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the happy ever after

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harry potter walks the corridors of hogwarts late one night and gets a shockh

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the happy ever after

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Harry Potter walked the cool coridors of hogwarts with a slight smile on his face two days ago he had defeated voldemort and he had just worked up the courage to tell ginny he didnt want a relationship with anyone at the moment it wasnt exactly true it was just that he really didnt like ginny like that anymore.

she hadnt taken the news well began asking him if there was another women and even went as far as to acuse hermione of cheating on ron with harry.

he wasnt really that bothered though because at the moment he was happy he had been forced by the goblins to pay reperations for the roof of gringotts but not the dragon which confused him

he was left with a couple thousand galleons from his trust vault which he just withdrew straight away not risking his money for when they remebered the dragon

he had also been given his head of house rings for potter and black somthing dumbledore neglected to imform him of even though he had been his magical gaurdian

so right now he was walking the empty corridors at about 3 in the morning think about what he should do with his life now he was planning on making a quick escape so the reporters didnt get him while he was leaving

walking towards the room of requirement absent mindly he was just about to walk another way when a quick idea came to him

walking infront of the walk muttering somewhere i will be happy to himself he was suprised when it worked and he could see the door come out of the wall

opening the door quickly not knowing what he was going to see wasnt the best thing he could have done because what he got felt strangly like a portkey bit it didnt just pull behind the naval it was his entire body

where he was going was anybodys guess
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