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Chapter 13

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Mikey's POV

I found myself in a dark room. The only light came as a shadow of my wife. She stood with her back to me her hair hung low over her shoulders. As I walked closer to her, I called out, “Alicia? Liccy?” she did not turn for me but only nodded.

The light was cast down from above her head and blanketed her small body.

Calling for her still, I continued to walk towards her, every step taking me three steps back.

Now, I watched as another woman stood out from the shadows. What was she doing here? She shouldn't be here. She had nothing to do with Liccy and I. She had nothing to do with anything. “GET AWAY FROM HER!” I shouted but heard only a croak echo down what I could only believe to be a corridor. I began to run but it was if I was running on a treadmill, picking up speed but never moving anywhere. “There, There,” I heard her comforting Liccy and she gently rubbed her back. “It wont hurt any-more, I promise.”
“LICCY, DONT LISTEN TO HER, SHES A LIAR!” I screamed but my voice was still strained. Suddenly, though, Licia's comforter turned to me and winked, her hair swung down around her face, casting dark shadows over her face, I guessed they were similar to the shadows cast over her bloody heart. “Thank you,” Licia's voice was strong and I heard a smile in her voice. She turned and in her arms she held a small black haired baby. I felt the tears begin to flow. A baby? We had a baby? “It was nothing, I'd do anything for you.” kindness was in her voice but I hear the evil twining around every word. The baby began to wine and I saw its sudden similarity to its mother. My feet began to move and now I gained motion. I came closer to my wife and she stood to face me now a wide smile on her face.

Stood in-front of me, my wife held my sister in-laws baby while Lyn-Z's arm was placed gently under her elbow, supporting her.
“Mikey?” Alicia spoke my name quietly.

I screamed and light filled my eyes.

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