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Selfish decisions

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SEQUEL TO EMPTY HOUSE NOT HEART!!After all the struggles that two people could overcome you would think they would finally get their happily ever after. But what if when you think everything is per...

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Sitting down on the floor, Michele sighed as she looked around the room. There were clothes laying in piles everywhere, shoes piled in the corner and a stack of DVD's on the desk. She wondered why she had even volunteered for this job. It almost looked like it could never get done.

Hearing the shower turn on she looked at her watch knowing how much longer she would have to finish. Patrick had asked her out to dinner. It was nice to be able to do anything or absolutely nothing with him. The two had spent the day in their pajamas laying on the couch and watching old movies and so it was a surprise when he wanted to get dressed and just go out for the night.

Looking at the itinerary tour booklet she almost cringed at being on the road for almost 45 days. It had been a long time since she had taken the risk of putting her life on hold for anything. Michele was an independent woman, who always followed her dreams and did what was best for herself in life. There wasn't a need to rely on anyone, especially on Patrick. It was hard for him to accept that. He wanted to spoil her, take care of her and be the one always there for her to lean on. It's why Michele agreed to go on the Young Wild Thing's tour with him. There was just soo much love and admiration for each other that the pride of being themselves almost hurt how they acted in the relationship. Going on the tour, was meeting him half way. After how things were during the last few tours, Michele knew that if she wanted her relationship to survive than there had to be a sacrifice. His plea was also hard to denounce.

"Patrick, I cant just stop going to school and spend two months on a tour bus just because I love you. There are responsibilities I have. I'm working, I have bills to pay" Michele reasoned. The initial shock of him asking her to go still consumed her.

"What bills? The electric and gas..? Your cell phone? I'll take care of that Michele. I'll pay for it, I just don't want to lose you because its time for me to leave and go on tour" Patrick understood that she liked to help pay for some bills and take care of her own necessities but he was far from being greedy with the woman he loved. It almost offended him that she even used that excuse.

Dropping her fork Michele looked at him "You're not going to lose me because you have to go on tour." Reaching for her glass of water "I cant just quit my job, I need it. I need it for money, to be a normal human being and work And what about school? You know I'm trying to get my masters"

"Don't tell me I cant lose you because I go on tour, that's bullshit" He became upset at her defense. "Do you not remember the year we've had? You left me after friends or enemies, and while I was on Honda Civic this summer you were miserable because I was gone three months. You were only happy when you came out to visit. I love you Marshmallow, you are my world and I cannot go on this tour with the fear of not having you in my life when its over." reaching out he took her hand "Please Michele, I owe it to the three other guys in my band to be there but I also am not willing to lose you. I don't want to fight every time I call you, and I don't want you upset because I'm gone."

"what do you want me to do Patrick?" It hurt her to hear him practically beg her. She hated fighting with him while he was gone, but she hated even more going to bed alone or never hearing from him. It killed her when phone calls or text messages never got returned. "I love you soo much and I hate when you're gone for soo long. But you're asking me to give everything up that I've worked soo hard for just for a few weeks"

Shaking his head, Patrick was getting upset "No Michele I'm not asking you to give it all up for a few weeks. I am asking you, for the first time to put our relationship first. To trust me. Take courses online...Maybe you can get a leave of absence from work, or maybe you can come back and find a better company who'll appreciate you. Just know I love you and I will support you in everything you decide to do, I just want us to do something to support us and our relationship"

Reluctantly, Michele sighed as she nodded in defeat "okay" Everything about the idea made her nervous. There was no guarantee that going on tour with Patrick would make things easier but, because she loved him, and if he believed that was going to help their relationship than Michele was going to try.

Zipping up the bag, Michele placed it in the corner as she picked up marzipan, petting the cat softly. "Lets hope I made the right decision and packed everything we'll need." she kissed his head" I'm going to miss you" putting him back down and quickly changing into her dress and starting to do her makeup.

Things were going to be different on tour. Forty-five days on a bus with a grueling and repetitious schedule. She just hoped that this would be amazing for them, their relationship and their future.

Hello! Sooo i again, will apologize for the long wait for this chapter. I work crazy hours and i am in college. Life sucks, i know. haha I really do appreciate the continued support for this story. There is still some confusion as to where or what I plan on doing. SO i would love your input as to what you like or dislike and maybe even some ideas. Again, thankyou for reading. I hope I am doing justice to the characters and story I had developed in Empty House Not Heart. =)
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