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The Pirate and The Tactician

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A man ponders over his choices of commanders, and decides to take action.

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I do not own Dynasty Warriors, or anything associated with it except for this story, and some characters in it (this applies to all chapters).

I read the story of Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends, but I'm not really following that. I got the idea from fighting along Lu Xun's side in Destiny Mode, and my imagination reeled off from there. Then I changed the opening movie in the options part...I had so many ideas from that I felt my head pulsing!!!

Just to let you know, the main characters will be: Rakesh (sorry if you don't like OCs, bye), Lu Xun (sorry if you have no taste for the best character in the world, bye), Gan Ning (he'll be around a lot), Zhou Yu (is he twins with Zhou Yun?), Pang Tong (he reminds me of Kakashi from Naruto. Their voices sound the same.), and a bit of Lu Bu (so not really main I don't know yet. I haven't written it.)

And please tell me. Are Zhou Yu and Zhou Yun twins?

Warning: Slash. I never used to like slash, but now I do. You should try reading it if you want, though I suggest you pick a better story to get you into it, first. If you simply don't like it, or will never try to read it, then leave. Me and anyone else who likes it don't want your feedback.


Name: Rakesh Siyamak

(He was tempted to write Katana, but that was only his nickname.)

Preferred Occupation: Fighter

Preferred Commander:

Weapon Type: Katana

Riding Abilities: Intermediate

Archery Abilities: Advanced

Background Information: Raised as a peasant in Ha Ling

Tutor: N/A

Katana sighed and leaned back on his chair, chewing on the end of his quill. He had just passed his practical exams in the process to becoming a soldier for Wu, and his nerves were on edge. No matter how many times he told himself he would get in, he just couldn't come to believe it. But he would...he had the abilities of a Lieutenant Commander. But he wouldn't trust even his own conscious, though he appeared as sure as ever to anyone who looked.

The men who had previously tested his fighting skills had been amazed at his abilities. They had even called one of the higher-ups to come in to have a look at his style. The expression on his face had boosted Katana's confidence, but it hadn't eased his nerves at all.

But it was obvious he was going to make it in. All he had left to do was hand in the registration form. What he wrote on it would decide where he stood in the Wu kingdom. Pretty much every point was simple enough to answer. Just general questions, really... But when he had to decide on who would command him?! He hadn't set eyes on anyone in Wu other than a few privates, two majors and Sun Quan, who couldn't be a direct commander of anyone lower than the Lieutenant Generals anymore.

One of the majors that had seen him fight had handed him a scroll with a few words about some of his possible choices, but that didn't help much...

Zhou Yu: the wise and talented tactician

Taishi Ci: the warrior of steadfast loyalty

Sun Shang Xiang: a ray of light on the battlefield

Sun Jian: the tiger of Jiang Dong

Lu Meng: the cunning scholar

Gan Ning: the brawling pirate

Huang Gai: the master of martial arts

Sun Ce: the little conqueror

Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao: the flowers of Jiang Dong

Zhou Tai: the loyal blade

Ling Tong: warrior of benevolence

Lu Xun: the young master of tactics

Right off the bat nearly all of them were ruled out. He was sure that no one would accept his preferred way of battling. He needed someone that either wouldn't be smart enough to take notice of what he was doing, or would be too busy to be able to look into it.

So that left Ling Tong and Lu Xun. He just had a feeling that Ling Tong would never catch on, and, well, who would be busier than a young tactician? If this Lu Xun was considered young in the three kingdoms, then he definitely was - extremely so. He couldn't be older than thirty. He might even be half of that.

And a tactician as young as that could not be intelligent enough to notice one new recruit acting oddly - even if it was only every once in a while.

Well, his plan was simply to help out Wu, so if he was caught in the act, he wouldn't be executed - maybe only demoted.

If he got the position as a soldier for Wu, then he would fight along side them as simply that. But, if they began losing a battle, he would do what he did best: sneak into the enemy's main camp and slit the leader's throat when no one was looking. Everyone would go into a frenzy and think it was some kind of sorcery, and Katana would appear back in his original spot. He would begin fighting as hard as he could to ease the confusion of Wu, and they would regain their senses and destroy the enemy.


But if the other kingdoms caught him in the act, Wu would become a huge threat. Of course they wouldn't see Katana's face, so then Wei would side with Shu and they would attempt to destroy Wu.

That was why he couldn't get caught.

So Lu Xun? Hm...well, if his name was anything to go by, then he was probably related to Lu Meng. That would mean he might be around a lot, and if he was cunning...but that would only matter if Katana were a higher ranked soldier, which was exactly what he wanted to become...

But he would have to choose his commander wisely, for Katana wasn't only joining Wu to help himself, and boast to his family. He was fighting to stand at the right hand of the Emperor of Wu. And he was going to choose who it was who became that.

And then it all came clear...why hadn't he thought of it before?

He would simply meet Lu Xun to see him fit for all this.


"I'm sorry, sir, but you can't go into the castle unless you have a permit."

"Hey, buddy! If my soon-to-be commander wants me at his side - which I'm sure he will, by the way - then I gotta see him first!"

Katana glared at the two soldiers blocking his way.

"He's gonna be pissed off with you guys when he finds out that you've been blocking out his best possible soldier!"

The two men in chain mail looked at each other with a horrific expression. He was immediately glad that he had chosen to enter by the gates that lead to the innocent villages of Wu. It was hardly ever guarded by decent soldiers.

"And who - who is your commander?" the men were trembling now.

"You mean my possible commander. I have to see him first."

The soldiers looked like they were going to collapse in fear. Katana inwardly laughed. If they could make it in, he definitely could.

"Yes. Wh-what is his name?"

Katana backtracked in his memory to the piece of paper he had been reading the day before. He had brought his registration form, but had forgotten the other sheet in his frenzy to get to the castle as soon as possible. What an idiot he was!

"Erm...Lu Xun...I think it was?"

The soldier on the right nodded his head rapidly and stepped aside. It seemed he couldn't speak. His friend soon followed his lead, wobbling to the side and cowering in fear as Katana made his grand entrance.


To his surprise, there were no guards guarding the residential area. Any high officers that slept in the castle had left their rooms unattended. How unlike them. What if someone from Wei or Shu walked through the gates near the village, into the residential area, and raided a strategist's room, or left a snake in the bed of an officer?

Hm. He'd have to remember that plan if the other kingdoms' castles were guarded like this.

Katana stopped in the centre of the palace and looked around. None of the officers seemed to be anywhere near their rooms. The corridors were nearly empty. The only one he had come across in the deserted hallways was a man that looked like a pirate. He hadn't really done anything, either - just gave him a puzzled glare and kept walking.

The halls of the residential area were completely stone except for a few tapestries or other random things in the hall. There were windows in certain places, but other than that the place was dark and solemn. Every once in a while there would be a door left wide open, and the rooms were just as horrible.

Oh! Katana sighed as he saw the same guy headed around a corner. He had thought it was a different person...but he wasn't going to stop and ask for his name. This was definitely not Lu Xun.

Suddenly, the pirate-looking guy stopped dead right in front of him. Katana nearly bumped into him. Damn! He was trying to remain unnoticed! Wasn't it obvious???

"Okay, I'm getting curious." The pirate said, looking him over with black eyes, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

He said it all in good humour, leaving Katana wondering if he wasn't just a captive. But he had read something about a pirate on that sheet...damn. Maybe he should just run while he had the chance.

He looked wearily at his red bandana and tattooed arms, and decided that running would result in either death or excruciating pain.

"Who are you?" he countered back.

Please don't say whatever that pirate's name was. Please don't say whatever that pirate's name was -

"Gan Ning."


"Oh." Katana nodded, "Erm...I'm Katana."

It wasn't a complete lie, really.

"And why'd you say you were here?"

"I didn't." he answered a little too quickly.

Gan Ning looked him straight in the eye and said, "Exactly."

The look was used in a way that made Katana think it made other soldiers shiver, so he tried to make himself look afraid, but only succeeded in puffing out his chest and glaring. Oh, very scared indeed.

"Who are you looking for?" Ning tried.

Katana eyed him evenly.

Maybe the pirate would be helpful. It wouldn't hurt to tell him. It's not like he'd ever see him again.

"Lu Xun."

Recognition showed itself on Ning's face, and Katana was immediately glad he hadn't sprinted out of there.

"What a coincidence! I'm looking for him too! Well, I'm looking for his room. He's probably there." The pirate looked out a nearby window, "He's usually sleeping around this time."

Holy crap!

Usually the officers rose with the sun every morning, from what Katana had heard. They got up at dawn and didn't go to bed until they could see the stars high in the sky. Officers had lots of time for sleep, of course, but they woke up as early as possible just to prove they could. How sad. They thought it was menacing.

Apparently the surprise had shown on his face, because Ning smiled and patted a hand on his shoulder like an old friend.

"Yeah," he said, "That was my expression, too. Anyway, I think his room's somewhere in the 50s. That's what he told me, anyway. I just couldn't find the damn section."

Katana gathered his wits and looked at the numbers on the wall. He hadn't really wanted to wake the guy up and have some crazy conversation with him and a pirate, but hey. There was no avoiding it now.

"We're in the 50 section." He glared at Ning.

"I know. I couldn't find it earlier."

To Katana's complete surprise and horrible luck, the pirate turned around and threw a random door open. He stuck his head inside, proclaimed loudly that no one was in there, and shut the door.

"What the hell?!" Katana gasped before he could stop himself.

"Don't worry!" Ning laughed as he kicked open another door and looked inside, "No one's here!"

"Lu Xun is!"

"He won't care!" he found a locked door and took out a pin, "He knows me."

Katana held his breath and walked up beside him. He should have known he would never get into the castle unnoticed. As soon as he saw the word 'pirate' on the sheet, he should have cut all thoughts of meeting the commanders from his mind.

Ning fumbled with the lock for a few seconds, then flung the door wide open with a loud cheer.

Katana went to step out of the doorway, but was immediately pulled into the room by his arm.

To his utter dismay, there was a boy who looked to be no older than nineteen (AN: that's how old Xun's gonna be, I guess) sleeping happily in his comfy bed. His lips were parted slightly and his hair was flared off to the sides in a way that looked as though it could never be straightened.

Katana automatically wanted to leave. He had no right to be anywhere near his room, never mind in it! He shouldn't be watching him sleep!

"Hey, Xun!" Ning went over to the bed and shook the boy vigorously by his shoulders, "Xun! C'mon! Wake up!"

Surprisingly, though, he didn't, and with every passing moment Katana became more certain that he wanted this boy to be his commander. If he couldn't even wake up in the morning - er - afternoon, he must be irresponsible!

And that was exactly who he needed to be his commander and the Emperor of Wu! An irresponsible tactician!

"Mmmmrrmmm...N-Ning?" Xun murmured as he began to wake up. His eyes shot open and he sprung up in bed, causing him to bump heads with the pirate.

"What the hell are you doing here???" he exclaimed loudly, rubbing his head with a dazed expression.

Yes. This would be his commander.

"Looking for you!" Ning beamed, "It's probably around noon, now, and I've been patient all day! You said we'd go to the market in the village today!"

Katana felt his legs go limp, and he leaned carefully on the wall. If he had stayed at home for just a little longer, then he wouldn't have had to go through all this trouble to see his soon-to-be commander. He was so damn stubborn!

Xun seemed to just notice he had another in his company, as he immediately shot out of bed wearing only boxers and a thin white t-shirt, threw on some random clothes that were lying on the back of a chair, and fixed his hat on his head (AN: I love his freakin' hat!).

He ushered them out of the room quickly, closed the door behind them and asked innocently.

"Who are you?"

Katana snatched his form from his back pocket, took a hidden quill out of his vest, and wrote Lu Xun in the only empty space left on the paper. He handed it to his commander and smiled.

"Your new best soldier. Nice to meet you."

Not so subtle at all...


Okay, so that was my first chapter! Review if you want! I'm sure there's a million mistakes (I've begun to ignore my grammar and spelling check)! If you have any tips or ideas for me, I'll be happy to hear them.

Oh, and I know this was a horribly quick chapter. I just want the story to start.

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