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the rythym from the bass, the screaming of the guitar, the bang of drums. this is the life.

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"ahhhhhhh!!" i screamed from the front of the pit. i felt someone shove me from behind and turned around to see a growing mosh pit. "OH HELLS YES!!" i screamed letting the growing group swallow me.

"Sophie!" i heard my friend and fellow guitarist jackie scream. "sophie come back! you're gonna get murdered in there!" that didn't matter to me. this was where i belonged, in a mosh pit with random people i didn't know just throwing them around and vice versa with no hard feelings afterwards. but then someone hit me to hard. i turned around and it was the bitch that i went to college with. he smiled a sickly smile and threw another punch. after that it just wasn't a mosh pit anymore it was war. we both started trying to beat the shit out of each other and then i felt someone grab my arm and try to pull me out. i pulled away only to have two more pairs of arms grab me and drag me away. but before i got out that bitch jumped at me and threw one last punch and then it was black.

"sophie, sophie," i heard jackie say. i opened my eyes to a bright light. i sat up but a little to quickly.

"ow," i said covering my eyes.

"i told you not to go into that mosh! you see what happened," she said hugging me.

"what happened? who pulled me out?"

"gerard and his friends. they're on the tour also." oh i guess i forgot to mention, i'm in a band with my best friend jackie(lead), brent(drums), d.j. (vocals), bam (bass), and me (rythym).

"Oh well then i guess i owe them, where evere they are. i can't see. anybody have sunglasses?" i asked.

"yes because we all carry sunglasses at night," brent said.

"har har, very funny," i said hold my face in my hands.

"here," said a voice that i had no idea who. "i've got a pair," i was told while someone put the glasses in my hands.

i put them on. "thanks umm..."

"gerard," said the voice looking up and putting a name with the voice and name, and the face was amazing. to bad i had to wear the glasses, i bet his eyes were prettier without the tint.

"oh. thanks," i said blushing.

"uh oh! sophie!" wooed d.j.

"shut up!" i snapped. "thanks for getting me out of the mosh," i told gerard.

"no prob," he said. this tour just got a whole lot more interesting.

okay new story, new start, i'll try not to kill sophie at the end xD. tell me what ya think. is it worth to keep going? yes, no, maybe. anyway please review!

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