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Black and Blank

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Some intense shit, that's all I'll tell y'all.

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I'd just like to point out that this is the first thing I've ever written in third person. Please, please, please review. Give me something to smile about. And, before I write it, just let me say I have NO idea where this chapter is going, plot wise.

Dani responded by kneeing him forcefully in the groin and running out of the house, possibly for her life.

Dani panted, sprinting frantically, trying to find somewhere to hide in the neighborhood. She spotted the rows of trees across the street. But if I don't get across there before he comes after me... The thought almost caused her to slow.

She dove for cover behind them just as Issac burst out of their front door. He looked ready to kill, and with another jolt of fear and adrenaline, Dani realized that he just might. She tried to quietly inch farther into the foliage without rustling the leaves. Unfortunately, there was no way around the noise. She cringed at every small noise she made, too frightened to turn around and see for herself where her father was.

She was almost to the other side of the trees when someone leaped onto her, forcing her to fall to the ground. The raspy voice in her ear caused her to shake. "Am I going to have to ground you?"
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Gerard leaned over his desk in the late hours of the night, desperate for some way to fall asleep. "Ugh," he groaned, on the verge of banging his head on the wood shelf that was, conveniently, level with his skull.

He reached into the top drawer and grabbed his pad of sketch paper, his sanctuary. He shuffled the contents of the same drawer until he found a pencil. He tilted his head to the side, thinking.

Gerard knew the reason he was up so late. True, he slept like an owl most nights anyway, but the reason he couldn't even think straight was all revolving around one person. Her name was Dani, not Daniella.

Considering what had happened at lunch, he would've thought it's be easy to just be happy they were getting somewhere and let it go. But the seemingly insignificant signs she'd been showing after school were too much for him to take. I just know something's hurting her. Or someone. Either way I just wish she'd open up and spit it out.

He gave up on trying to draw. Instead, he reached behind the furniture and grimaced at the bottle he held in his hand. Hey, if it works... he thought sadly.

He uncapped the whiskey and brought it to his lips, pausing for a moment at the disagreeable smell. Without reservation, he downed a considerable amount, and then cleared his desk, all in one fluid motion. He didn't even flinch at the taste anymore.

Gerard stumbled into bed, more than ready to feel the effects of the liquor in his system. Sleep, just sleep, he told himself. The hardest part is letting go of your dreams. (A/N:I love that song, just had to put it in here :)okay, now I'm leaving get back to your reading!)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Dani woke up in her bedroom with a pounding headache, unsure of how she got there. She sat up slowly, testing herself. She ached all over. But that's just normal...

She suddenly remembered the previous night. Fighting back for once, running out of the house, hiding in the trees...and then being caught again. But the rest was a blur. She closed her eyes, going back.

Feeling him pull her up to her feet, taking her across the street quickly, relocating her room.

Dani shook her head like a wet dog, concentrating.

Issac climbing on top of her...threats spewing out of his mouth. The sound of his zipper going down. He moved until her mouth was level with the certain part of him that wanted attention. "Suck," he commanded.

Dani shuddered and held back the bile rising in her throat. She continued reliving the event she wished was a nightmare.

Keeping her mouth firmly closed, trying desperately to turn her head away. Issac smirking and opening her mouth with his fingers, shoving the entire length of himself down her throat. His quiet moaning making tears stream down her cheeks.

Sitting on the same bed, with her knees curled to her chest, Dani was still sobbing.

Still resisting and pushing him away from her, his laughter reaching her ears, maniacal, deranged. Issac leaving her unwilling lips and started to pull down her baggy jeans.

Dani noticed without relief that she wasn't still wearing those pants.

"Moan for me," he grinds out as he enters her roughly, making Dani feel like she was being ripped in half. "Moan like you're my whore." Staying silent, receiving a long scratch on the side of her stomach. "Do what I tell you to."

Dani fell to her side. She curled into a ball. A vulnerable, weak, un-Dani mess.

After the painful jerk on her broken arm, he asks her to moan again. She doesn't listen. A hard blow to her head, and then everything goes black. Black and blank.

Back in her room, Dani only wished everything could go blank again.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

It was a weekend. So Gerard could wake up, slightly hung over, and stroll into the kitchen at two in the afternoon and no one would think any different. Mikey was, of course, fully awake, dressed, bright and cheery at what Gerard considered the early hours of the morning.

Mikey smiled at Gerard, who scowled right back.

The loud ringing of the telephone made Mikey jump and Gerard wince and cover his ears. Mikey answered it. "Hello?"

Gerard mentally cursed whoever called and turned to salvage some leftover coffee from the near empty pot.

"Uh...sure. Hold on," Mikey said to them. "Gerard?"

Gerard looked sluggishly at his brother. "What?" he yawned angrily.

"It's...It's Dani. And she wants to talk to you."

Oh my word! I know that was another horrible cliff hanger. I'm sorry. I may or may not put you out of your misery by updating again this weekend. Oh, and in case anyone's wondering, I didn't write this in line at Walmart or anything I just finished all my crap sooner than expected.
Anyway. A very emotionally draining chapter for me. But I'm not even gonna get into that. your asses off and we'll still be friends. :) Oh, and there's also that lonely little button that says "RATE ME!" I try to give everyone who reviews some good karma, so hey. Give me some love back.
Song(s) for this chapter- "Cut Up Angels" The Used and pretty much everything Nirvana(I dug out their albums from this CD case I have, now it's all stuck in my head)
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