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Enter Frankie

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Chapter title says it all.

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I'm thanking all of my lovely readers and regular reviewers; you know who you are. And most of you who did review asked for one person. One short, hyper, loveable person. And I think we all know who I'm talking about....!

"Uh...hello?" Gerard answered the phone awkwardly.

Dani's heart pounded at the sound of his voice. "Gee?" she asked. Her voice sounded like a wounded child, and the cutesy nickname only made it sound stranger. "I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't was stupid of me to even..."

"No, no, what's wrong?" Maybe I'll actually get somewhere with this! Gerard thought excitedly.

How can he tell something's wrong? Dani frowned. "What makes you say that?"

He hesitated. "The tone of your voice. I don't know, I just...I'm very in tune with people."

She bit her lip, not sure what to say. "I really don't know why I called. Nothing's really wrong per say, I just...I felt like I needed someone to talk to." Only part of her statement was a lie.

"I know the feeling," Gerard sighed. He ignored Mikey bouncing around the kitchen eagerly. "Will you press your off button?" he growled to Mikey, holding his hand over the phone. Mikey made a face. "Can you hold on a second? My little brother is trying to eavesdrop."

Dani used the minute it took him to trudge back down into his bedroom with the cordless phone to let out a huge exhale.

"So what d'you need to talk about?" he pressed urgently, not really afraid of pushing her away by that point.

Dani stayed silent for a minute. "I don't know," she laughed quietly.

"I'm here, and I'm listening," Gerard whispered, so softly she could barely hear his smooth voice over the phone.

"Do you ever wish you could just live someone else's life? And not just for a day, but for...forever? And you really know that the grass is greener on the other side?"

Gerard closed his eyes and sat down on his bed, listening to the loud creaks the old springs made. "Just about every day," he admitted.

"What if I told you that I felt that way, too, every single day, every hour of the day?" Dani felt weak, bitter tears forming in her eyes. He's the only bit of a normal life that you have, she told herself. And you only got to know the guy yesterday!

"Dani..." he began, and then reluctantly stopped himself. "I would say it's okay, but it's probably not." I cannot believe she's opening up this easily... he thought, amazed.

She appreciated his honesty. She hated people who covered everything with fluff and said to 'look on the bright side.'(A/N: I hate people like that too.) "And you're right," she replied, her voice shaking.

"Alright, I'm just gonna come right out and ask you. Dani, what is wrong?" Please, please, let this work. Please, please, please! he begged some unknown higher power, whatever existed to him.

"I...I have to go. Um, I'll s-see you at school on Monday. Bye." Dani hung up the phone quickly like it was a snake in her hands.

"Fuck!" Gerard yelled.

"Language!" Donna yelled from upstairs.

"What happened?" Mikey asked, coming down to Gerard's room.

"Get out," he said curtly.

"Gerard..." Mikey trailed off. He decided to go ahead and drop the subject. "Fine. You'll tell me later."

Gerard dropped back down on his bed and turned to his side, trying to get comfortable. He groaned. "God, I am so stupid! Stupid and useless!" he said, talking to himself.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"Aw, is Gerard PMSing?" a loud voice from the doorway said.

"Fuck off," he mumbled, covering his face with a pillow.

"I can get you some Midol if you need it," the voice continued, giggling.

"What the hell do you want, Frank?" Gerard asked irritably.

Frank crossed the room, jumping the whole way. "Well...I came over here to see you and your spicy little brother, but if nobody likes me, then I'll just leave!" he huffed. "No, really, I showed up here and Mikey lets me know you're holed up in your room, aggravated over some chick. He didn't tell me who though. Ooooh, is she cool? Or is this little emo session down here over some generic home girl?" Frank was sitting down next to Gerard, his knee bouncing as he talked. "I had coffee, can you tell?"

Gerard shook his head at Frank. "Well, 1) I don't particularly enjoy you discussing my little brother like that," he teased. "And 2) Yeah, she's cool, and this isn't an 'emo session,' I'm just exhausted." He paused. "And who was stupid enough to let you consume a caffeinated beverage?"

Frankie smiled and looked around the room. "Your big words won't confuse me, Gee! And I was stupid enough to, and I quote, 'consume a caffeinated beverage!'" Frank started laughing randomly and uncontrollably, but stopped when he realized he had another question. "Okay, now, who is this girl, and what happened?"

Gerard sighed. "I don't think you know her."

"Try me."

"Her name's Dani," Gerard answered.

Frank froze, his smile falling. "Wait...Dani who?"

"Her last name's Santos..." Wait-does he maybe know her? Gerard thought, confused.

"Holy mother fuckin' crap!" Frank gasped. "Gerard...Gee...I-I do know her."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"So...she's your cousin?" Gerard repeated.

"Yeah. But we lost contact with them when they moved. They never told us they moved into a house in the same city! Me and her used to hang out all the time, you know, making mud pies when you're little, playing in the sprinklers. She used to love my action figures. I think my mom bought her a Barbie one time and she ripped all it's limbs off. And it's head." Frank tilted his head to the side, remembering.

Gerard snickered. "Sounds like her."

"I don't really know how to...tell you this...but me and, well, everyone else...we used to get this weird feeling that her dad...I don't know. He just seemed, like, oddly aggressive with her, didn’t really like her to leave their house, and was always coming up with excuses why she couldn't, say, come to my birthday party. And her mom, my dad's sister, just...disappeared when Dani turned eleven. And that was right before they supposedly 'moved.'" Frank gave Gerard more pieces to the puzzle, all traces of his coffee high gone.

"Frankie, I think her dad's hurting her. I almost got her to spit it out earlier, but she gave me this weird goodbye and hung up. That's why I was sulking," Gerard explained.

"See...I'd probably know about it if she responded to any of the emails I sent her. Oh, wait, is that why Mikey wanted her screen name? For you?"

"Well," Gerard started. "He did all that without my knowledge, but yes, in a roundabout way, it was so I could talk to her."

"It's like she-or he- cut her off from everyone. Does she have any, like, friends?" Frank said. Why do I have to go to stupid private school? he whined silently. I miss out on everything!

"Uh, no, not really," Gerard said stiffly.

"Hmm..." Frank sighed.

"Well, I'm going to confront her Monday. See what's up. Since you haven't talked to her in a while, I'm gonna let you know she's not big on people. Or talking. Or...anything, really."

Oh. My. Goodness. I love Frank in this story. And I hope y'all do, considering all of you demanded him. Haha. Anyways-you're welcome for the update! The more reviews, the sooner the next update will pop up on a screen near you. Did I mention I loved this chapter?!?!? It would've been a boring-as-bullshit filler chapter if not for Frank. I'm a LOT like him. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
I can't wait to see Adam later. (Lambert, in case you live under a rock and you don't know who he is). Best contestant on Idol in a long time. Alyson's my other favorite. The rest of them are just...just bleh. I'm betting anyone who'll bet me back that Lil and Matt go home this week. Ha, and I haven't even watched it yet! Anyways.
I grin every time I get a new review. So thanks again to those of you who've been givin' me feedback. I love you to death(not literally, don't be scared xD)
xoxo-Jaime :)

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