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Two Weeks And One Day

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Xun has a secret. No one's ever heard his thoughts on the kingdoms, and he thought he should just keep his mouth shut - but then he tells Katana.

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I will try to make this more descriptive...

Oh, and, by the way, for the sake of this story and my ideas, they are going to have showers, toilets, toothbrushes, and all that toiletry stuff, even if it is in the medieval ages.


His plans to be a common soldier had completely and utterly failed. There was now no possible way that he could stand as an ordinary soldier in Xun's army.

In one day his entire plan had gone down.

In one day he had befriended a pirate and his new commander.

In one day he had moved into a room beside Wu's youngest tactician.

He was pretty sure Satan was skating right now.

Katana stared up at the marblewood on the ceiling of his room and noted how he could burn the entire house down in less than a second with a match.

The day before he had been invited to go to the market with a pirate and a tactician, and for some unknown reason, had accepted! Within a few hours he had become best friends with a guy who could take a punch to the face and laugh about it, and the one who would be giving him suicide missions in war.

He hadn't expected them to be so addicting. He had thought his commander would be a pompous idiot, and he just hadn't considered meeting someone along the way to his goal. The task of getting a glance at Lu Xun had gone way out of hand.

But still his original plan was completely secure. Though Xun might notice him out of view for a few minutes, there were a number of things Katana could blame for that fact. The army was big, after all, and it was impossible to keep an eye on every one of your troops at the same time. Besides, he probably wouldn't even need to use his plan. Wu was the greatest army of all time, after all.

And he would be a part of it.

Moments earlier he had been in the kitchen notifying his only remaining 'family' of his departure to the castle. They had stared at him with awe and envy, cursed him beneath their breaths and bid him farewell. He didn't care, though. It's not like they shared his blood.

When Katana was born his mother had died. Simply like that, within the same second. His father had died a year later out of sorrow for the one he loved the most. He couldn't remember either of them, for which he was glad most of the time. Who the hell would be sad over the death of ones they never had a chance to love, right? And he didn't want to mourn.

He'd have plenty of time for that after he died.

When his father had died, he had been sent to the local orphanage in Shu, which was where he was actually born. But, then it became too full, and the next trade they had with another kingdom was the day he was sent out of there.

He was brought to Wu in a cart full of weapons.

On his way to his new home, he had explored every knife, axe, sword, and spear in the cart, testing every one of them in fake methods of combat he had seen the warriors use. He had decided, in the end, to keep one - his very favourite one. And so he had taken the katana as his weapon.

When he had arrived in the village, he had been the only one who could fight. All of the others would grow up to tend a farm or become a blacksmith. But he would be a soldier. And not just any ordinary soldier, no. He would wield a katana and fear nothing.

And so they named him after his weapon.

Katana smiled at the memories. How exciting his life had been compared to the other orphans'. His was a story of happiness, in his opinion. They had tears and broken hearts; he had a full heart and his katana - which was wearing ever thin. Xun had promised him a new one.

"Katana...Katana..." a dreamy voice called.

Katana snapped his head up and looked about the room. He hadn't noticed he'd been drifting off. He looked at Xun with a dazed expression. How had he not noticed he had entered the room? His awareness was better than that.

"Mm. Yes?" his voice was hoarse from sleep.

"You know, you're supposed to be packing. We should be getting back soon. I want to see what you can do with your katana." Xun sat on the bed by his feet.

Katana gathered his wits and refrained from making a crude comment. He settled with, "I'm pretty good with it, if I do say so myself."

Thank God Xun didn't catch the second meaning.

"Good. But you've never actually fought in a battle, right?"

Oh, God. It was like they were having two conversations at once. He smirked.


"Well, I should have told you earlier...I forgot you didn't know..." Xun looked down at the bed covers shyly, "We're attacking Wei in two weeks..."

Katana looked at him incredulously. What was he implying?

"But since it's such short notice, you don't have to come." The tactician said quickly, "I mean, you're probably only a bit older than me. You'd need time to prepare yourself for battle, right? Maybe two months..."

"You mean...I can...come?"

Xun looked at him with a confused expression.

"Of course." He said carefully, "I just didn't think you'd want - "

"Holy crap!" Katana jumped from his bed and pumped his fists in the air, "I'm going to have my first battle in two weeks!!!"

He turned around and beamed at Xun.

"You're going?" Xun looked at him curiously from his place on the bed, not at all bothered from being interrupted.

He was nothing like the rumours of the other officers, Katana noted.

"Of course." He smiled and grabbed one of the big chests off the ground. He would have to come back to get the other one...

Xun stood up and hoisted the other trunk into his arms. He was pretty strong for such a small guy. And so different from the other officers...

Ugh. How could he be an officer, and not be conceited???

How was he so different?

"Thanks." Katana smiled.

"No problem."

They made their way back out onto the streets, Xun not seeming to notice how dark it was getting. Was there no curfew in the castle?

Oh, what a stupid question. There probably wasn't.

"Hey!" Xun suddenly stated loudly, and Katana looked over to find Ning lifting the chest out of the tactician's hands.

"Now, now, Xun." The pirate taunted, "You shouldn't be carrying such things. It's bigger than you!"

Xun glared at him, but ruined it by laughing.

"I'm not that short!"

Gan Ning stopped and stood right beside him. He was two heads taller.

"Oh, okay." He stated, mockingly unconvinced, "If you say so."

Xun sighed hopelessly.

Hah! Well, actually, Katana was only a head taller than his sad.

"So, where are we fighting two weeks from now?"

Ning looked at Xun incredulously.

"He's fighting?" he continued when he nodded, "Holy crap! I hope I get positions close to you guys! You didn't even get a month's notice! Aren't you scared shitless? Usually the new ones have to be forced into battle!"

"Nah, I'd prefer to not have much of a notice. I don't want to be nervous for my first fight. I won't have time."

Ning smiled and cheered, "Good attitude! That's what I said!"


"Xun..." Katana whispered unsurely, "Are you sure we're allowed out here at this time of night?"

It was amazing how fast they had become friends. They were already sneaking around in the middle of the night, going to forbidden places.

Oh...wrong choice of thoughts.

"Yes. There's no curfew. And you don't have to whisper, you know. We're outside."

"I know..."

Katana squinted into the dark, trying to catch side of his friend. The moon was as full as ever, but hidden under the thick canopy of trees, it was pitch black.

"Xun?" Katana called again.

He felt two hands push lightly on the small of his back, and he nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Oh, sorry." Xun said sheepishly, "I'm right here."

Katana let him lead him through the trees, relying entirely on his commander for every little turn. He didn't know if he was going to walk into a tree, or fall into a ditch, but nothing like that happened, so he supposed the other boy could see better than him. It was odd, not being able to see.

After a while, they came to a big patch of open space, where the moon's light lit up the space. He wondered why he hadn't seen it from a distance.

The sound of metal scraping made Katana notice the hands had left his back. He turned sharply to look at Xun, who was holding twin blades.

"Let's begin."

"Wh-what?" Katana stared at him incredulously, "I'm fighting you?"

"Yes." Xun answered, oblivious to there being anything wrong with that, "No contact, quite obviously."

They had met yesterday.

"You honestly trust me??"


"Wow." Katana said, exasperated. How different...

Suddenly Xun was in front of him, pushing his hand to his sword.

"Fight me..." he said, and Katana suddenly noticed that they were in the middle of a moonlit field on the night of a full moon, standing face-to-face with-


He drew his katana and faced Xun hesitantly. Did commanders usually fight their soldiers? Was this even legal?

"Don't hesitate to use force," the other boy smiled knowingly, "or you'll lose."

As soon as those words left his mouth, the fight began.

Katana slashed his sword towards Xun, who caught it between his two blades. He twisted it to face the side, and lunged towards his soldier. Katana ducked, though, and kicked at his commander's feet, but he jumped out of the way, and went to attack from behind.

Katana took a risk and did a back flip over the other boy, who turned around and tried to hit him as he landed. He wasn't fast enough, though, and he ended up having to block an attack. As he recovered from the force, Katana hesitated to knock the twin blades from his hands, and so lost his weapon instead.

He fell onto his back, so powerful was the force of Lu Xun's attack.

"You hesitate too often." Xun laughed, "Why are you so afraid to rid me of my weapons?"

"What if my blade slipped, and it hit your hand?"

He smiled and helped Katana up.

"I'm sure that you will never inflict an injury to me as painful as a blade through the stomach."

Katana gasped and reached out to touch the bare skin out of instinct. He stopped himself, though. He could see no scar.

"It didn't leave a mark?"

Xun shook his head and smiled. "Not visible, anyway...there's a small bump, thank God it's nothing more. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't wear my favourite battle suit. It's the only one I can move in."

"Yeah. I know what you mean." Katana's hand trembled slightly, "What happened after you got hit?"

"Well, I got a little angry..." he looked to the side and laughed lightly, "and cut his head from his shoulders."

His soldier gasped.

"You're a vicious little thing, aren't you?" he taunted.

"Oh, yes." Xun grinned sinisterly, "But I want to know how vicious you can be."

He threw him his katana.


For an hour they fought this time, slipping in and out of tight spots, dancing steps they made along the way. Once Katana even had to dive between the other boy's legs avoid losing. Xun had sat right down on his stomach and turned to knock his weapon away, so he had had to fight on his back for ten minutes, before he somehow slipped away.

Once Xun had had to fall flat on his back to miss one of his attacks.

Katana ducked as Xun threw a particularly vicious strike, and the twin blades stuck firm in the tree that had been behind him. He tried to wrench them out, but Katana held his sword up to his throat.

"Drop your weapons." He hissed into his ear.

The other boy immediately let go, though Katana could feel him smile.

His hands couldn't control themselves this time. He snaked them around Xun's slim waste, brushing along the scar. There was a bump, but it was barely noticeable.

"Ooh." The boy said evilly, "You won."

Katana felt him shiver.

"Yes, but..." he let him go and gestured to the tree, "can you get those out?"

"Erm..." Xun looked innocently at the tree, "I can't, no. You probably can, right?"

He glanced shyly at Katana and smiled.

"If not, we can cut them out."

Katana watched as his commander tried once again, to no avail. He went over and tried the other after he sheathed his katana, but even with two hands it wouldn't budge.

"How the hell'd you get those in so deep?" he asked as he began to cut them out with his sword.

"The heat of the battle." Xun replied sheepishly.

Katana winced as the first blade came out. He cut the other one the same, but it took him and Xun to get it out. He handed the twin blades to him.

"Thanks." Xun said breathlessly.

"No're stronger than you look, you know."

"Are you implying that I look weak, Katana?" he laughed.


"Keep that up," Xun turned his nose up mockingly, "and you'll have to find your own way back."

The entire way back to their rooms was lead in a comfortable, sleepy silence. By the time they made it to their rooms, Katana was half carrying Xun, whose eyes were half closed. He opened the door, and set him down on his bed. Xun clung to his arm for a second, then gathered his wits and let go.

"'Night..." he slurred sleepily as his hand trailed off of the bare skin and onto the soft sheets.

"'Night." Katana chuckled quietly, waiting until he was sure he was asleep before he left.


"Oh, fuck." Xun swore only the second time Katana had ever heard.

He nearly fell off his horse.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"You!" Xun gasped, "You look like an officer with no armour on! The Shu troops are going to be lining up to kill you! Are you sure you don't want anything?"

"Positive." He laughed, "Wow. You'd think you've never seen me fight. Have we not been practising fighting for the past two wee-?"

He was cut off by Xun's hand over his mouth and his face close to his ear.

"Shhh! Not so loud!" he whispered urgently, letting him go.

Katana eyed him suspiciously.

"I thought you said we could do that."

"We can." The commander looked around to see if anyone was eavesdropping, "I just might get in trouble."

Katana snorted.


"Well, after Sun Quan, I'm entitled to the throne of the main commander of Wu. They don't want me out that late. I am the heir."

"Really?" he asked, surprised.

"Yes...but," Xun leaned in to whisper, "I don't want to become that."

"Why not?"

The commander noticed a few people staring.

"Yes." He smiled, "When this is over, maybe I'll taste a drop of wine."

Katana caught the hint. He'd tell him that night.


Katana fought as hard as he could. He lost count of how many people he had killed after 200. Wu was winning the entire time, needless to say. There were only a few Shu officers left undefeated. He didn't need to use his last resort in this battle.

He always fought near Xun, for fear of his commander falling under the blade of another. At moments they were even pressed back up against each other, and he could hear his heart beating rapidly. He could feel it...

Currently he was cutting down a few privates, waiting for a chance to see if his commander was okay. He didn't know why was he worried so much. If he died...oh God, that just didn't make sense. Officers were invincible, were they not?

He thought back to a Lieutenant he had killed.

Suddenly, he felt very nauseous. He cut twenty men down in a spiral attack, and turned to Xun at just the right moment.

His heart caught in his throat as he saw a man with a hammer larger than Xu Zhu hovering over his commander. He raised the weapon high in the air...

Katana dropped his sword and jumped as fast, far and hard as he could. His mind didn't have time to register anything. One minute he was standing, the next he was on the ground on top of Lu Xun, narrowly missing the largest fucking hammer he had ever laid eyes on.

The man who held it wasn't quick enough to think. He stared confusedly at the spot where there should have been blood, puzzled that there was only dirt beneath his weapon.

Everything passed in a blur.

Katana got off of Xun without looking at him. He felt his insides flaring with rage, and barely noticed the yellow aura that surrounded him. He stepped right out in front of the man, and grabbed the hammer from his hand. He wasn't surprised it was light - he was angry.

He killed the man with his own hammer.

Quickly he set down the weapon, then knelt down on all fours beside his shocked comrade.

"Fuck," he swore as he looked him over, "Are you all right?"

"Y-yes." Xun gasped, " Are you?"

Katana nodded quickly, still looking at his friend with concerned eyes.

"I didn't see him until the last second. Oh, fuck - what if it would have hit you?!"

Surprisingly, he felt arms being wrapped around him. He hugged his friend back, glad that he had survived.

"It didn't." Xun said in his soothing voice, "You saved me."

Everything was blurry. What was happening?


Katana woke oddly light-hearted, and it took him a moment for everything to register. He noticed two amber eyes hovering above him.

"Oooooh." He groaned and reached his hand out, "X-Xu-Xun?"

Something warm caught his hand and placed it back on the sheets. He felt strangely happy...

"Yeah. I'm here."

"Mmmm..." he moaned in sleepy acknowledgement.

His senses began to clear. He was...where was he?

"Where am I?"

"In your room, of course. You might not remember much."

"Re-remember what?" he asked after a moment.

He felt the bed shift, and was dimly aware that Xun had lain beside him.

"You pretty much won the battle for us. After the soldiers watched you kill that man, they retreated, surrendering their castle. You fought like a demon! You saved my life!"

Katana opened his eyes fully and took in the scene beside him.

Xun was lying on his side staring at him. He looked comfortable enough in his battle pants with a thin white t-shirt on.

"I-I remember." His voice was hoarse.

Yes. He dimly remembered killing the man with the hammer, and kneeling down beside Xun. He remembered how scared he was, and then...then...

"What happened after I kneeled beside you?" he asked.

"Oh, well..." Xun stuttered, "You - er - asked me if I was okay..."

Then it all came back. Well, up until he blacked out in his commander's arms.

"Oh!" he shot up in bed, "I blacked out in the middle of the battlefield! Oh, God..."

Xun laughed.

"Don't worry." He said, "You had every right to do so. But are you all right? I thought you were d-dead for a second."

"Mmm. I'm fine." Katana brought his hand up to feel the soft skin of the other boy's face, "I won't be dying anytime soon. And you better not be either! I was so fucking scared..."

To his surprise, Xun smiled back at him. He felt his lips curl.

"I was, too..."

Katana let his arm trail down to the boy's waist, where he kept it. A moment passed in comfortable silence. He felt something rise in him as he looked at Xun, and was surprised at the force of it. What was that??

Instead of pondering that thought, he asked, "What time is it?"

"Hmmm.... I don't know." Xun shifted closer a bit and laid his head on Katana's pillow, "We got in here around eleven last night, and it's been about another three hours, so...maybe around two..."

"Whoa!" Katana exclaimed, letting his own head drop to the pillow, "What did you do for three hours?"


That odd feeling passed through him again, and he nearly asked, About me?

What was wrong with him?!

"About what?"

"...Just stuff."

"Fine." Katana shifted a little closer. He was cold...

Out of a whim, he reached down to the bottom of the bed and pulled the covers over both of them.

A faint blush crept onto Xun's cheeks.

"What are you doing?"

Just to see what would happen, he leaned in really close and whispered, "What do you think I'm doing?" His arm was still around his waist.

Xun's cheeks turned even redder, and he nearly fell off the bed. Katana had to pull him back at the last second.

"I'm just kidding!" he laughed, "Don't worry. I'm not planning on ravishing you anytime soon."

The other boy blushed even harder at his choice of words.

A sudden wave of sleepiness passed over Katana, and he had the sudden urge to just close his eyes and fall asleep. But he wasn't finished. He hadn't forgotten his earlier question.

"Why don't you want to be at the top of Wu?" he asked curiously.

Xun looked surprised for a second. It seemed he had forgotten all about their earlier conversation on the horses. He looked thoughtful for a moment as he recalled everything, and his answer.

"Well, to tell you the truth...well, as selfish as this seems...I want to have my own kingdom." He stopped himself abruptly, "Not entirely my own, of course. I want to have my friends there beside me. I need other people, one would want to start another kingdom."

That was the most brilliant idea he had ever heard. He didn't even need to think on it, or ponder over the words. Right away it registered as completely and utterly brilliant. Why hadn't he thought of it?

He would never be able to become a strategist.

"But you'll think that's stupid..." Xun looked at the pillow under his head.

"Actually," Katana smiled, "I think that's the most brilliant idea in the world."


I'm sorry if that seemed too fluffy or something to you, and you must remember that after the separation line ZYZYZYZYZYZYZY it is two weeks after they have known each other.

So don't say it's rushed. I skipped all that so you wouldn't! I did it for you!

Oh, and in case you don't know this, and the rest of your internet is just as messed up as mine, Xu Zhu is a very VERY large guy who acts like a baby and has the highest male voice I've ever heard.

Review if you want! It inspires me!
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