I am eatting at the dinner cause Joy is gone for the weekend. Its me here alone with the flat screen I looked out the window seeing the maddens pulling up in my yard. I open the door "hi boys what you guys want?" I asked

One the boys looked me "well we were wondering if Joy was home?" Benji asked
"She's not home she went with Cullen's and Cayln they went shopping. Alice took them shopping. You guys should stay away from her and Cayln from now on I don't want you guys hurting my little girl anymore you stay away from her and her friends." I said

"You don't understand she needs me Charlie. She doesn't need Edward." Benji said as I pulled out my gun which was in reach.
"Charlie I wouldn't do that if I were you. Were very fast we know that your the police chief. But were ware wolfs come on Charlie." Joel said grabing my gun away from me.

They wrestle me to ground "guys let me go plz?" I asked as I tryed to get away from them. But they cepting coming after me "Charlie this isn't very nice now I'll half to do this hard the way." Joel said taking the gun aiming it at my ribs.

Benji look at my leg with massive force he twisted it until my leg broke I screamed out in pain. "Sorry Charlie but you half to say good bye I will tell Joy you love her bye." Joel said he pulled the trigger I was alive "bye Charlie it was good seeing you." Benji said

Alice's pov

Ware wolfs were after charlie, I don't know if Charlie's dead or not. But for sure I know he's fighting ware wolfs right now. I half to tell Edward right now "Edward Charlie is in trouble wolfs are after him" I said Emmett is with him.

Edward turned to me "yes Alice thanks for the info I appreciate it. Now we will half to tell Joy...." Edward said Cayln went to Edward told him Joy is going home right now Cayln tryed to talk her out of it.

Joy's pov

I am going home I heard what happen. Charlie is home I hope no one would hurt him. Its them stupid pups I just know it.

Edward came by the window "let me drive ok?" He asked
"No I am going home Edward leave me alone." I said
"I'll drive you home just let me drive." Edward said I scoot over he got in drove me.

"Joy it will be fine I promise." he said.

I walked into my house found Charlie on the floor "Joy lets go." Edward said

"OMFG what the hell happen here them stupid wolfs I will put an end to them once for alll." I said going out the door.

"Joy no your not calm down." he said taking my hand.
"What the hell is wrong with you? Edward I found my dad in a pool of blood and all you can say is calm down." I said
"Its not a good idea for you to go over there Joy. Lets be here figure that later ok?" Edward said
"Ok Edward I'll stay here for you but I will get them soon." I said

I stayed at my house I saw Charlie leave for the last time. Edward had stayed with me until he took me home with him. Carlisle had ask me to stay and of coarse I did I stayed with Edward in his room.

Edward's pov

Madden's are gonna get it from me. Joy is filled with anger I can tell. It makes me angry as well my girl is hurting because what happen to her father. I asked her to layed down and get some rest but she doesn't want to do it. Esme wanted to talk to me "Edward can I talk to you plz alone?" she asked

"Sure." I said leaving her alone to sort this out.

We were having a conversation about her the door opens. She comes out "grate now your talking about me behind my back. Going away Edward I don't wanna see you or your family again good bye." She said leaving.

"Edward she has no where to go. Go get her now." Esme said

I ran to get her but I didn't half to run that far to catch her she layed there on the floor crying. I picked her up and held her close took her up to my room "love" i said she looked at my face and started to cry again.

We layed there quietly for an hour then I started to hum her favorite song. She fell asleep in a matter of minutes. Poor baby she's had a day today its crazy were in the forest then her dad was shot in the ribs he's in the hospital I had to drag Joy away. Brought her here to sleep which she's doing now. Alice came in "hey Edward I came in to give you a break?"

"O ok then...." I got up Alice took my place. Then I left.

Alice's pov

I watch her sleeping she says "Edward" every two seconds. How can I be so stupid to let this happen "your not stupid Alice you couldn't help it you were with me honey everything will be fine I promise" Jasper said taking a sit right beside me.

"Yeah I should say so she's going to get back at them. Jasper we have to do something??" I said.
"What's happening." he asked.
"Joy is going to get the wolfs out asked why they hurt Charlie" I said.
"We have to stop her" Jasper said

I linked what I had to Edward. He came back see Joy is still asleep. Edward got the call from the hospital "yes ok were on our way bye" he said

I looked at him with angle "what was that about?" I asked
"Her father is awake and is wanting to see his daughter" he said.

"Sweetie wake up I'm taking you to the hospital to see your father. He has woken up and he wants to see you" Edward whispered she got up and beat him out of the room.

"Jasper I think that is happest I've seen Joy in a while" I said
"Yep me too honey lets go hunting" with that said we left.

Joy's pov

I am happy now Edward told me he was driving. I could drive us but he said that would drive cause I am too excited about my dad being awake. Edward took his Volvo my truck is to slow for him "Joy stop twitching will be there in time he's not going any where I promise" Edward said. He's happy he gets to take his car I'm happy that my dad is awake.

"Joy I love you" he said.
"I love you too. Thanks for being with me its not been easy for me or for you. Sorry about this year everything became harder after you left. Then when I thought I was over it someone had to remind me of you. It hurt so much then I decided that I had to do something to keep me from thinking about it. Edward I love you theres nothing thats gonna change that" I said I looked at him.

"Love I'm sorry I made you feel that way. It hard for me to stay away from you. Then I heard that you were cutting and hanging yourself which thats nothing like my Joy. I had to save you from yourself I couldn't let that part of me die like that. I had to save my Joy I love you too." he said.
"We're in an agreement then I will not kill myself again as long as I have you." I said
"You have my word and my love" He said.

I ran into my dad's room "hi baby" he said making motion that I hug him.

"I love you too dad you scared me to death" i said bring on a panic attack.
"Honey I am sorry for scaring you. Benji and Joel were looking for you I told them that were you gone shopping. They didn't like that answer so they shot me. Its ok now nothing is punchier or anything I should be out of here in a few days. Are you ok with staying with Cullen's or do you wanna stay with your friends?" he asked
"Yeah I am fine with staying with them there cool." I said watching Edward come in.
"Chief Whitlow how are you doing?" Edward asked
"Good Thank you for taking care of my little girl Edward." Charlie said
"Your welcome Charlie." Edward said

"Edward if you don't mind I want to talk to Joy alone for a minute?" Charlie asked
"Sure I'm gonna talk to my father bye." Edward left out the door.

Edward's pov

Carlisle is coming to me "its not looking good him he has a clasped lung" he said.
"He just told Joy that he was fine I knew that he cept wondering about how she gonna survive without him" I said.

"Edward you know she's welcome to come and stay at our house until she wants to leave. Charlie loves his daughter the reason hes not telling her he may or may not live see tomorrow. Edward go and take Joy home get her some clothes and things. Alice may already have it" he said
"Ok bye" I said going in seeing her cry.

I put my arms around her. She turned around to me cry on chest "honey lets go you need to rest we need to stop by the house to get your things" I said putting my hand around her waist leading her out.

Cayln called her. Joy talked to her she's not happy with me well Cayln's not. Joy had wanted to see Cayln.

Cayln's pov

Gosh Joy is coming without Edward yay!! I'm excited about that yay. Billy had to go hunting so he wouldn't want to kill my best friend. Which is weird but I don't understand how. I'm not dumb I see what Joy and Edward have its amazing. I heard about her dad I am sorry about that. She came over after a while Edward came by to get her. I knew she would rather be with him than me its sad I know. But she found someone to love her which isn't easy for us both. Im going to bed night.

Edward's pov

I knew she would be fast asleep at Cayln's. I'm glad she's home with me I knew I had better talk to Charlie soon. Because I need his blessing for marriage which maybe soon after school of coarse. I had ask family to watch her while I was gone. No school for Joy she's dead on her feet. I wonder whats going on in her mind sometimes. I'm here at the hospital going to Charile's room I knocked on the door. I heard a light voice say "come in."

I walked in "hi Edward what brings you out here without my daughter with you?" he asked.
"I came to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage" I said taking a seat.
"Edward are you financially willing to take of her?" he asked.
"Yes I am family has left me some money so I am well off to take care of Joy!!" I said
"Thats great Edward. Yes you have my blessing. I guess you know about the clasped lung right?" he asked

"Yes I do I know you lied to your daughter but to honest it would have been better to tell her the truth then to lie to her. She can take care of herself Charlie. She's like you in some of her ways she's stubburn like you." I said
"Yeah No doubt about that Edward just take care of her thats all I ask." he said

Alice's pov

Joy is fast asleep on Edward's couch. He's gonna ask her to marry him I just saw it. Joy is wearing his shirt to bed. Edward had made it home in time for Joy to wake up. He noticed that she is in his shirt.

"Joy I love this shirt you have on" he said putting his arm around her waist.
"Thanks darling its yours I hope you didn't mind me barrowing from you?" She flirted back at him.
"Your welcome sweetie your more than welcome to my closet anytime you like" he said kissing her on the cheek.
"You guys can take it up stairs" I said.

Carlisle looked at us "Edward and Joy stay down here where we can see the both of you." He said
"Carlisle not fair" Edward said
"Its this way until Charlie's home." he said.

Edward's pov

I love her so much. I don't see me doing anything with her without being married to her first. Yes Carlisle left she cuddled up to me "honey my father is gone now we can kiss" I said.

"Edward I just wanna cuddle for now is that ok with you?" she asked
"Yes my love it is. As long as I have you anything is ok with me." I said.

Emmett wanted to watch the cartoon network. Joy watched it as well I thought now would be a good to talk to Carlisle. She layed her head on Emmett "Edward go on were fine" he sent me a thought.

I was talking to Carlisle but something is happening down stairs. Carlisle and I raced down down there to find Emmett had her in his arms trying to comfort her.
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