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When Xun's secret is overheard, a piece of Wu breaks off, unnoticed by the kingdom... And Sima Yi finally gets the chance for revenge.

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Heh! Sorry it took so long! It's hard to get inspired with barely any yaoi fics in the DW section. HINT HINT! Thanks for the review!

And I hope anyone reading doesn't mind if I centre the story on...ten different people. I love them all!


"Gan Ning."

The pirate jumped back in shock, whirling around and attempting to look innocent. But of course that didn't work. He had been caught doing something most embarrassing - and by Ling Tong, no less.

"Er - what are you doing here, Tong?"

Ling gave him a scrutinizing glare, then began a small circle around him, as slowly as possible.

"Just passing by," he hissed, "and I happened to come upon you, unfortunately. But you were doing something most unusual..."

Ning slapped his hand over his mouth and pulled him a safe ways down the hallway. Ling grunted and tried to pull himself away, but he had a firm grip on him. He seemed pretty desperate, too. It was as though he thought Ning would kill him if he got too close. Perhaps it was because he had killed his father - who knew? But even if it was, he wasn't about to beg for forgiveness or anything. Every person that feared him was another voice in his favour.

He was a pirate, after all. Couldn't have his name go soft, now, could he?

"I was not doing anything unusual, bastard."

Ling gave him a sarcastic look as his mouth was freed.

"Oh, yes. Pressing your ear up against the new guy's door is completely normal." He sneered, "Actually, I think that's enough to get you kicked out. Sun Jian said one more slip up after you practically raped-"

"I was not raping you!" Ning spat, "I was trying to kill you! 'King Wu' just happened to open the door from the wrong angle - and you agreed with him! I think you want me to fu-"

Ling suddenly pushed him up against the wall, pinning his arms above his head by his wrists.

"Shut up, pirate!" he pushed his chest against Ning's to trap him better, "Someone might hear you! I don't want people believing such things about me! I'd rather lay with Dong Zhuo!"

Ning shuttered at the image, which only caused the two of them to rub together. Ling gasped, but didn't move back.

"Stop moving!" he commanded, "I think you're the one that wants me to st-"

"Ling! Ning! I thought you two were rivals, not partners. Eh, shows how much I know...couldn't you pick somewhere more discreet?"

Ling turned his head to stare horrifically at Sun Ce, who, like his father, seemed to get the wrong idea of actually simple things.

"We are not partners, Ce." He let the pirate go, "I was simply trying to knock some sense into this idiot."

Ce didn't seem convinced, but shrugged never the less.

"And what was he doing this time?" he asked with a bored tone.

Ning did not want anyone else to know what he had been doing. What if people thought he was nosy? He'd have a hell of a time in this kingdom - what if he had to leave to Wei? He made a futile grasp at Ling.

"Listening in on Katana and Xun's conversation. I think it was rather nosy of him, personally..."

Too late.

"Oh? And what exactly did he hear, eh?"

"Don't know. He didn't tell me."

Ce sighed and turned to leave.

"Well," he shrugged nonchalantly, "if you won't tell me, I guess you won't mind if the entire kingdom knows about you two..."

"What the hell?"

Now, Ning didn't particularly care for this statement, either, but he was much more concerned about the people thinking he was nosy. Luckily, he got an idea.

"I'll tell you two what I heard," he grinned impressively. When was the last time he had got such a brilliant plan? "if you both promise not to tell anyone about my - erm - coming across this information."

"Deal." They agreed quickly.

Unfortunately, Ning didn't seem to remember that Ce was the heir to the Wu throne. Lu Xun could easily be kicked out of Wu for thinking such things as the pirate had overheard. That tragic fact was overlooked.

"Xun wants to build a new kingdom!"

Ling looked disbelievingly at Ning for a moment. Things seemed to register quickly in his mind, however, for soon his expression had changed to that of pure horror.

"Ning!" he gasped.

The pirate cocked his head to the side slightly and scowled. Since when had he started to use his actual name? Since when had he had permission? Did he suddenly have some kind of crazy vision and want a truce? And why did he have such a look on his face? He didn't actually believe Ling was the stupid idiot he pointed him out to be, but sometimes he had to admit that his beliefs wavered. He just didn't make sense...

But as the Wu Lord walked away from the scene, a realization couldn't help but snake its way into Ning's mind.

Wu Lord...

Whoopsies. Maybe Xun might have to make a new kingdom sooner than he thought. He might be needing a new home.


"Yu! Holy crap! Yu!"

In Ce's eagerness to spread the news he had recently come across to his best friend, he completely forgot about knocking on said strategist's door. The sight that greeted him, though, did nothing to stop him in his conquest, and he grasped his friend's bare shoulders without a second thought.

"You won't believe what I just heard!"

Zhou Yu stared at him confusedly for a moment, trying to register what had just happened, what Ce was saying, and the situation he was currently in. After a moment of complete silence, he came to his senses and quickly pulled away.

"Ce!" he scolded, glaring at the other man (boy, teen...whatever!), "Could you at least knock next time?"

To his complete surprise, though, Ce shook his head.

"You won't want me to! This is too interesting for even you to wait!"

Yu looked down at what he was (luckily) wearing. He had just come out of the shower and began throwing on random clothes. He hadn't even dried his hair or gotten his belt on yet. Looking down, he noticed part of his boxers was showing and his hipbone was clearly visible. He sighed and ran a hand through his drenched hair.

"Really, Ce. I'm sure it can wait until I'm fully clothed."

"No! It can't!" his friend exclaimed determinedly.

Yu frowned impatiently.

"Now you just seem desperate..."

"I am!"

Yu sighed again. He knew Ce would continue this until he got his way. He was stubborn against all things but direct orders. Actually, one time, he had even thrown Yu over his shoulder and started carrying him when the boy had refused to go swimming with him. It had been very hot that day, and he apparently hadn't wanted to go alone...


"Okay," Ce said seriously, "But I'm going to have to start a while back, and you have to promise not to get mad at me."

Yu glared suspiciously, but nodded.

"Right. A while back one of the main officers convinced most of the higher ranked men to disagree with my taking the throne, and now there is a secret plan that when my father falls the people of Wu will turn against me -"

"WHAT! Ce!"

"Wait! I'm not done. Okay, now...that means that when my father dies, I will no longer be able to rise to fill the throne -"

"I know what that means!" Yu exclaimed angrily, "But why the hell didn't you tell me?"

"Because," Ce smiled and slumped his arm around his friend's bare shoulder, "You would have come up with some crazy plan to leave right away and conquer the rest of China, then destroy Wu, and I wanted to wait awhile."

Yu growled and rubbed his temple. He felt a headache coming on.

"And why, Ce, didn't you tell me how you felt about the idea? I would have come up with the perfect strategy."

The tiger of Wu grasped Yu's forearms and forced him to face him.

"I know, I know. I realized that a few days ago, and I felt too stupid to tell you. But I found out that someone else was contemplating leaving, too! Someone else wants to help conquer China, too!"

"And who might that be?" the strategist scowled, annoyed. It was probably a lowly soldier, with big ideas but no strength to back them up -

"It's Xun! He wants to build a new kingdom! Isn't that great?"

Yu gaped at him. Xun? The sweet, innocent boy with the red hat? Surely he was dreaming...

He felt one of the hands on his arm, shocked to find that he could register the sense. Maybe it was a really realistic dream, though. Maybe something completely impossible would happen right then. The roof would collapse, or Cao Cao would show up at the door begging for a truce, or Ce would start grinning seductively and licking his lips...

He blushed at the thought. Now why would he be dreaming of that?

"Yu? Are you all right? Or have you forgotten who Xun is? You're looking pretty clueless. Did you hit your head?"

"I...need to lie down..."

Ce helped him over to the bed, sitting down beside him as he pulled the covers over his head.


"I am dreaming...this is all a crazy dream...if I go to bed, I'll wake up and Sun Jian will be congratulating you on achieving the throne early..."

Ce snickered.

"You're wide awake, buddy. I swear on Zhang He."

Yu poked his head out from under the covers, his damp hair sticking up in every direction.

"Since when has his life mattered to you?"

"Okay, I swear on my golden tonfas. Happy now? Are you going to come up with some crazy strategy on where to get our forces and what to name the new place? Where should our headquarters be, anyway?"

The strategist groaned and shoved the pillow over his head.

"And when did I agree on helping Xun on his little escapade, anyway?" his voice was muffled.

Ce hugged his bare chest and snuggled the part of the pillow that he assumed his cheek was under. Strategists hated being cuddled, he knew.

"When the officers of Wu decided to kick your commander out of the kingdom."

Suddenly, there was a crash at the door and Gan Ning and Ling Tong tumbled in, screaming accusations and threats at the top of their lungs.

"I was lying! I was lying!"

"You better not tell anyone, or I'll shove my nunchakus up -"

"Tong drugged me! I said those things when I wasn't sober! He told me to -"

"I swear, if you kick Xun out, I'll -"

"Kill Tong! Kill Tong! Or would you like me t-"

"I'll kill you! I will! Wait! Did you tell Yu? You better not have! I'll kill -"

"Right here, right now! I'll hang him for forcing me to say such things -!"

"Quiet!" Ce called.

The two men at the door stopped yelling and took in the sight before them. The entire room was silent, until Ning's sharp tongue slipped and he couldn't help but throw a comment out in the open, the earlier yelling completely forgotten.

"Did we interrupt something, you guys? I didn't know you were, shows what I know..." he echoed Ce's earlier taunt.

"You interrupted nothing, my dear pirate," the no-longer-heir-to-the-Wu-throne said, "Now leave. You too, Tong. Oh, and tell Xun that I intend to be one of his main officers in the new army, and that Yu's my strategist."

The pirate and his rival stood dumbfounded for a moment. It didn't take long, though, before an entirely coincidental gust of wind blew the door shut with such a force that the lock fell shut and they were both slammed into the hallway.

"Wonderful." Yu sighed dramatically, "I think I have a headache coming on. And could you get off? You're too hot right now."

Ce got off, but couldn't help but say something.

"Am I now?" he waggled his eyebrows suggestively, "Turning you on, am I?"

Yu was normally very blunt and straightforward, but at that moment he was just tired and confused, so he played along.

"Oh, yes." He said breathlessly, "I can't take this anymore!" He grasped the sheets and pretended to thrash about in desire.

He was expecting him to say something back, of course, and so was entirely taken off guard when Ce came onto the bed and straddled his hips. He put each of his hands beside the strategist's head and began kissing him on the neck. Yu gasped as his tongue flicked out.

"Ce!" his breath hitched and for a moment the room spun.

He gathered his senses quickly, though, and flipped his friend over just as he began sucking on a sensitive spot.

"Ce!" he growled again, trying to ignore the fact that his arms felt like they would collapse any second, "Now I'm going to have a hicky!"

"Not my problem," the tiger grinned victoriously.

"Yes, it is." Yu said, letting Ce roll him to the bottom when his arms became too lazy to hold him up, "You have to figure out a way for me to cover it for the meeting tomorrow."

"You're the strategist." His friend eyed him hungrily, swiping his eyes up and down his body.

Yu blinked and then blushed at the expression he was given. It suddenly struck him how vulnerable he must have looked. Hair splayed on the pillow, face flushed, eyes wide with, well, vulnerability. He noticed Ce gaping at him for some reason, so he cocked his head to the side in a silent question. But then even that must have made him look frail. He felt stupid, but he didn't want to move. Then he'd have to get off the bed...ugh, he was too lazy right then. And tired, he suddenly realized...very tired...

"Ce," he whined in one of his very rare and out of character moods, "I'm tired...want to sleep in my room tonight?"

For a moment he was struck by how much he reminded himself of Xiao at that moment.

"Fuck, yeah." Ce said, "There's no way I'm walking all the way back to my room this late. I'm much too tired. If you keep me up any longer, we might be late for the meeting tomorrow."


"I can't believe it..."

"Sir, it's - "

"No. I refuse to believe it."

"But, sir -"

"No. This is much too good to be true. If you are telling the truth, then Shu has pretty much fallen."

"They still have -"

"Prove what you have said."

The soldier who had been ordered to collect Sima Yi nodded and stepped back a bit, waiting for his lord to begin following. He then proceeded to lead him back to the castle, where the captive apparently was.

It didn't take long to arrive at the destination, and soon Yi found himself standing all alone in the middle of a hallway, facing the most beautiful door he had ever seen.

Well, actually, the door was completely insignificant, but he found the plain landmark to be somewhat enlightening under the circumstances. He brought his hand up to the doorknob, trying not to get too excited, but savouring what happiness he could salvage from the moment anyway. If the soldier had not been lying...if the captive was really...then...

With an expression of determination, Yi twisted the handle and pushed the wood barrier open before he could think on what he had done.

And there, before him, was the most wonderful scene he had ever beheld. It nearly brought tears to his eyes, such was the happiness that coiled within him.

Zhuge Liang wrapped in chains and tied to the wall with the most miserable expression on his face.

...Well, he had a few chains tying his hands together...his expression was actually quiet calm...

But nevertheless he was happy with what he saw. He swayed slowly over to his rival, with his lips curled into the most victorious smile he could muster. Oh, the shame of losing...he was so tired of feeling it.

"Hello, Zhuge Liang." He sighed contentedly, "I trust you've enjoyed your stay so far."


His blood boiled. It would not be 'wonderful' for very long.


A little short, I know, for such a long wait...if anyone was even waiting. But, hey, I have been piled on with so much homework it's not even funny! Well, actually, it's not that much, but there really aren't many yaoi fics here! I need inspiration!

OR, something that's even more help and happiness, are ideas! I love them! Give me some crazy things that should randomly happen. I love writing pointless stuff, if you haven't noticed!

If you haven't caught on yet (but I'm sure you have), the ten main characters are Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, Cao Pi, Zhou Yun, Zhou Yu, Sun Ce, Lu Xun, Katana, Gan Ning, and Ling Tong (not in any order, really). Pang Tong and Lu Bu will probably be included as well.

Next chapter Cao Pi and Zhou Yun will probably appear (along with other stuff).
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