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Just something inspired by a webcomic. Bored Lambo twins are a very scary thing.

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The inspiration for this was this comic: http : / thespiphobia . comicgenesis . com /d 20051122 . html just remove the spaces. The conversation seemed oddly appropriate for Sunstreaker and Sideswipe to have.
Sunstreaker watched as his brother's game character died again. It was a mindless side-scrolling adventure game that Sideswipe only played when he was incredibly bored. He sighed, subspacing his polishing cloth and, in an attempt to distract himself from his own boredom, he asked, “Sides, you bored?”
Sideswipe paused his game, noting that he would have to buy more healing items soon, and looking over at his brother. “Mm-hm. Out of my processor.” he answered, saving his game and turning the console off. He got up from sitting on his own berth and walked over to Sunstreaker’s, sitting down next to his brother, then laying down so that his cranial unit was resting in Sunstreaker's lap.
Sunstreaker smiled faintly, beginning to gently stroke Sideswipe’s helm, paying particular attention to the bases of his brother's sensor horns. “We don't have anything to do?” he asked softly, leaning down to kiss his twin.
Sideswipe sighed as Sunstreaker pulled away from the kiss, “Nothing.” He nuzzled Sunstreaker's hand, trying to convince the golden warrior to continue petting his helm.
Sunstreaker leaned back against the wall, resuming the soothing movement of his hand on his brother's helm merely to keep his more affectionate half from pouting and making him feel guilty.
They stayed like that for a few minutes before Sunstreaker sent a flash of mischief through their bond, then sat up with a wicked smile on his face plate and asked, “Hey Sides, want to go burn something?”
Sideswipe sat up as well, smiling just as evilly as his twin. They looked at each other for a moment and Sideswipe simply replied, “YES.” in an eerily gleeful voice. He stood and pried open their hidden 'Alcove o' Prank Stuff', reaching in and grabbing the needed supplies, then forcing the panel back into it's original shape. He split the supplies with Sunstreaker, both of them stashing them in various subspace pockets. They stood, looking at each other with terror-inducing grins on their face plates for a moment before nodding to each other and leaving the room to cause their daily quota of havoc.


This is one of the odd things that come out of my mind when I'm bored in class and thinking about Transformers.
Constructive criticism is encouraged. I just ask that you aren't mean about it. Suggesting what I could do better or what I shouldn't do will definitely help me make later stories better.
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