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Chapter 3

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after we got innto the park and rode just about any ride that would make us puke we found a restraunt to eat at. we ordered our food and sat down.

"are we gonna bother to ride more rides after this?" bam asked.

"of course! thats the whole point of having chain restraunts inside the park, so you don't leave but you go right back to riding," i said.

"i think we should go back to ride- OH MY GOD SPIDER!!" jackie screamed spasming out and landing in frank's arms.

"geez jackie," i said smiling.

"it's not funny," she said.

"watching you spasm isn't funny?" i asked raising an eyebrow.

"hey sophie look a therapist!"

"oh god where?!" i said ducking under the table.

"and my fear of spiders is funny, when your the one under the table at the mention of a therapist," jackie said still in frank's arms.

"it's okay to be scared of spiders jackie, i am too," frank said.

"aww, thanks for understanding frankie!" jackie said.

"hehe frankie... i like it!" frank exclaimed hugging her.

"yay!" jackie said hugging him back.

"hey where did gerard and bert go?" ray asked.

"they said they were going to the "'bathrooms'" while we were in line for that last ride," i said dipping my french fry in to my milkshake.

"oh," ray said.

"that bert guy scares me," brent said.

"hey don't get to mad at him," quinn said. "he's been pushed around his whole life for being gay. he was just trying to protect him and gerard," quinn explained.

"i for one think it's sweet that he would do that to protect gerard," i said.

"you think it's sweet that he was gonna beat the shit out of me?!" brent asked getting wide eyed.

"no that part was just funny!" i said laughing.

"you laugh like a hyena," brent said coldly.

"thanks bitch," i said.

gerard and bert came back a few minutes later.

"how were the bathrooms?" mikey asked slyly.

"huh? bathrooms? mikey have you been out in the sun to long?" gerard asked feeling his little brothers forehead.

"no! i haven't! geez, stop acting like mom," he said crossing his arms.

"oh me and bert found this picture thingy and we got a picture together!" gerard said smiling very big as he laid the photo down on the table. it was a picture of him and bert in a big heart surrounded by a bunch of little hearts.

"aww, that's really sweet. you should frame it!" i said.

"mmhmm," brent managed to get out while eating his burger.

"do you have a problem with it?" bert said leaning across the table to get in brents face.

"mmm!" brent said furiously shaking his head no while his voice went two octaves higher.

"bert sweetie, it's okay," gerard said pulling him into a hug.

"oh shit! look at the time! we have to get back for sound check," jeph said.

"awww! but we didn't get to ride anymore rides!" bob whined.

we all got up to throw our trash away and to walk back to the venue. jackie with frank's arm around her, protecting her from spiders. bert holding hands with gerard and the rest of them in a huge group pushing throught the crowd of people to get across the street.

thanks for all the reviw guys! i really appreciate them, they make me write faster. but i apologize for the short chapters.

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