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So we meet again

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New character people, just to throw a spanner in the works :]

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Three days... Three days, four hours and twenty six or so minutes since I had last seen Frank... Was it bad that I knew that?
He was away on a camping trip with Ray and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. I had wanted to text him or ring him, but it would be too risky with Ray there. I hadn’t expected to miss him, I mean, I knew I would miss him a little, but not this much. I was practically obsessing over him - and that couldn’t be a good thing. I just kept thinking about his sparkling hazel eyes, his adorable little giggle, and the way he would snuggle his face into my chest whenever he was about to go to sleep. We hadn’t slept in the same bed yet, but whenever he stayed at my house we would stay up late watching movies and he always fell asleep half way through whatever film it was. Neither of us were ready to take our relationship to the next level, so things were just running nice and smoothly, taking everything slow. I had wondered briefly if maybe it was too slow - we had been 'together' for a month now and I wondered if Frank expected more because of it. But I had pushed that idea aside, I was sure the speed we were going was still fine, we had to go slow, he didn’t graduate for another month and even then we weren’t going to tell anyone until he was at least eighteen. And another thing -
"Gerard!?" My train of thought was snapped as I heard a voice call my name... a slightly familiar female voice. I turned warily to see a woman staring at me with wide eyes.
"It is you aren’t it? Gerard Way?" She said slowly, observing me with dark chocolate brown eyes. I frowned and nodded. I recognized her, but I couldn’t put a name to a face. She was slim, with full black hair and crimson red lips. She wore a tight black waistcoat and red tartan skirt, and she was grinning at me.
"You look so different! I haven’t seen you since the last day of high school!" She cried and suddenly everything clicked into place, I could practically hear the cogs in my brain stop turning.
"Lindsey?" I gasped, and she laughed as she nodded.
"Yeah!" She said brightly and I stared at her in shock. She looked so different... She had lost weight and grown a little taller. She looked... confident. A far cry from the chubby shy girl I remembered her as. She had been bullied as badly as I had, and we had sat together in art, though I can’t say we were ever good friends. We were just... alike, the two art nerds who got shoved into lockers and had a black eye on a daily basis.
"Oh my god..." I whispered, unable to take my eyes off her. I would never have believed she would change so much. She was carrying a small artist’s pad with her and that bright smile never left her face. I don’t think I'd ever seen her smile before.
"Well... say something!" She laughed and I smiled, it suddenly felt as if we were best friends. That we had actually been more than just 'desk buddies' in art class.
"I... you've changed. Loads." I breathed and she giggled.
"So have you. Look at you - all grown up." I laughed along with her, imagining how different I really must look. I had grown taller, lost all my puppy fat, and this was probably the first time she had seen me out of jeans and heavy metal T - shirts.
"Were you just on your way to somewhere?" She asked, and I shook my head. I had only been taking a walk through the town, trying to take my mind of Frank. Her smile widened and she hoisted her pad higher into her arms.
"Well, I was just on my way home, but since your not doing anything - how about we go grab a coffee. I'd love to catch up and hear what you've been up to." She proposed and I chewed my lip thoughtfully. It was a good idea, it would take my mind off Frank for a while and I too was curious to see what she had done since High school. I guessed something creative, because of the art pad in her hands.
"Okay." I agreed. "Sounds cool."
"Awesome. I know a great coffee shop just round the corner; we can go there if you like." She gave me a sweet smile and I agreed without hesitation, following her down the street in the opposite direction to where I had originally been going. Lindsey struck up a conversation instantly, talking to me about how she had gone to college after High school and done an art course. She told me she was trying to make it as an artist, and sometimes held small galleries of her work on display, she had sold some stuff but she was still pretty much unknown in the art industry. I listened intently, unable to get over how easily she talked to me, how different she had become. The Lindsey I had known in school had been timid and shy, reluctant to start a conversation with anyone. The new Lindsey was confident, funny; she just seemed to glow with happiness.
The coffee shop was small and most of the tables were empty. A lanky man stood behind the counter, the point of his tongue could be seen between his thin lips as he carefully dropped another marshmallow onto the tower he was making. He seemed to be in deep concentration, and he carefully pulled his hands back from the marshmallow tower as it swayed dangerously.
"Hey Jimmy!" Lindsey said brightly, strolling over to the counter. The man, Jimmy, didn’t even look up. "Watcha doin'?" Jimmy didn’t answer straight away, instead he observed his little tower of white marshmallows, pointing at each one and counting under his breath. I watched with some curiosity as he counted each one before throwing his arms into the air with a triumphant yell.
"Yeah! Fourteen baby! That’s a new record!" He cried, pushing the marshmallows off the counter, scattering them over the floor and then leaning over to high five both Lindsey and me.
"I am the master!" He yelled, punching his fist in the air before doing a very graceful twirl and then grinning at us. "How you been Lyn!?" He asked excitedly and she laughed.
"I've been good Jimmy. Congratulations on your err... tower." She giggled and Jimmy gave a little bow. "Hey Jimmy look -" Lyn placed her hand on my shoulder and pulled me closer to her.
"This is my friend Gerard. I haven’t seen him since High school - isn’t that weird?" Jimmy looked me up and down with parted lips. He looked at Lyn in wonderment and nodded.
"Yeah, that is weird! Hm, I guess that means you win." He looked thoughtful for a second before shrugging and then turned, placing two cups onto the counter behind him and filling them with coffee.
"Yes!" Cried Lyn, laughing happily. "And don’t be stingy Jimmy." She warned. He laughed and winked at her.
"I never am baby." He chuckled before turning back to the coffees, spraying cream over them and throwing on an assortment of marshmallows, sprinkles and chocolate buttons until they looked more like an ice cream sundae than a cup of coffee.
"You cheeky bitch." Smirked Lyn and Jimmy laughed to himself. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was missing something here, and I gave Lyn a helpless look, making her laugh and pat my shoulder.
"My horoscope the other day said that I would meet an old acquaintance." She explained. "Jimmy didn’t believe it would come true so we had a bet on, and because I won I get a free coffee with all the fun extras." She grinned.
"That’s right." Jimmy added, placing the two candy laden coffees onto the counter. "And because I'm such a generous soul, I even threw one in for your little friend." He grinned at me and I gave a small smile. I usually liked my coffee plain, but I didn’t want to seem rude.
"Just don’t tell my boss." He added with a wink and Lyn picked up her coffee, gesturing for me to follow her.
"We won’t." She called over her shoulder and Jimmy grinned, before grabbing a fresh tub of marshmallows and starting to make a new tower.
I followed Lyn over to a table in the corner of the shop, carrying my own coffee and looking skeptically at the multicolored sweets all over the cream. It was certainly... different. Lyn sat opposite me and picked off one of the marshmallows, popping into her mouth and chewing slowly as she carefully put her pad down beside her, gently pushing pieces of paper that had started to fall out back between the hardback covers.
"So Gerard." She turned her eyes on me and smiled. "I guess your working with art too huh? I always remembered how much of a great artist you were." She said kindly and I blushed a little at the compliment. I didn’t want to seem big headed by saying thank you, but I didn’t want to seem like I had low self esteem by denying it. So I settled on simply shrugging.
"Well, I'm an art teacher in a High school." I said quietly and she gasped, causing me to look at her in surprise.
"Really!? Oh my god." Lyn burst out laughing and I felt my cheeks burning. "I would never have thought you were the type to become a teacher. I though you hated school." She cried. I scooped some of the cream off my coffee with my finger and sucked it off as I considered this. High School had been hell for me, especially when Mikey was there and got bullied too. There’s nothing worse than trying to protect your little brother but ending up getting beaten up yourself.
The cream was lumpy with candy and it tasted much better than I had expected, I helped myself to a bit more before answering.
"Well... I did. But it’s different when your a teacher ya' know? This time, I'm in charge. And no one can pick on me now because I just throw 'em in detention." Lyn laughed along with me and she leant down, holding her hair back as she lapped up some of the cream off her coffee like a cat drinking milk. She looked back up at me, passing her tongue over her lips as she leaned back in her chair.
"Well, that’s cool. It must be nice to have such a stable job." Her eyes glazed over for a second and she stared out the window, lost in her own thoughts. I didn’t know what to say so I simply continued dipping my finger into the cream and licking it off, unable to drink the actual coffee with so much piled on top of it. Lyn was silent for a moment, but then she shook her head and looked back over at me, blushing a little.
"Sorry. Got lost in my own little world there." She apologized with a giggle and I smiled.
"It’s okay." I replied, not wanting to comment on the stable job remark. If only she knew how close I had come to losing it. What would she think if she knew about Frank and how I had helped him, how his father was now in prison and all the shit we had had to go through to get him there? Hell - what would she think if she knew I was dating one of my students!?
The thought of telling her caused my stomach tie itself into knots, causing stabs of pain in my gut. I felt like a liar. I knew that I wasn’t, because technically I wasn’t lieing - I just want telling her anything. But it felt so fake, sat here - laughing at her jokes, drinking the free coffee and listening to her talk about her own life while she thought she was sat opposite a respectable art teacher who she hadn’t seen in years. I felt as if I were hiding behind a mask, hiding my true self because if I didn’t I would be fired from my job and thrown into prison...
Just like Frank’s dad...
"So Gerard, can I ask you something?" I gave Lyn a questioning look as she rested her chin on her hands, smiling at me from over the table. The coffees had long since been finished but the conversation had just kept flowing. I had no idea how long we had been talking but I wasn’t growing tired of it.
"Sure." I shrugged, panic flooding my chest. Did she know about me and Frank? Could she tell I was hiding things from her? Was everything going to come crashing down around me?
"Are you single?" I stared at her, dumbfounded. She blushed and hid her face in her hair, biting her lip. I knew I should answer but I was in shock. I wasn’t so much of a social retard to know what it meant when a woman asked you that. But I also knew I couldn’t tell her about Frank, but I couldn’t say I was single in case she got the wrong idea and tried to arrange a date or something.
"Err well..." I coughed nervously and ran a hand through my hair. "I'm not... sorry." I mumbled, looking down at the table. I felt bad for letting her down, and I hoped she didn’t think I was lieing because I didn’t like her. But honesty is the best policy... I just hoped she didn’t ask who it was I was dating. I was surprised when her hand came across the table and she rested her fingers lightly on my arm.
"That’s okay. I was just asking; please don’t think I was trying to pry into your life or anything." She apologized quietly and I looked up at her in surprise. She was smiling at me and I was relieved to see she didn’t look offended at all.
"No, no its fine." I said quickly and her smile widened. She drew her hand back and nodded.
"Cool." She giggled and I smiled back, but I was feeling a little awkward now. I didn’t know what to say, and she seemed at a loss for words too. Thankfully, we were both spared the task of restarting the conversation when her phone rang. She cursed softly and dug around in the messenger bag at her side before pulling out her phone.
"Hello?" She flicked her hair out of her face and pressed the small item to her ear, a frown appearing on her face the longer she listened. "Really? That’s so shit man... okay, alright... no about five minutes... Its no trouble. I'll be right there. Okay, bye." She hung up with a sigh and looked at me with sad eyes.
"I'm really sorry Gerard but I have to go. My friends flooded her apartment and she needs my help." Lyn rolled her eyes and I chuckled a little.
"Its fine. Don’t worry." I said kindly and she smiled.
"Thanks Gee. But hey, maybe we can swap numbers and we can meet up again sometime. It'd be great if we could stay in touch." She gave me a hopeful look and I nodded. There was no harm in that, and I had enjoyed her company today. I took out my own phone and we exchanged numbers quickly before getting up to leave. Jimmy was engrossed in his tower making and gave us a silent wave as we said goodbye, exiting the coffee shop and turning to face each other on the street.
"Well... see you again soon then." Lyn smiled and I nodded.
"Yeah, sure thing." I answered and she giggled, pulling me into a short hug before setting off down the street, calling goodbye over her shoulder. I watched until she disappeared round the corner before turning to make my own way home. I checked the time and realized that we had been talking for the past two and a half hours. I was surprised, but at least it had kept my mind off Frank for a while, and I was feeling a lot happier. It was nice to have seen Lyn again, and I felt like I knew a lot more about her than I ever had. I hoped we would keep in touch; I'd love for us to become good friends. And I was sure Frank would get along with her too.
Things had really started looking up.

A/N: Oooh, so people - are you as happy as Gee is, or are we all getting a teensy bit suspicious? OR - do you just not immensely care? :P Haha, I'd love to hear your thoughts kids - tell me what ya think of this juicy little twist I've thrown in evil smirk.
Your all amazing, but I'm sure you already knew that ^_^
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