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Shattered, Crushed, and Snapped

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Hmm...I wonder...I think you should know, considering where I left off.

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I realize I am a pathetically slow creature who gets way less sleep than she should, never does what she should be doing, and takes far too long to update. I wrote part of this when my younger cousin/other family visited and she was watching Marley and Me. That movie, from what I saw, is NOT good for eleven year olds. At least not the one's who ask ME (age 19) questions about why 'the mom and the dad don't want the dog to watch them on the bed!' Wooooow...Sorry for the wait!

CHAPTER 8!!!!!!!!(8 This time)

Dani took a minute to compose herself before she stepped inside the house.

Issac cornered her as soon as she walked into the hallway, trying unsuccessfully to escape to her room. "What's for dinner?" he asked presumptuously.

"I-I don't know...maybe I'll make some pasta." Her voice wavered.

He twisted and pinched the skin on her arm painfully. "I want a steak. Medium rare."

"Okay. I'll start cooking now." Listen to yourself! You're obeying his every whim. Why are you letting him do this to you? Why can't you treat him like you treat...say...Gerard?

"Hurry up. And make sure you make it how I like it," he ordered.

She nodded and turned into the kitchen and began to search for what she needed.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Why'd you leave?" Mikey cornered is older brother as soon as Gerard came stumbling in the door with a mysterious look on his face.

"None of your business," Gerard replied, unsure.

Mikey raised an eyebrow and blocked Gerard's way. "You can't hide anything from me. I'm sorry, Gee, but you're pretty bad at it." He paused. "And I went home like you wanted me to, so I should know. Because if you're doing something...something...well, worse than anything else you've ever done, I need to know."

Gerard looked down at Mikey, gratitude and annoyance mingling, as per usual. He tried to resist the familiar light brown, sometimes hazel, pleading eyes staring back at him. "Stop with the Bambi eyes," he mumbled.

Mikey ignored him and only adjusted his glasses.

"All right, fine, but you can't tell anyone. And I'm probably wrong anyway." Mikey nodded eagerly. Gerard continued. "Well...God, I don't even know how to start." He ran a hand through his dark hair, a typical nervous habit. "I think Dani might home. But I don't know anything, and I'm just guessing!" And, trying to find some proof, you stalked the poor girl.

Mikey stood there, mouth gaping open, clearly clueless. "Wait-you mean like, how she was all banged up?" Gerard nodded grimly. "Woah...that's some heavy stuff. I mean, yeah, that's how it looked, but I really thought she fell off her bike. You-you don't think whoever she's living with br-broke her...her..."

"I know," was all Gerard had to say.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Why can't you do anything right you stupid, lazy whore?" Issac complained. As he did so, he threw his plate clean off the table, shattering it on the floor, his dinner flying across the room.

He was this angry, all because Dani had accidentally cooked the steak a few minutes longer than necessary. "I'm sorry," she said in a monotone, as she did nearly every hour of every day.

"All I asked for was a simple, nice dinner. But of course you can't even get that right." With those words he stood up from the table, coming slowly towards her. "I don't give a shit if your arm's broken. As far as I'm concerned, you earned that for yourself. But I'm in the mood to play it rough tonight." He grinned sickeningly and tackled her to the floor.

He roughly pinned her underneath him, forcing her body to be nearly crushed under his.

Something within Dani snapped. Maybe it was an overload of raw, unkind feelings that for once, she was feeling instead of going numb. Maybe it was knowing that this life she had could very well change. Maybe it was just the wrong day.

But she used her surprising strength, which almost matched her father's, and caught him off guard by shoving him partially off of her 5' 5" frame and landing a rather good kick to his chest. He gasped and immediately turned on her, ready for a fight. He pushed her against the wall, holding her by her shoulder. "I don't know why you just did that."

Dani responded by kneeing him forcefully in the groin and running out of the house, possibly for her life.

OK,OK, I know what you're all saying. a)it's kinda short b)HORRILE CLIFFY c)Where the heck is she gonna go???
I'm going to try and write more and post it either tomorrow or Sunday. Probably Sunday, but hey, you never know with me. I'm running some errands tomorrow, so IDK, but I doubt I'll be able to hold off from finishing what I left off that long.
Anyway...about the whole reviewy dealy thing...y. Out of the...four people that reviewed for the last chapter...KrissElEkTRik wanted Gerard to do a bit more stalking and find out more about her...and doyleangel wanted Dani to 'come clean to Gerard about what's going on.' Both very good suggestions, thank you. And btw-anyone reading this and/or the chapter where I mentioned the reviewing suggestions-you can still give me ideas! So anyway. I'm going to try and find a happy compromise and mix KrissElEkTRik and doyleangel's wishes.
Song for this chapter-"Animal I Have Become" Three Days Grace
P.S.-(Added a few hours after I origianally posted this)I took the time and effort to go through and edit this, trying to make it easier to read, as Julianne suggested.(oh, and Julianne, if you're reading this-thanks a bunch for the constructive criticism)In case you haven't picked up on it by now, _ _ _ _ is my way of showing time passing. And I will probably end up at the store later, writing while I'm waiting in line. Haha. I'll try and post the next one A.S.A.P!
Who d'you guys want in the next chapter? Ray, Bob and/or Matt, or Frank? i'm leaning towards Frank, but review and lemme know want you want. "Ask and you shall recieve," or some shit like that.

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