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A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect

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SEQUEL TO EMPTY HOUSE NOT HEART!!After all the struggles that two people could overcome you would think they would finally get their happily ever after. But what if when you think everything is per...

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Smiling she turned over and held the pillow tighter. The burning sensations of his touch and lips on her body were flooding her memory. Inhaling deeply his intoxicating scent, mixed with his cologne just enveloped her like the sheet that draped over her body. To her it felt like forever since she had seen his bright green eyes or heard his infectious giggle, but it had merely been a little over two weeks, eighteen days to be exact. A very busy but still hard eighteen days.

Running her hand up the bed, Michele realized the absence of Patrick next to her. His body not pressed against hers. Fluttering her eyes open, she cringed slightly opposing the light coming into the backroom and blinding her. Glancing at the clock, Michele gasped and sat up quickly. She hadn't slept past 1pm in ages, but after the long and heartbreaking days it was probably necessary to catch up on her lack of sleep.

Looking around the room she remembered the events of the previous evening. The breathless kisses, the erotic moans that increased rapidly and the almost perfect rhythm of their bodies melting together. Laying backdown on the bed, Michele smiled thinking about Patrick's hands getting tangled in her hair, or how his eyelashes tickled her skin when he explored her body leaving butterfly kisses along the way. Their clothes were still strewn around the room, just another reminder of their wonderful night. It was the perfect, I've missed you get together that they've had in a very long time.

"I couldn't wait to be alone with you.." Patrick mummbled into her neck as he pulled her onto the bed with him.

Smiling, Michele turned to face him as her lips brushed against his playfully "I just couldn't wait to get back to you" lingering against his lips.

"Oh really? And why is that..?" he inquired, running his hand up and down her arm,as she leaned back.

"So i could do this.." kissing him lightly. "and this..." applying more pressure. It was still apparent that when they kissed their heartbeats increased and their breath got caught in their throats. That puppy love, butterflies in stomach, high school crush feeling still present everytime they were together.

Patrick inhaled deeply as he decided to push her towards the bed.

Things for the couple were definitely a lot better than they had been in February when they had gotten back together. You can say things had to get a lot worse before they could ever get better though. Michele had worked on being a lot more forthcoming with her feelings and Patrick had been definitely tried to better manage his responsibilities with the band and to his relationship. He realized he had to be emotionally available to Michele and willing to make the effort to listen to her. They were definitely the perfect couple again.

Each day it was amazing to wake up and remember that you were in love with your best friend, and your best friend was in love with you. To know you were in a relationship with a person who completes your heart, and compliments your life. And now, neither of them were willing to take it for granted.

Leaning over the bed, Michele grabbed her bag and rummaged around for her blackberry. Taking it out she smiled at the few text messages and missed calls she had from Patrick. He wasn't big on texting, but he was getting more used to it over time.

You looked so beautiful sleeping i couldnt wake you. Maybe we could get lunch later? Just went to Pete's house. I've missed falling asleep next to you. thank you for yesterday.

Feeling her heart flutter, she gently sucked in her lip as she texted him back. Putting her phone down Michele looked at the ceiling and contently sighed, things were perfect.

Helllo Ficwad readers! Miss me!? hopefully. haha Welll after just being extremely sick and bored i wrote the first chapter to what i hope will be a good sequel to Empty house not heart. If you've never read it, then i ask you look at it before continuing this one. I am really proud of that story. Everyone's kind words just made me feel so completely humbled. I would just like to ask that if you read this chapter to please review. I dont care what you write, tell me you hate it..tell me you love it. Just please tell me why.

Also,I would LOVEEE any input or ideas to continue this story since i am pretty lost as to where to go next. Anywayy...i hope you enjoy!! =)
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