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Chapter 2

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gerard and bert pairing

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"wake the fuck up! come on bitch! get your ass out of bed!" d.j. screamed jumping into my bunk.

"ugh... no, let me sleep. please?"

"come on sophie get up," bam said coming over and pulling me out of the bunk. "here's a cup of coffee, drink it and get ready," he said putting the warm cup in my hand.

"what is so important i have to be attacked for anyway?" i asked taking a sip. mm, frenh vanilla, my favorite.

"we have extra time today so we're going to the amusent park across the street witha few other bands," bam said handing me a pair of skinny jeans and a band tee.

"okay. here hold this," i saod handing him the already empty cup and stumbled my way to the bathroom.

by the time i finally got ready and walked outside(with my sunglasses) jackie, brent, bam, d.j., gerard and four other guys were already out there waiting.

"sophie, this is ray, bob, mikey, and frank," gerard said introducing me to the rest of his band.

"hi," i said shaking their hands then staring up at the sun.

"sunglasses? really?" brent said snatching them off of my face.

"argh! give'em back!" i said covering my eyes.

"you're like a fucking vampire," gerard laughed.

"be careful, i bite. rawr," i told him showing my teeth.

"if that's your idea of flirting then it's no wonder you don't have a boyfriend sophie," bam said.

"fuck you!" i said getting my sunglasss back from brent.

"when are we going to the park, i wanna raide a really big roller coaster!" jackie piped up.

"yeah, me too," i said.

"we'll leave as soon as bert, quinn, jeph, and dan get here," gerard said. and as if on cue they all walked out from behind the buses.

"bert!" gerard screamed as a guy with long greasy black hair walked up.

"geee! what's up baby?" bert said kissing gerard's forehead. i was glad i was wearing glasses because if i wasn't everyone would have seen how wide my eyes got. brent on the other hand wasn't so lucky. bert saw the look in brent's eye and went at him.

"what? do you have a problem with gay people?" bert asked getting menacingly close to brent.

"no! i don't it just caught me off gaurd a little bit," he said backing away.

"bert take it easy, it's alright," gerard grabbing bert's hand.


not liking the tension very much i started talking, "okay well are we all here? if so lets go!" i said

"onward march!" jackie screamed. we locked arms and started to walk away. with the rest slowly following behind us. oh this was going to be one hell of a tour.

i forgot how much fun it is to write! but i also forgot how short my chapters always end up being! ugh, well any way, more reviews please!

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