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Chapter 2

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"Finish her." He ordered Then it all happened so fast...

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In the academy chopper


"You'll be going to the coasts of California, and I gotta warn you... look out for the cliffs their very high, man. Also the waters around where you're going are shark infested so be carful. Dr.Dismays layer is supposedly around the northern coasts of Califoria. If you get lost I placed two GPS in your backpack. If you need help just call." Al explained

The screen on my blackberry went black and I went to sit beside julius, who was driving the chopper. It was a pretty silent trip, but mostly because we were pissed that we had to go on a mission on our day off.

After about 3 hours we were over california. It was about 8:00pm and the sun was going down.

"So much for our day off." Julius mumbled

After about ten minutes I could see the ocean and the cliffs.

"We can land here." I said

Julius Lowered the chopper until we were finally on solid ground. He turned off the engiene. It was deadly silent in the woods were we had landed.

"Lets go this way." Julius wispered

We searched and searched, but we found no one. everything was quiet.

"Maybe Al got the wrong information?" I questioned

"Ya maybe." Julius answered

We walked until we came to a cliff edge. It was very steep and the waves were crashing agains't the cliff.

"Wow... Al Wasn't kidding." I gasped

"Ya it's like a fifty foot drop.." He wispered back

"Maybe we should head back to the chopper." I said

"Or maybe not..." said a voice from the shadows

It was Dr.Dismay standing before them with a nasty grin painted on his face. His big muscular hench men standing behind him.

"Maybe I should distroy you right now!" I cackled
"GET THEM!" He bellowed

His Hench men emedietly ran at Me and Julius. We fought them off as best we could but there were to many of them. Two of them had me cornered at the edge of the cliff.

"I guess this is the end gumdrop."
"Finish her" He ordered

Then it all happened so fast...

Both hench men had ran forward to push me off the cliff, When all of a sudden I was pushed out of the way by Julius. The hench me pushed him and he fell off the cliff edge.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I screamed but it was too late

Julius fell into the black, murky waters below.
Dr.Dismay laughed nastily and ran with his hench men back into the forest.
I emedietly started climbing down the rocks toward the bottom. But the only thing I saw was one of Julius' sneakers floating above the water...
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