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Chapter 14

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [X] [Y] - Published: 2009-05-03 - Updated: 2009-05-03 - 447 words

Kat's P.O.V

I woke as Gerard's elbow gently nudged me in my rib. As I rubbed my eyes I noticed that Gee was looking straight at me, his face grim, “Last Night..” I stopped him quickly, pressing my hand over his mouth, “Do you regret it?” my eyes darted to every feature of his face, he took my hand from over his mouth and spoke only in a whisper, “It was wrong, your a child...” again I stopped him but this time he took my hand straight away from his mouth “I know I'm young but I am not a child. Do you regret it?”I repeated my question,he looked at me, his face still grim, but now his mouth turned to a slight smile. He shook his head and whispered “No but do you?” into my hair as his lips traced the edge of my ear. A giggle escaped me and he laughed, his voice husky. His teeth grazed my ear as he began to nip at my earlobe ,his hands dancing through my hair.

His mouth found my neck and he placed kisses tenderly over my skin. I brushed his hair with my hand and kissed his face, his lips found mine and we kissed passionately, his hands tracing my body like an artist's brush painting the most beautiful landscape.
My head was spinning and I felt like I was ascending to the highest, most perfect cloud in heaven above, yet we continued to kiss, our hands exploring each others bodies tenderly yet passion mixed with the adrenaline now pumping through my veins, thick and fast.

Behind me I heard Mikey scream and Gee froze beside me, his hand dropped from my arse and he pulled me aside. I pulled myself to the back of the bunk so he could exit the tiny space before I followed him out to the tiny corridor between the bunks. Bob had pulled his curtain across and was scrabbling with his duvet which had caught beneath him. Ray was out of his bed and was clawing with the curtain across Mikey's bunk and Gerard ran to help him. Frank stood in the corridor as well, frozen, “He screamed, why did he scream?” Frank muttered to himself, sobs escaping his small mouth. I pulled myself away from what was happening with Mikey's bunk and went to stand beside Frank, he wrapped his arms around me and cried into my shoulder. I turned, still holding Frank, to see the fuming expression on Bobs face. Bile rose in my throat and I dropped Bob's glare before turning to run up too the tiny bathroom. He was angry. Very Angry.

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