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Chapter 15

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2009-05-03 - Updated: 2009-05-03 - 715 words

I turned to come down the stairs, the vomit splattered towel poking out from under my grasp. I held it tight behind my back, hid from anyone who may be watching. I quickly packed it under the clothes I'd warn yesterday and grabbed an extra cardigan to pull on top of the long sleeved paid shirt I was wearing.

The bus was silent as I pulled the curtain across to enter the living area. Ray sat by Frank, quietly playing a game of poker, while drinking large cups of caffeine bought fresh from Starbucks, the empty containers were strewn across the counters. Mikey sat staring at the muted television screen, a random episode of Sponge bob Square pants playing. I grabbed the orange juice from the fridge and poured myself a tall glass of it before sitting down beside Frank, opposite Ray. I smiled weakly at Ray as I sat down and he took my hand from the table and held it in his.”Are you okay? You don't look very good.” He returned my weak smile and glanced behind me at Mikey. “It scared me a little bit I guess. I'll be fine, think I might have a Stomach bug, don't worry it'll be gone soon enough.” I reassured them, Frank playing with a curl that had come loose from my loosely strung up hair.

The boys continued with their game and Mikey had joined us at the table now and was watching the game like I, not exactly eager to join in but still enjoying Ray shout at Frank. Every hand that he put down was incorrect in some way and Ray seemed to enjoy making Frank squirm.

I hadn't seen Gee or Bob since earlier that morning and was slightly worried that neither had returned to the bus. The bus had been parked up behind a studio somewhere north of LA and the boys had gone as soon as Mikey had been sorted out. “Where did Bob go?” I asked, Ray was shuffling the deck of cards and placed them down on the tabletop as I asked him, tension surrounded his reply, “He followed Gee out the bus this morning, Gee had to make a phone call.” Ray looked at the others at their eyes darted from one to the other. “Is something wrong?” I asked playing with my near empty glass, I took it from the table and swilled out the last of the juice into my mouth. The sweet juice filled my mouth and danced on my tongue like Gerard's tongue had done only hours before.

When I had gotten out from Gerard's bunk this morning, Bob had looked really angry and I was worried of what he thought. Bob had a really bad temper and I could only remember when he had found out about what Mum had done to me. He'd nearly exploded and I'd made him calm down before I hung up the phone to him to pack my case. I could also remember what Bob's mum and dad here in America had told me on the phone, about when he found out that his Mum here wasn't his real mum. He'd taken his Dad's car from the drive and tried to drive it into a wall at 60mph. He'd ended up in hospital and they were shocked that he'd actually recovered. He'd broken his wrist that day and that was the accident that had caused most of his wrist problems now, causing him to at times be unable to play for the band.
I could only guess what he would do if he thought that Gerard and me had... well.. yeah. So now that they were both M.I.A I was getting more and more worried as every second passed. I realized now that the guys were watching as I concentrated on the clock.

“Maybe I should go find Bob.” I got up and pulled on my cardigan, as I turned to walk down the exit I realized that Gerard was stood at the bottom of the tiny stairs in front of the closed door, dark stains covered his blue shirt as he staunched the blood pouring from his bleeding nose.

Behind him, Bob opened the bus door, cradling his wrist in his other hand.

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