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Home Sweet...Home?

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Harry returns to Earth

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Star Trek. For that matter, I don't own much of anything except a lot of debt. If I could claim the two series and all their spin-offs, I would. So please don't sic the law demons on me ok?

Chapter 4: Home Sweet…Home?

Harry was a bit surprised the next morning when Captain Kirk came down to his and Peter's quarters to take them to the transporter room. He knew that Kirk was in preparations to leave K-7 and hadn't thought he would have time to see Peter off.

Kirk smiled at the two boys. "Come on guys, It's time to leave. As much as I might want you to stay, an active duty starship is no home for a pair of growing boys. I received word on what's going to happen once you get back to Earth. Peter, your grandmother will be picking you up after your evaluations at Starfleet Medical are done. I don't know how long that's going to take, but Dr. McCoy figures around two weeks, maybe less. On the trip back, she wants you to call her a couple of times to let her know how things are going. Harry, I know that you've been looking into how the Federation handles orphans, so I won't rehash what you already know. But in the short term, you can also figure on roughly two weeks at Starfleet Medical. It will be along the same lines as Peter's, though the Federation Historical council is also going to want to interview you on general life in the twentieth century. Anyway guys, grab your stuff and let's go. Harry, don't forget your tribble; Mr. Scott will go nuts if you leave him behind."

Harry and Peter picked up their small packs and Harry remembered to grab 'Ron's' cage. Not much was said on the trip to the transporter room, just the occasional "good luck" to the boys from passing crewmembers.

When they entered the transporter room, Harry and Peter were surprised to see the entire command staff in attendance. Captain Kirk broke into a boyish grin and explained. "Boys, everyone wanted a chance to say goodbye to you, so we all came down here to do that. There are a couple of ensigns manning the bridge; I figure they’re either scared to death or having the time of their lives."

Mr. Spock came up first. "Gentlemen, it has been satisfying to be your instructor. Mr. Potter, your abilities are…fascinating. I expect you to continue developing them, and should the opportunity arise in the future, I would like a full demonstration of what you are capable of. Mr. Kirk, you have the capability to be an intellectual force to be reckoned with. Do not allow your efforts to be diverted into anything less than what you are capable of, if possible. I will be looking forward to reading of your discoveries."

Spock drew himself to his full height and raised the Vulcan salute. "Live long and prosper," he said seriously.

Harry and Peter both stood straight and responded with the same salute, but Peter also managed to respond in Vulcan. "Peace and long life, Spock"

Spock raised an eyebrow in response and Harry thought he saw a ghost of a smile cross Mr. Spock's usually passive expression. Perhaps he imagined it, though.

Lt. Uhura came up to them next. "Peter, you take care of yourself and I'm sure that you're going to be fine back on Earth. Just be yourself and you'll find yourself with more friends than you expect. Oh, yeah, keep this troublemaker under control," she finished with a teasing tone and a bright smile while jerking a thumb at Harry.

Peter began to giggle and responded with, "Okay, Miss Penda, I'll keep an eye on Harry." Uhura had given both boys permission to call her by her old childhood nickname.

Harry just looked at Peter and rolled his eyes, with a look that said, 'Kid brothers, what can you do with them?'

Lt. Uhura stepped over to Harry and gave him a hug that strongly reminded him of Molly Weasley. Once she let him go, she gave him a mischievous look and spoke to him in very simple Gornese. "Child, keep from trouble on your journey, and care for the hatchling. Though not visible, he hurts for his lost parents. He will need your help and guidance as he grows. Be well, and when we next meet, I hope to see your mastery of the True Tongue. And you will introduce me to your girlfriend, if you have one at the time."

Harry blushed in response and responded with, "I will strive to obey, Teacher. Journey safely. I hope to surprise you the next time I see you."

Mr. Sulu came up next and told Peter "You're a good kid Peter, take care of yourself. You'll be fine back on Earth." Sulu then looked at Harry. " Harry, you're going to be one hell of a pilot one of these days. If you decide to go to the Academy, I want to take you on in a modern craft when you've finished. Oh yeah, the guys down in shuttle maintaince and I made this up for you."

Sulu handed an envelope over to Harry. Inside was a circular embroidered patch, showing the Enterprise shooting through a starfield. Across the top were the words 'U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C-1701'; on the bottom was the Latin phrase, 'Ad eundum quo nemo ante iit'.

As Harry looked at the patch, he found himself choked up and couldn't respond. Mr. Sulu just nodded at Harry and didn't say anything.

Mr. Scott spoke up next. "'Arry, Peter, the lads down in engineering wanted me ta tell ya that yer welcome back anytime. That goes fer me too, but leave that tribble at home, 'Arry!"

"Yes, Mr. Scott, no bringing 'Ron' back aboard," was Harry's smiling response.

Finally Dr. McCoy stepped up to say his goodbyes, his Southern accent coming to the fore. "Boys, now you behave yourselves on your way home. When y'all get to medical, don't you go letting them just make up tests on the fly. I did a good job with both of you and I don't want to hear nothing about them messing up my work, 'specially them lookin' into your 'bilities, Harry. Now get goin' you young'ns -- we don't want them transport boys blamin' us fer bein' late."

Harry and Peter both smirked at the doctor's antics and stepped up to the transporter pad. Having already been on a few trips through this mode of travel, Harry had decided it was no worse than the Floo, and at least he didn't fall down at the other end.

Captain Kirk moved next to Mr. Scott behind the transporter control stand and called, "Have a good trip, boys. I will check up on both of you from time to time, so be good okay?"

"Ok, Uncle Jim!" was Peters' response, while Harry replied "Yes, sir!"

"Mr. Scott…Energize."

With that last command, Harry and Peter disappeared from the Enterprise and on to new lives.

Harry's first look at the transport ship was a surprise. He had thought that they were going to be heading back to Earth in a larger version of the shuttlecraft that he'd seen on the Enterprise. However, the ship he saw was much larger than he expected. Harry guessed it was almost half again larger than the Enterprise.

The trip itself would take three weeks to get back to Earth, as they made stops every few days to pick up passengers that were returning to Earth for one reason or another. Harry was amazed at the variety of species that were members of the Federation.

Peter's previous enthusiasm for taking the transport, which Harry had viewed with some doubt and trepidation, turned out to be justly deserved. The accommodations and entertainment reminded Harry of pictures he'd seen in cruise ship brochures his Aunt Petunia had left lying around the house as hints to Uncle Vernon. Harry asked some of the crewmembers why the ship was fitted out with such luxury, and was informed that this ship was usually a colonist transport ship. The Federation, it seemed, took the attitude that 'Your ride will be as comfortable as possible, because the colony won't be.' Harry and Peter spent a few hours every day studying, and the rest of the time just relaxing and having a good time.

When Harry and Peter arrived at Earth, they were escorted to Starfleet Medical Command in Palo Alto. For the most part, the two weeks that Harry and Peter were there were pretty much exactly what Dr. McCoy had described to them. Peter was being tested six different ways from Sunday to make sure that the Blastroneurons that attacked him had been completely eradicated, and that there was no chance of even the smallest scrap regenerating.

As for Harry, he was subjected to the same tests that Dr. McCoy had performed, as well as several new ones. During the testing of his magic, he did his best to overpower his spellcasting in the hopes of attracting the attention of some part of the magical government that was sure to be in the area. The San Francisco Bay Area, after all, was heavily populated, so there should be at least an Auror office nearby that would notice the discharges.

Unfortunately, he got nothing: no warning owls, no visits from any magical representatives, nothing. On the positive side, he was learning just as much as the doctors were about what made Wizards and Witches different from muggles. According to the test series, Harry's entire metabolic and neurological system was just a bit more efficient than the norm. He also found out that there were certain parts of his brain that were active that generally speaking were dormant in most other humans. Harry didn't understand all of their explanations, but he accepted them.

In some of the periods between his testing sessions and the time Harry spent studying, members of the Federation historical council had stopped by to ask him questions about growing up in the late twentieth century. He answered their questions as best as he could, though he would be the first to admit that his childhood had been anything but normal.

About halfway through his stay at Starfleet Medical, an incident occurred that Harry was still shaking his head about. One afternoon Harry had been studying in his room when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," called Harry.

A man of average height and looks came in, wearing a modern business suit. He had an odd jeweled starburst on his lapel that seemed to be a badge of office of some type.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Potter. I'm James Browder, one of the undersecretaries for the Federation consulate over in San Francisco. I'd like to welcome you to the twenty-third century; if there's anything that we can do for you, please let us know," the man said congenially.

Harry looked at the man for a moment before responding. He wasn't acting like an oily slimebag the way Fudge had, nor did he seem to be trying to suck up like a remora to a shark in the manner of Percy 'Weatherby'. Harry didn't know what the man's game was, but his experiences with government officials (Mr. Weasley aside) had left him with a deep-seated distrust.

"Thank you Mr. Browder," Harry replied warily. "Please have a seat. What can I do for you?"

Mr. Browder sat down in a chair and began. "Not a thing, Mr. Potter. I'm here as more of an advance guard, so to speak. Mr. Potter--may I call you Harry?"

Harry nodded his head.

"Harry, the Klingon Military Attaché has asked to speak with you. I don't know why. Since you're new to this century, I wouldn't expect you to know much about the Klingons; they can be extremely intimidating and...well, frankly this one is a bit more intimidating than most. Do you have any idea of why he might want to speak with you?" Mr. Browder asked with honest curiosity.

Harry sat back in thought. What would the Klingons want to speak with me for? It can't be about the fight back on K-7--Captain Kirk told me the Klingon commander wasn't angry about that at all.

"Mr. Browder, I don't have any idea why. The one and only contact I've had with the Klingons was brief, and purely by accident. Prior to that, I'd never even heard of them before."

"How odd," replied Browder. He looked down at the watch on his wrist and then stood up. "Harry, the Attaché will be here in a minute. I'll bring him up and we'll see what he wants."

After Mr. Browder left the room, Harry stood up and moved to look out the window at the grounds. He found the view peaceful and relaxing. He looked over the tops of the scrub oaks at the old Stanford University Hoover Tower, its yellow sandstone walls standing out against the more modern buildings that had sprung up around it. While taking in the view he wondered what the Klingons wanted with him.

As Harry contemplated the view, his musings were interrupted by three loud bangs on the door.

"Come in!" repeated Harry in a loud voice.

The door opened and Mr. Browder entered, followed by a very large Klingon warrior. He was roughly 7 feet tall and wearing a Black and Gray leather uniform. If Harry had to guess, he weighed in at least 300 pounds of pure muscle. Harry suddenly remembered two things. First, Captain Kirk had said that the Klingons had a highly developed sense of personal honor, and second, Harry remembered seeing part of the movie Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence through the crack in the door of his cupboard back at the Dursleys. Specifically, he remembered the Japanese guards demanding the prisoners bow to all the guards, because the guards were the superiors and prisoners were supposed to honor their superiors.

Well this Klingon is superior to me in size and experience--I'll bow to him and hope he doesn't decide to use me as a toothpick.

Harry bowed to the Klingon without taking his eyes off him.

The Klingon stopped short and looked at Harry for a moment. "This is the youngster that defeated General Moog's son? Stand up straight! Let me get a good look at you!" This command was followed by a deep chuckle.

The Klingon suddenly stood ramrod straight and spoke, his eyes sparkling as though he found something in Harry's appearance that amused him. "Qapla', Harry, son of the House of Potter. I am Commander Kimpoc, first born son of General Kimpec of the Klingon High Council. I have been tasked with the honor of passing a message and a gift from the House of Moog."

Harry blinked in confusion for a moment before responding. "Commander, I'm a bit confused. Why would the House of Moog want to give me a message and a gift? I'm not questioning them or refusing the gift, I just don't understand."

Kimpoc's booming laughter filled the room. "Honesty, and Honor in a Human! I'd never have guessed it. Browder, keep an eye on this one. If he puts his mind to it, he'll change the galaxy. Potter, let me explain. When Krulack began the fight on your outpost K-7, he was foolish. It was his first cruise and he had heard that humans were without honor, foolish and weak. That they would rather talk than settle a problem in an honorable fashion. He believed what he had been told and that was his mistake. When you attacked him, it was to avenge the injured child, and to prevent his assault on the engineer, Scott. When you succeeded in knocking him out, you taught him a valuable lesson: Do not believe everything you hear, and do not underestimate an opponent due to age or stature!"

Harry couldn't help but smile at the last comment. Kimpoc saw the expression and asked why the human smiled.

Harry composed himself and tried to match the Klingon's formality of speech. "I learned that lesson in my eleventh year, Commander. I had a teacher whose head barely reached my waist and who was many decades my senior. Yet in many ways, he was one of the most skilled and dangerous men I ever met."

Kimpoc gave another deep laugh. "Exactly! Krulack has learned that lesson now as well, and will be a much more competent warrior for it."

Harry was speechless at this. He'd had no idea that his defending Peter and Mr. Scott would have interstellar implications.

Kimpoc continued on in a softer tone. "Potter, we are somewhat aware of the circumstances regarding your recent history, prior to your arrival at K-7. The Klingon Empire has no desire to know the full extent of incident, as it has no bearing on the relations between our two governments. However, in you I can see the spirit of a warrior, and can wholeheartedly agree with the House of Moog's decision." Kimpoc brought forward a long metal case that Harry hadn't paid attention to previously.

Kimpoc laid the case out on Harry's desk and opened it. "Potter, this is one of the Bat'le'th's of the House of Moog. They have decided to gift this to you as a token of respect to a fellow warrior. When you complete your training as warrior, they expect you to know how to use it properly."

"Training as a warrior? I don't understand," said Harry in a confused voice.

"Yes, training as a warrior. You have the Spirit, the Fire , the Qa' Quv! Many in your species do not have these qualities, and sadly, many in mine do not either. Regardless of what you choose to do, it will reveal itself. Somehow, the House of Moog knows this and wants you to have the tool of a warrior. Do not disappoint them." Kimpoc slammed his fist to his chest and walked out of the room.

Harry felt completely out of his depth with the situation. Not knowing what to do, he looked over at Mr. Browder.

Browder ran his hand through his hair and shrugged. "Whooo boy, that was unexpected. I think I learned more about the Klingon society in the past five minutes than I have in the past year. Harry, I don't think that there's any precedent for something like this. I'll tell you what I think you should do. Personally, I'd do what they requested of you. Learn how to use that battle-eth thing. You'll probably have to learn how to read Klingon first. If you look closely in the case, you can see a cutout in the padding. I'll bet it has a training manual inside."

Harry moved closer to the case and did see the faint outline in the padding of a compartment cutout. He reached out and touched one the oddly shaped blade's grips.

"Harry, officially that blade is yours, as is anything within the case. The Federation will not do anything to antagonize the Klingons in regards to this gift. That being said, we would like to copy the manual and make scans of the blade and case. We'll do it here, if you'd like--that way, you know you have the originals and they weren't swapped out for cheap copies." Browder said with an air of authority.

Harry nodded his head, then stopped and looked at the older man. "Okay, Mr. Browder. I'm happy with doing the scans here and making copies of whatever manual might be with this sword. But what did you mean by not antagonizing the Klingons?"

"Harry, shortly before you arrived, the Federation and the Klingons were one step away from an interstellar war. An advanced race called the Organians put a stop to it and are enforcing an uneasy peace. Many of us within the diplomatic corps don't believe that this situation will hold forever, though. So we figure that if we can minimize or eliminate the small slights that may occur, then when the Organians decide to stop enforcing the peace, we may be able to prevent a war from breaking out.

"I'll leave you now and go make arrangements in regards to the blade."

Mr. Browder quietly left the room, leaving Harry to ponder the gift and wonder why the weirdest things always seemed to happen to him.

Two days before Harry and Peter were scheduled to leave Starfleet Medical, Winona Kirk arrived. She was a fairly tall woman whose light brown hair was liberally peppered with gray. When she arrived she found Harry and Peter playing volleyball with some of the other patients. Most of the patients on the two teams were adapting to bionic replacements for lost limbs and the staff felt it was good therapy. Harry and Peter were on opposite teams and the crowd of patients that were still too early in their recoveries and were cheering the teams on.

Harry yelled out "Come on chief! Put it right here!" he jutted his chin out daring the server on the other side to plant the volleyball in his face.

Master Chief Yeary proceeded to try and do just that. He launched the volleyball like a rocket, just skimming the net and forcing Harry to dive to the side and eat dirt to prevent getting hit by the ball.

The crowd burst out in laughter at Harry's antics as he rolled over laughing.

Peter looked around at the crowd, laughing at Harry and enjoying the camaraderie. Suddenly, he spotted his grandmother watching the scene with a smile on her face.

"NANA!" Peter yelled as he ran off the field to his grandmother and enveloped her in a hug.

Harry looked on wistfully at the scene and then called out for two others to take his and Peter's places.

Harry walked across the drive leading to the entrance to medical command and sat down quietly at the base of an ancient scrub oak.

So this is how this part of my life ends. Peter goes with his family and I'm the friend that grows distant and becomes a fond memory. I'm glad for Pete, I really am, but it still hurts a little. He's one of the few that I can be myself with. Pete understands and doesn't push. I wonder if this is what would have happened at Hogwarts when I graduated. Me, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna: all slowly drifting apart.

He didn't notice Chief Yeary coming up to him. Harry was a bit startled when the Chief sat down next to him, his new leg squeaking as he sat. "You gonna be okay, Gramps?" he asked Harry.

Harry smiled at the nickname he'd been tagged with. Initially the patients had thought that they were both refugees from Deneva, as Peter was, brought back to Earth for treatment. However it had gotten out that Harry was the unfortunate victim of an alien device that had somehow snatched him from the twentieth century. Shortly afterwards one of the elderly fleet retirees that was there for treatment had labeled him "Gramps" in a fit of humor. After all, based on his birthdate, Harry ought to be 286 years old. Harry felt it was better than being called The Boy-Who-Lived, or whatever euphemism the Daily Prophet used to label him for their story of the day.

"Yeah, I'll be fine Chief. It's just…" Harry waived his hand in the Kirk family's direction.

"Hmmm, I see. Harry, let me tell you something that has taken me 25 years to figure out. Even if Peter goes with his family and you go over to the dependents' school by Telescope Hill, this galaxy is actually pretty small. You'll probably see Pete when you least expect it, and the two of you will pick up right were you left off. I know it's a fact 'cause I felt the same way when I finished basic. And sure enough, I keep running across people that I knew there in the oddest places. Now, it looks like they are headed over here, better get up and go say hi."

"Thanks Chief, I'll remember that," said Harry as he got up. Harry walked over to them and said "Hey Peter. Good afternoon, Mrs. Kirk."

"Harry, this is my grandmother, Winona Kirk. She's going to be taking me in when its time to go," said Peter, the happiness evident in his voice.

"So you're Harry Potter," stated Winona with a smile on her face. "I've heard so much about you."

"Yes, Ma'am," Harry replied.

"Well, don't just stand there like a nervous Nellie, come with us. I haven't had lunch yet and I know it's right around time to eat," Winona beckoned with a smile.

Harry wasn't sure why she wanted to have him come with them. He thought she would want to spend time with her grandson, not entertain a third wheel. However, he decided to go with them, as it wouldn't be polite to turn her down. Besides, Harry was curious about the lady who had raised Captain Kirk, and who would be a strong influence on Peter in years to come.

Harry's remaining time at medical command was filled with paperwork and final testing, to just reconfirm the original test results. Winona Kirk insisted that Harry eat with her and Peter many times while she was there. After Harry's initial hesitancy during his first meeting with Winona, he had opened up and found that she was lively and interesting person to speak with. She was more widely read than he would have expected for someone who had spent their life farming. Harry eventually chalked her inquisitiveness to being married to a Starfleet officer and raising two boys that had gone out exploring the galaxy. Harry wondered if his own mother had been anything like Winona.

The morning that Harry and Peter were scheduled to leave Medical Command, Dr. Liffereth, who had been Harry's primary doctor during his time there, stopped by Harry's room as he was packing up his stuff.

"Ahh, Harry there you are, I knew that I should have come here first," Dr. Liffereth said in greeting. Harry smiled at the doctor's enthusiasm. He had come to realize that while the man was a brilliant researcher and physician, he was a bit scatterbrained with the more mundane things in life.

"Hey, Doc, what can I do for you? It's not time to leave yet, is it?" asked a curious Harry. He knew that the doctor was planning to escort him over to the Admiral Hunter Dependents' School across campus at Telescope Hill, but he had thought that it wasn't going to be until the late afternoon.

"Oh no, no, nothing like that my boy. There's been a minor change of plans. Nothing bad I assure you, but a change of plans that you might find enjoyable."

Harry looked at Dr. Liffereth warily; the last time he acted like this, he'd had Harry try to fire off some sort of magic while inside an MRI device. The resulting light show had had Harry thinking that Guy Fawkes day had come early. It had completely fried the machine, but the doctor had been bouncing around and acting like a cross between Professor Flitwick and a Mexican jumping bean when he had seen the data generated.

"Ok, shoot. What's the change you're talking about Doc?" asked Harry curiously. Nothing that he could think of should be causing any changes in plans for the day.

"Well Harry, I know that you really haven't had a family so to speak, but someone has come forward an asked to...well, for lack of a better term, foster you until you turn eighteen. Or two hundred and eighty-nine, as the case may be." Lifferth chuckled at his own joke. "Right now we all agree that this is the best choice for you, and I think that you'll agree, but you have the final decision. You can come in now," he called out to someone who was out of sight in the hall.

Winona and Peter Kirk walked into the room. Peter was grinning like a fool, and Winona was smiling but had a nervous look in her eye.

"Harry, I know that this is a bit of a surprise, but would you like to come live with us? I just think that you would do better if you had a family instead of living at a boarding school for the next two years. Besides, Peter could use an older brother to keep him under control," she said with a hopeful look on her face.

Harry was stunned. The Dursleys had been his relatives, but they had never made any secret of their antipathy for him, and Harry had never really felt like he belonged there. And while the Weasleys had all but adopted him in some ways, no one had ever truly asked him to become part of their family before.

Harry had no idea of what to say and just nodded. He was afraid that if he said anything, he would let his emotions get the better of him. His voice had been breaking enough all on its own lately.

Winona just walked over and hugged him. It wasn't smothering like Molly Weasley's could be, but warm and comforting nonetheless. After a moment, she stepped back and held Harry at arm's length. "Peter has been asking for this for weeks, in every message he sent on your trip back to Earth. I'll admit, I was hesitant at first; Jimmy wasn't real comfortable with your abilities, and that came across when I asked him about you. But having spent some time with you, now, I can see that while you may be a bit of a handful, like Jimmy was at your age, you're a good boy, and not that different for all your fancy tricks and being older than Methuselah."

Harry chuckled and ducked his head, blushing at the woman's gentle ribbing.

Winona pulled Harry into another, gentler hug, and after a moment, Peter came over and joined the two of them.

"Welcome to the family, Harry Potter."
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