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Hatred And Lust

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Word of Xun's plans reach other kingdoms, and Ling Tong gets into a little trouble with Gan Ning. What are their punishments?

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In this chapter, Cao Pi and Zhao Yun will make their first appearances...



Cao Pi stabbed his sword through one of the innocent tapestries hanging on the wall. He was very, very angry. His blood had not boiled so much as it had at that particular moment. He wanted to kill. But not just anyone, no. He wanted to kill someone very important to Wei. He wanted to rip Cao Ren's heart out of his chest, cut out his eyes and set his body on fire. He wanted to torture the man to the brink of insanity, and then push him over and watch him fall. He wanted to wait where he fell, knife posed where he knew the bastard would land. And then he would burn everything...everything...


He snarled at a passing soldier, driving his fist into his ribcage. He heard a few bones snap, but continued his destructive path to his forced destination. Luckily for the soldiers, the door he was headed for was located in a part of the castle not usually entered by anyone. It was run down, abandoned.


Preferably Wei. At that moment his anger was so great he would feel no guilt in killing even Sima Yi or his own father. He didn't even care for his purpose for walking through the halls at that moment. He wanted revenge, and he wanted everything to be right again. But Cao Ren would be dead.

Coming to the door he was meant to arrive at, he slammed his fist into the wall beside it with such a force that the door burst open.

Inside laid a very shocked, distraught Zhao Yun.

Pi slammed the door open as hard as he could, scowling and turning to stand threateningly over one of their two important captives. The dim light from the candle danced merrily, though as he stood there its cheer seemed to fade and it threatened to die. And he hoped it would. Honestly. He wanted every fucking thing in China to be killed. And he wanted to be the cause of it.

"Hello Zhao Yun." He said with enough venom to kill a small dog.

The other officer opened his mouth to say something, but seemed to reconsider as he saw the horrifying look gracing his captor's features. He didn't want to upset the man any further, it seemed.

But he could have said anything - anything - and Pi's anger would have gone no further. It was maxed.

He was very, very angry.

Who would not be if their supposed ally had created a lie saying you had ties with the Wu forces?

Cao Pi had, one week prior, been caught by the bastard sending a few men to Wu. He had not informed anyone of his intentions, and so Cao Ren had jumped to the occasion and accused him of working with them.

It was absurd. Why the hell would he work for any kingdom other than the one he would be inheriting?

What he had actually been doing, though, was securing Sima Yi's latest the corners of the castle.

But Cao-fucking-Ren had used that as a chance to kick him out of the running for the throne. And now he would never hold Wei in the palm of his hand. He would never have another chance at obtaining China in its entirety.

That made him very, very angry.

He glared viscously at the man bound on the floor before him. Oh, there were so many things he could do to him, he knew. In every battle they had ever fought against Shu, Cao Pi had ended up in a duel against Zhao Yun. It was impossible to win the fights, and he always ended up either watching him retreat with his army, he himself retreating, or on the ground with a spear at his neck.

Only once had he held Zhao Yun's life in the palm of his hand.

And yet, every time he lay on the ground, thoroughly beaten and awaiting death, the man across from him had never taken his life. He had never even bound him, picked him up, and carried him back to his castle to be tortured for information. Instead, he left him lying there for another soldier to find...

Pi sighed as he looked down at the man. He scowled in anger and turned away. He was so pissed of his height of anger could not be measured by the tallest mountain. He wanted to rip someone's ribcage out from around their organs and watch as they collapsed in on themselves...

But he could not kill Zhao Yun.

Suddenly, the door in front of him burst open and a rather worn looking soldier rushed inside. Pi recognized him slightly, but it took him a while to realize he had been one of the few to check the cameras regularly. He scowled at the man, though did nothing violent. He didn't feel like getting executed by Sima Yi.

"What is it?" he spat.

The soldier saluted as best he could and stared him straight in the eye.

"Sir! We have received information concerning the new inventions set to spy on the Wu castle."

Pi glared at him maliciously. Could he not see that there was a captive in the room?

"We have also been notified of Cao Ren's doings, and as your main troops will remain under you if you are kicked out of the kingdom. We have come to an agreement that this recent report may be of some assistance to you."

Obviously the soldier was either blind or blanked out in concentration. It didn't really matter, though, because Zhao Yun would need to be executed in the end. It was rather dishonourable, but any if information about anything of Wei leaked into the other kingdoms, they would be doomed.

Wait a second...

Cao Pi considered for a moment how they had come across the information about Cao Ren so quickly, but dropped the matter in his mind when he noted the more pressing issues.

"Continue." He ordered evenly, though in his mind he was very stressed out.

The soldier saluted him again.

"Sir!" he said, "We have witnessed on one of Sima Yi's inventions a conversation between one of Wu's strategists, Lu Xun, and one of their newest officers, Rakesh Siyamak. We have been informed that Lu Xun is planning on creating his own kingdom. What are your orders?"

The words cut swiftly into Cao Pi's train of thoughts, and he waited for a moment as the idea sunk in.

"Lu Xun?" he asked carefully, "The young master of tactics?"

The soldier nodded.

"That is correct, sir."

Though the man's face had no expression, Pi could see the twinkle in his eyes. It was obvious from his words what he wanted his commander to do.

And he could not deny his reeling thoughts. Through his anger, the urgent situation of his captive behind him, and the rushing look of anxiousness in his soldier's eyes, he had no time to ponder over the issue. He had to decide now.

"Well," his voice was raspy, "I would like you to send your most indiscreet ninja over to Wu castle," - the soldier had a look of brightness on his face as he nodded urgently - "and I would like him to deliver a message to Lu Xun and Lu Xun only."

He heard Zhao Yun shift in his position behind him, and he found himself lowering his voice so that if there were any listeners in the hall, they would not hear. He turned to his captive, but looked at the wall.

"Tell him to say...that Cao Pi would like to join his army, and that he will bring soldiers and another officer. I would like this task done within the next three days."

He heard the soldier's moves of agreement and hurrying to exit the room. Zhao Yun watched him, wide-eyed, as Pi bent down and turned him carefully onto his stomach. He expected the swift flick of a knife, or a hard knock in the back of his neck, but he wasn't expecting the soft feel of ropes leaving his wrists. He looked at his hands in wonder, shocked by the trust he had been given.

"And you, Zhao Yun...I have something special in store for you..."

He turned to stare determinedly at his captor. He would not go down with a fight!

"Though you have spared my life many times, I have yet another favour to ask of you. I give you the choice to accept my offer, or return to Shu with no scratches and a few secrets Shu might be interested to know..."

Yun gaped at him. Was he drunk, or...

"Zhao Yun, if you choose the first option, I would like to hold a fake execution in your name, with Cao Ren to be your executor." Cao Pi's eyes stared straight into his, "The room will be filled with only those of my own forces, and I will stand within close range in case anything happens and you are in need of my assistance."

Yun was so confused. Was this a trick? Had he planned this?

"I will have your shackles loose so that you may slip out of them at any given time...and I would like you to kill Cao Ren," His gasp was cut off by more words, "and then accompany me to the new kingdom to serve under Lu Xun."

Yun suddenly felt very stupid sitting down. He stood to his full height and tried to form words, but his lips wouldn't obey him.

"If you choose the second option, though, then I will give to you every important piece of information about Wei, if only you promise not to kill my father. Let him die of an illness...he would like to live long..." his eyes shifted downward for a moment, "I will then free you and supply you with my own horse so that you may return to Shu unharmed."

Yun finally found his voice.

"Why - why would you do that?"

To his complete surprise, the commander pulled out his spear from seemingly nowhere. It was handed to him, and he found he could speak no words. He gasped as the other man went on one knee before him and bowed his head.

"You have spared my life countless times before. There is no end to my debt, and this is the least I can do for you. Though I cannot free Zhuge Liang, I hope you will accept the offers I am able to supply you with. And if you think that all those times you did not cut my throat and leave me there to die were mistakes, I now give you the chance to kill me now. My horse is second closest to the wall on the far side of the stable. Please take it if you are to escape."

He stared down at the man and found himself becoming calmer with each passing moment.

"Even if - if I agreed to help you, what reasons do you think I'd have to trust you?"

"...Zhou Yun, do you think I would make such an act to simply kill you? I could have done that already, but yet again you now hold the upper hand. Why would I risk my life simply to make you die in such a dishonourable way as trusting the enemy?"

No. That much was obvious. Cao Pi valued his life above all...and he would not kill him. He would also not flee. To do such horrible things were worthy of nothing less than death in his eyes.

That left only one answer, and even though it was not well thought out, it was the only one left. But if he was to join this new kingdom...

"Which strategists will be in this new kingdom?"

Cao Pi stood from his spot on the floor, his lips curling up slightly and it was obvious he was trying to keep his eyes blank.

"Lu Xun - quite obviously - and also I plan to drag Sima Yi along. When he hears of the news, I am sure I will be able to convince him to" he paused, "And if he comes, surely he will want to bring his new captive. Zhuge Liang would ensure the fourth kingdom with many new victories."

He didn't need to hear any more.

"I choose the first option...but please explain to me the small details you have yet to mention..."

A smile he had never seen before graced his former enemy's lips. It made him look...different.

"Well, I'll have to keep you captive somewhere for a week or two, depending on when the new kingdom will rise," he swept his eyes over him, "I promise you, though, that I will keep you in quarters fitting your station..."

Yun smiled. There was something else, though...

"But I'm sure you know that since I will be bringing you to Lu Xun, I will most likely be your commander for quite some time."

He didn't really look that angry anymore.


" as your punishment you two will rewrite our four oldest books onto these new scrolls. Now."

Ning glared over the table at Ling Tong, who looked like he was trying his hardest not throw something sharp at the retreating back of Xiao Qiao. But he knew better than to do that. It wasn't her fault they were stuck with this task - it was Tong's.

Ning had been minding his own business watching the children play outside, when the bastard had randomly pounced him with a knife in his hand. Of course, he wasn't going to just get up and run away, so he had fought back with his rather powerful fists.

But apparently such conduct in front of the children was not allowed in Wu, and so they had been given the task of rewriting four of the longest books he had ever seen. Damn Xun for teaching him how to write...

"This is all your fault, pirate! If you would have just let me kill you..."

That was all the provocation he needed. Pouncing over the small desk they had been seated at, he knocked the bastard off his chair and began his quest to try and throttle him. Unfortunately, though, Tong seemed to have anticipated this, as he wasn't surprised at all and fought back with just as much force as he did.

Ning tried to pin his arms above his head, but only succeeded in giving him a scratch the length of his forearm. Ling attempted to drive him one in the gut, but because he was on the bottom, he couldn't hit with as much strength as he would have liked, and his hand ended up stuck between both their lower stomachs. He tried to pull his hand away, but the pirate had no shirt on (as usual) and his hand got caught on the edge of his pants. Each tug pulled them lower...

"Tong!" Ning gasped as a rather hard pull yanked both boxers and pants so they were only a centimetre away from his hairline, "Stop trying to strip me!"

He immediately jumped off the shifting boy, stumbling back as his foot caught on a chair.

"I wasn't trying to!" Ling exclaimed, face growing hot as he noticed just how low he had gotten them, "My hand was stuck!"

"Mmhmm." Ning grumbled as he pulled up his pants and fumbled with the belt. Why didn't he sound convinced?

"Pirate?" he warned angrily, but also questioning him at the same time. Surely he didn't think...?

"If you want me that bad, Tong, you shouldn't try to rape me. I would rather if you asked before you shove your hand down my pants..."

Ling growled and grabbed the first thing his hands could reach - a paintbrush. Unfortunately, though, it had been resting in a bottle of ink, and the entire thing tumbled to the ground and stained the carpet. He stared at it horrifically, not noticing as Ning grabbed a brush of his own.

Suddenly, he was once again thrown to the ground, but this time his shirt was torn off, too. He flailed his arms frantically, trying to get out of the grip. Ning, though, only pinned both of his arms above his head, and took the paintbrush to his torso. He began moving it around in twisting motions, seemingly writing something, or drawing a picture.

Ling tried to wiggle free, but the grip was too tight. So he pushed up so their chest pressed tightly together. When he settled back down, there were words written like a reflection on the man's chest. He could make them out, though...

'Your local rapist.'

"Pirate!" he snarled, freeing his hands in the moment of confusion and stabbing the other man with his own paintbrush.


Immediately, they both stopped fighting, twisting around and facing a very angry looking Xiao Qiao.


For the second time within less than an hour, Ling Tong watched the retreating back of Xiao Qiao as she left after dealing them a punishment.

This time, though, if they fought no harm would be done to anyone but themselves. They had been placed in the oldest part of the castle, in the oldest bathroom and told to clean the entire thing. They had been locked in and told to feel free to kill each other, as the blood would not stain these magnificent black floors.

He turned around and beheld the sight of the cleanest looking bathroom he had seen in forever. Since it had not been used for years and years, it was absolutely clean. It seemed someone dusted regularly, too. How the hell were they supposed to clean an already sparkling bathroom? Were they to chisel the floor and replace the rusted showerheads? That sounded like more of a punishment. Or was it the time they were forced to spend together that would scar their minds permanently?

The sound of running water forced him to abandon his pondering thoughts and glance over at the bathtub, which was slowly filling to the top with heaps of hot water.

"Pirate, what the hell are you doing?"

Ning looked up from what he was doing and gave him a look that said he was stupid.

"Having a bath to get this ink off," he snickered at Ling's expression, "Don't get too excited, buddy, I'm not stripping down totally."

The other man glared as he began taking his pants off. Chucking them unceremoniously onto the floor, he sat in the gradually filling bathtub.

Feeling awkward, Ling stood to the side and took the scene in. The water must have been hot, or the room simply cold, because there was steam floating up from the water. He suddenly noticed that he had left his shirt in the room they had been in previously. He was rather cold, but there was no way he was going in there.

The tub was about half the size of the gigantic room they had been locked into. Some would even consider it a small swimming pool, if not for its shallowness. He could fit, but it wouldn't seem right for the two of them to be in there at the same time. After all, the pirate might drown him.

"Coming in, oh mighty Tong? Or would you rather have the truth etched onto your chest for the rest of your life?"

Ling snorted.

"Despite what you think, pirate, you're the only rapist here. I'd rather not risk being fucked by walking into one of your ploys."

He walked to the edge of the pool-tub thing, and sat on the edge of the toilet. He watched as the pirate took off his headband and threw it onto the tiled floors.

He had always thought the band did nothing - was just there for the sake of being there, but oh, he was very, very wrong. As soon as the material left Ning's head, all of his hair felt down onto his face, framing his eyes and giving him a sexy look. He looked hot - tempting, almost. Ling's heart did a little flip-flop as the dark eyes glared at him from behind the bangs. He felt his cheeks growing hot, but he didn't have the will to look away and hide them.

"What are you looking at?" Ning's voice was low and growling, as usual, but somehow it seemed more attractive now.

"I-" his face turned even brighter as he struggled for the proper words to explain his staring.

Suddenly, he felt like a ditzy little schoolgirl.

What was wrong with him? So what if the pirate was sexy enough to pounce on at that moment with no regret? So what if everything he did and said at that time was tempting? So what if any other person - man or women - were in Ling's current position, they would have jumped the man without a second thought at their sexuality?

He would not - no matter what. He hated Ning, he really did...

Even though he had saved his life at one point...even though he never really started any of the fights...

Come to think of it, it was usually Ling's own comments that provoked the sexy - er - hated man.

But that didn't matter, of course. Their hatred was a habit, and that was

Suddenly, something wet grasped his arm, and he was pulled into the bathtub, right onto Ning's lap! He screeched - yes, screeched - and attempted to get away, but the pirate had a rather good grip on him. He prayed that he was just imagining himself getting hard. Oh, god, he needed to get out of there. The other man started to laugh.

"Ning!" he yelled, "Let me go!"

He didn't heed that request, but he did stop laughing. Ling noticed his mistake too late.

"Since when did you use my first name?"

Oh god oh god oh god oh god. Why had his tongue slipped? Why was all of his blood

Oh, GOD!

What if Ning noticed? What if he said something? What if he thought he liked him?

And how would he answer that question?

His face was buried into the pirate's bare chest - not of his own will, mind you - and that only added to the line of desires, doubts, and questions running through every part of his brain. He suddenly felt like fainting.

Not to mention the hot water! The steam must have been making him feel woozy...

Woozy??? Since when had he used words like that?

Ah! He had forgotten to speak!

"Since I wanted," he wriggled again, "out."

"Oh, come on!" Ling looked up into his face and immediately blushed, "You really do need to get that ink off of your skin. It will stain, you know. Just're all tensed up - in more placed than one, might I add. Did you bump your head or have you suddenly come to a conclusion that you actually do want to rape me? I was just kidding earlier, but..."
"I am not in any way turned on by you, pirate." Ling scowled and pulled away hard, "Fine. I'll wash the ink off of my skin - as long as you give me my space."

And so he did what he usually did when he took a bath - he took out his hair tie, just like Gan Ning.

Pushing his head under the water to get the ponytail kink out of his hair, Ling came up soaking wet and good-humoured. He stood up in the bath-pool-thing and began stripping his pants off. He noticed that his actions had the same effect the pirate's did on him.

Maybe he wasn't crazy after all.

Or maybe they both were.

Or perhaps it was the heat of the tub, who knew? But neither of them would ever - ever - even consider doing anything even slightly sexual to the other. They hated each other, after all. Ling just wanted to get him back.

Bending down, he put a hand on each of the pirate's thighs, allowing his hair to fall beside his face.

"Getting a little hot, Ning?" he said seductively, leaning down so their faces were mere inches away.

He knew Ning was turned on - hell, he was starting to think up crazy scenes - but they would never even think about carrying anything out.

They hated each other too much...

Maybe a little too much?

Ning's eyes were closed halfway now, partially glazed in the beginnings of lust.

"Fuck," he said, "If you don't get off me right now, I'm going to pounce on you and do something we'll both regret."

Ling got the hint - he couldn't control himself much longer, either. Sitting back down, he glared over at the delicious looking pirate.

Just one kiss? he asked himself.

But, no, they hated each other much too much...



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