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It's not a real chapter just read

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Okay guys... it's hard for me to do this but i've gotta tell you. Two friends of mine died in an accedent monday night April 14th, around 4 or 5 pm... i dont know all the details but i know that they were muddin and their truck slid off a cliff. I know who was driving, i know who was with them, and i know that they died on impact. It's been really hard and I just wanted to tell you. Let Brandon and Zak's families be in your prayers guys. I'm not much of the praying kind, but i've known them sence 4th adn 5th grade, so if you know how that feels, just please find it in your hearts to pray for there families...

Alright guys... I'm sorry to rain on your parade but i had to vent to you and let you know whats going on...

Love you
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