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Reno... shut up

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They had waited for so long that Leon had nodded off and Rufus had probably slept a good five hours slumped over the desk. The silence was shattered by Cloud loosing the grip on his sword and the definitive noise as it crashed to the ground. Cloud was tired and he knew it but Rufus yawned, sat up and sighed. He needed to do something... all of them felt the same.

Finally Reno got up and headed that way. Ada had curled up on the small leather chair in the corner of his office and there he felt she would have been okay but she'd snapped awake and followed him. Reno was peeved, he was nursing a permanent semi-erection and he needed to go home. He stretched in the lift and got ready to tell Rufus the news. Leon's blood would give them enough to start the creation of an antidote but they really did need an original sample of the virus to get much further.

"Did Elena or Rude get you any more?" Cloud was hoping to be told he could go look because the sitting around annoyed him and he really didn't want Rufus to think he'd take up any offers he'd been given. This was being done for Tifa more than anyone.

"Not yet." Reno yawned. "Ya need me any more Ruf?"

"Yes... fly Cloud and Leon out to join the Turks at the site." He would have let him go but the common way Reno addressed him so casually annoyed him. "And then you can clock out."

"I'd like to go." Ada pointed out.

"Thanks but I do better on my own." Cloud stood up.

"Oh no." Leon grabbed his gun and stopped the blond. "Your girlfriend, wife... whatever she is has already seen you skip off. Sorry this time you are putting up with one of us."

Cloud knew when he was beat and nodded. Reno didn't care he just wanted to get them to where they needed to be and then get the fuck home to bed, or to at least get the pay-per-view adult channel to get some much needed relaxation in. He led the two men towards the hanger and got them both inside before starting his girl up. They headed up over the city and out towards Modeoheim again, Leon and Cloud took to a quiet chat about their experiences and Leon found him likeable in that he did seem to want to know about the truth of the matters at hand, he also paid good attention to how to kill the damned things.

"I take it from the glares and hardly said words you're not happy about working with the President." Leon stated rhetorically.

"Rufus and his company are nothing but trouble to me historically.” Cloud said but not with ill spoken words towards them, more a reflection of the situation. “Lately though I guess we have all put pasts behind us in the interests of moving on.”

“Sounds like you have a lot to work for. Rufus told me about the problems with Sephiroth and what he and his company had been involved in. He was very honest about what had happened.”

“Yeah he would be… you don’t know him to make an opinion that isn’t favourable to anyone but him.” Cloud snorted.

“That’s my boss ya talking about.” Reno reminded them. “And I’ll have you know that compared to the last president this ones a gem. He works hard and he learns his lessons well.”

“I’m seeing that more I admit.” Cloud sighed, but he couldn’t forgive Shinra as a whole for ruining his life and for gunning down his best friend, Zack.

“And Cloud,” Reno looked around for a second, “Tseng really wanted to save Zack but you’d never have known.” He focused back on his flying. Cloud opened his mouth, had the bastards found a way to read his mind too? He slumped back against the side of the helicopter.

“Sorry doesn’t mean I will go back to working for you.” He muttered.

“Maybe just working with us is enough for now Cloud.” Leon looked at him. “I don’t have your history together with them all but they have the money and people to help. This virus can take hold fast and no-one needs to suffer because of pride.”

“I said I’d do this. Holy, yes was yes okay?”

“I’d probably treat your wife to a meal too.”

“She’s not my wife.” Cloud mumbled.

“I’d make her mine.” Reno piped in. “With ti…”

“Shut up!” Leon and Cloud interrupted and then looked at each other. Cloud smiled faintly, he liked this guy a lot and anyone that could put Reno in his place was good in his books. The cocky redhead always seemed to scrape his way out of trouble at the last moment.

Looking over as they came to the town it was clearly a good thing that they had arrived because Elena and Rude were on top of the old general store with their guns surrounded by a group of the strange creatures. They hadn’t even made it into the base before the things had come crawling out. What amazed the Turks even more was that for a deserted town there seemed to be a lot of them coming up to greet the newcomers.

“Is that Reno back again?” Elena looked up.

“Hell no…” Rude mumbled and subconsciously checked his pocket for spare shades. The guy had a habit of saving his own ass at Rude’s expense.

“Yeah that’s him alright.” She waved to them glad to see that they had back up and then even more surprised when Cloud dropped out of the vehicle first. “And he brought someone more equipped for the fight I see.”
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