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Maybe It's Not My Weekend...

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...But it's gonna be my year. Chapter Un!

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Hai guysss! So… new story! I decided to put my Bob story on a little Hiatus ‘cause my writer’s block for it is just that bad. Plus, I really kinda wanted to write a Frerard. Yummness. =D But readers, be warned; If you hate slow Frerard, then I suggest you don’t read. It’s going to be a little while before there’s actual Frerard, so… if you hate that, then, yeah. But if you’re willing to wait it out, then Yayy! Haha. So… with that said… READ ON, my little pretties xD
Oh, and, please don’t try and correct me if I got the time change from N.J. to Cali. Wrong or mixed up. I tried looking it up and everything.

“Frankie, honey,” Linda Iero whispered sweetly towards the back seat of the blue minivan. “Frank, wake up. We’re at the new house.”
His eyes shot open at the fact that they were finally there, and he could finally get out of the car. Having been in the car for two days, making the transport from California to New Jersey, Frank’s ass had really started to hurt. No, not even. More like become numb. And sure, it’s only two days, and people have traveled longer, but still. Frank wasn’t used to it.
“Aaanndd.. here we are.” Frank’s dad said cheerfully from the driver’s seat, pulling into the Iero’s new driveway. The house was big and white, with light red shutters. At least it was modern, and not some old farm house, or something.
“Dad, how can you still be so peppy?” Frank asked groggily, unbuckling his seatbelt. “You’ve been driving for two days.”
“Fake it ‘till you make it, son,” Mr. Iero replied, his smile suddenly faded. He yawned, and looked at his watch. “Mmmm… 8 pm? Only?”
“Honey,” Linda replied. “11. The time change, remember?” Frank’s dad suddenly looked up to the sky, like he always did when he was deep in thought. “Ooooh…” he said, after a few minutes of pondering. “Okayyy.” Linda got out of the car and stretched, then headed to the trunk and popped it open, taking out three sleeping bags and pillows. Then Frank remembered that he’d have to sleep in a sleeping bag for the next two more days, since the moving van with all their big furniture, his bed included, was still on the road, and had left a day late. And he thought that he’d rather sleep in the car for one more night. “We’d better get settled in the house and get to sleep before midnight.” Linda said sleepily, handing both Frank and his father a sleeping bag and two pillows. “But I’m not tired, ma.” Frank replied, reminding her that he’d already been asleep for the whole second day on the road. “Then just….” Linda stammered, trying to clear her head. It didn’t matter how many hours she slept; Frank’s mom was always tired. “Use your laptop ‘till you get tired. It’s in the backseat, isn’t it? I don’t want to go digging for it in all the boxes tonight.” Frank nodded and opened the car door, laptop case and sleeping bag in hand. He stretched too and struggled to keep on his feet, but managed to hobble up the porch steps and waited for his mother to follow and unlock the front door. The walls were a light beige color, and the floor was almost all snow white carpet. Frank walked up the stairs and endeavored to find his new bedroom. He opened the second door on the right, next to the bathroom. He groaned and stared at the hot pink, flowery wallpaper and maroon colored carpet and figured that the room had previously belonged to a 7 year old girl. And that it was now his room.
He sighed and dropped his deep red sleeping bag on the floor and rolled it out flat. He was thinking about going back outside and grabbing some pajama’s out of his clothing box, but then thought, fuck it. One more day won’t hurt. Just then, his mom knocked on the door.
“Yeah?!” Frank called out, and his mom opened his bedroom door and looked about the room. “Euh… um… we’ll paint over all this,” she said, a weird look suddenly plastered on her face. Frank nodded and laughed, pulling out the laptop. His mother continued. “Well, tomorrow’s Saturday, and you’ll be starting school at Belleville High School on Monday. And I surely don’t want you stuck in an empty house on that laptop all weekend. Why don’t you go out tomorrow, meet some new kids?”
“Yeah, sure.” Frank replied, not really listening, only punching in his computer password. “Frank…” Linda said softly, in all seriousness. She walked over and knelt down beside him. “Frank, you… when we lived in California, you didn’t really have any friends. You never… put yourself out there to make them. I want things to be different this time around. I want you, to… put yourself out there, and make friends. I don’t want you to be so lonely.” Frank looked up at his mother and nodded understandingly. He didn’t want to be lonely either, and it would be nice to have a few friends. “Okay, mom…” he replied, more in tune this time. A smile crept up her face, and she sighed in relief. “Okay.” She whispered, leaning in and kissing Frank’s forehead. She got up and started out the door, but turned back and put her hand to her heart. “Ohh, Frankie. I can’t believe you’re a freshman, going to high school. You just grew up so fast…”
“Mooomm…” Frank exclaimed. “Oh, I’m sorry, Frankie.” She said. “I just want you to be my little angel forever…”
“And you wonder why I don’t make friends?” Frank asked. Linda rolled her eyes and started across the hall to her and her husband’s new room, closing Frank’s door behind her. Frank pulled up his Facebook account and changed his status to: New room is pink. Woop woop =/ He flopped down on the floor and stared at the ceiling, thinking about how much he didn’t really like New Jersey all that much. Even if he didn’t have a lot of friends back in California, he figured it was better, since at least he wasn’t new, and, besides, he did have two friends… Maxi and Cody. And both boys were on the school’s football team. Let’s just say, that if Frank wasn’t so conservative, he would’ve been even the slightest bit popular back in Cali.
He was starting to bitterly regret his hermit personality.
He suddenly looked at his watch and saw that it said 9. Which meant that it was now midnight, since he hadn’t fixed his watch yet. He yawned, and decided that he should tuck in for the night. He closed his laptop and unzipped his sleeping bag, crawling inside and laying his head on his pillows. Slowly but surely, he fell asleep, thinking about Belleville, and his new life awaiting.
Frank woke up the next morning at 11:34, on the dot. He got up out of his sleeping bag and stood up, cracking his back accidentally. He groaned in pain and hobbled down the stairs to find his mother and father hauling in a bunch of furniture. Linda gave a small wave. “Hey, kiddo!” his dad greeted him with a smile. “The moving van rushed here, and made it one day early! Isn’t that great?” Frank smiled and ran his hand through his brown hair. He straightened out the wrinkles in his jeans with his hands. “Do you guys need help?” he asked. “Actually,” Linda said, pointing to the kitchen counter. “There’s $20 over there, and there’s a McDonalds’ about a mile from here. Can you walk down there and get us some coffee? And get something for yourself, too.” Frank sighed and took the 20 off the counter. This was just one of his mother’s attempts to get him outside to meet people. She didn’t trust him to do it himself.
“Sure, I’ll be right back,” he said groggily, passing all the movers and began walking down the road. He finally reached the McDonald’s, ordered the coffee, and then began walking back. He spotted a 7-Eleven around the corner, and decided he wanted a Slurpee. He walked in and spotted the Slurpee machine and headed for it. He was thhiiiiiss close, when he suddenly bumped into someone, falling to the ground. He made a mental note in his head; STOP LOOKING DOWN WHEN WALKING.
“Oh, sorry…” a voice said sympathetically. It sounded like a male. “I should watch where I go more.”
“No, it’s okay…” Frank said, looking up at the boy in front of him. He had long brown hair and blue eyes, and was wearing skinny jeans and a black T-Shirt. He held out his hand, and pulled Frank up off the floor. Then he shook Frank’s hand before letting it go. “Hi, I’m Bert McCracken,” the boy introduced himself.
“Hi,” Frank replied meekly. “I’m Frank. Frank… Frank Iero.”
“Frank…” Bert repeated. “You new? I haven’t seen you around.”
“Oh, yeah. Just moved from California.”
“Sweet. So, you’re going to Belleville, right? What grade?”
“Umm…” Frank said, hesitating. “Ninth. And I start on Monday.” Bert raised his eyebrows. “So… you’re a freshman? That’s cool. I’m a junior.”
Frank smiled and nodded, then watched as Bert scratched his head, as if to be thinking. “Oh, you’re a freshie, so you’ll be with my friend Gerard’s brother Mikey.”
“Um… who’s Gerard?” Frank asked. He was smiling inside, thinking that this little trip to 7-Eleven had earned him a friend.
“You’ll get to meet him on Monday…” Bert replied. “If you eat lunch with us, that is.”
“Oh, well, that’d be great.” Frank said, smiling wide. “Yeah, sure.”
“Okay…” Bert said, smiling too. “So, I’ll see you on Monday, then?” Frank nodded, and Bert picked up a bag of chips before leaving for the cash register. “Kay, then. Bye, Frank,” Bert waved before walking off. “Bye, Bert…” Frank mumbled happily, skipping over to the Slurpee machine. Yes, skipped, bitch. What’s so wrong with a fourteen-year-old boy skipping heartily?
Oh, so many things.
So, yeah, there’s the first chapter! Yayy. Haha, R&R? do I even have to ask? Pwease?
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