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Senior Year (for realz this time)

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I got into my VW Beetle, started it, and backed out of the drive way without hitting the mail box. I drove about 30 minutes to town and parked in the IHOP parking lot. When I looked around the lot I saw Fin's car and then jumped on the roof of it, 'Haha she'll never notice!' I thought walking in and sitting right next to her.

"I saw that! You're a hoe bag Jennifer!" Fin said as soon as I sat down.

"But I'm your hoe bag! Finny Winny I luff yew!!!" I said lunging over the table and hugging her.

"Oh get off of me!" She said pushing me away. I sat down again and waited for someone to take my order, I want pancakes, with strawberries and whip cream and chocolate milk! Yummy!

After I got done stuffing my face I left Fin to pay for everything... I know I'm terrible... what I'll pay her back, just not today or tomarrow or the next week, but someday. When I walked out of IHOP I heard a few loud popping sounds and then a sharp pain in my shoulder and leg, I fell to the ground wincing in pain and calling for Fin. I stayed on the ground for I'm guessing a few seconds but it felt like minutes, till someone came out of the IHOP and called 911, I started talking to the person for a minute before I blacked out from pain.

I woke up, still in pain, to a blinding light, a crying William, and a bawling mom and step-dad. When William saw that I was awake he rushed to me and started kissing my cheek and saying 'I love you so much, please don't do that again'. That's when I blew up and asked,

"What the hell happened!!!" When mom heard my voice she walked over calmly and started petting me.

"There was a drive-by sweetheart and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Some motherfucker SHOT ME!!!" I shouted sitting up and regreted it almost instatly, there was a sharp pain up my leg and I laid back down.

"Would you watch your mouth!" My mom exclamed popping me on the forehead.

"Someone shot me and your telling me to watch my language!?" I shouted.

"Yes, a lady shouldn't use language like that." Mom said stroking my hair.

"Sence when has she been a lady?" My stepdad asked chuckling a little.

"When can I leave, hospitels freak me out." I said pulling the blanket to my chin.

"You need one more surgury then you can leave a few days after that, okay?" William said grabbing my hand.

"Will you stay with me?" I asked lacing my fingers with his.

"Of cource my darling." He said pecking my lips.

"Wow what a great way to start my senior year."

"They cancled school! I texted Alex saying you got shot and she told the principle and she cancled school!"

"Wow! I'm loved!" I squeaked.

Sup Foo's! I didn't mean for the chapter to be short, but I just wanted to tell you that I didn't disappear off the face of the earth... so yeah! OMG I'M A JUNIOR NOW! I passed all my classes and I have a boyfriend who is AMAZING, I got a car, and everything is just going right, nothing is wrong in the world for me...except my dad calling me fat to which I weigh 110 lbs and I'm 5'4". But yeah, I love you guys! Keep reading and keep reviewing!!
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