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Just like the morning before, I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing on my nightstand. I squinted my eyes open and after rolling on my back and finding Gabe not there, figured that he was making yet another wake-up call for me. I reached out and grabbed my phone, only to find instead of a call, a text.

Check Twitter

I rolled my eyes, questioning his motives once again. Though, I knew that his intentions were good, so I had no grief getting up out of bed and wandering into my living room still in my nightclothes to fetch my laptop. I walked back into my room and climbed right back into bed before turning the computer on. Suddenly though, I found myself in a fit of giggles as I noticed that Gabe liked to hack into laptops as well as phones. Instead of my normal desktop picture, it was a myspace-esque picture of Gabe, a so-called ‘sexy’ expression being held. I rolled my eyes a moment later and opened the Internet and logged into Twitter, and raised an eyebrow as I saw an update from Gabe.

Gabriel_Saporta @aureliejean Tweet me when you get this.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I wondered why he just didn’t text me what he wanted to tell me instead of talking over the Internet. Nonetheless, I replied, and waited for him to do so as well.

aureliejean @Gabriel_Saporta Tweet! Tweet!

A few moments later, I refreshed and smirked to myself as I found another reply from him.

Gabriel_Saporta @aureliejean On your desktop, right click on the picture that says ‘The World’ and set it as your background

I allowed my eyebrow to curl up again, wondering what all of this was going to lead to. Sighing though, I minimized the screen and found the lone picture in the lower right corner of the monitor and did exactly as he instructed, only to have my heart flutter at the sight. Sometime in the middle of the night, I’m assuming, Gabe had managed to get a picture of me and him cuddling, me obviously asleep. The picture had been turned black-and white, adding an even more sentimental value to it. I couldn’t help but find it flattering and extremely adorable.

aureliejean @Gabriel_Saporta That was sweet :]

Gabriel_Saporta @ aureliejean Glad you think so babe.

I raised an eyebrow at his pet name, only because it clearly meant something more than us just flirting and kissing. I decided to ignore it, and as I refreshed the page to find any other responses, I watched as my follower status jumped from 47 to 58. I gulped, and wondered to myself as I inspected any responses I might have gotten from them.

Missbeth @aureliejean OH EM GEE. Are you and Gabe going out?

mindymindy @aureliejean why is Gabe calling you ‘babe’?

Shaking my head again, I chose to ignore them and went back to my dashboard to see another reply from Gabe.

Gabriel_Saporta @aureliejean Well that upset the masses… anyways, look in your back pocket

I leaned back away from the screen in surprise and moved my hand to my bottom, only to remember that at the moment, I wasn’t wearing anything that had pockets. Then realizing that he was referring to the jeans I wore last night and the night before, I jumped off my bed and grabbed them off of my dresser and dug into both pockets before finding the Queen of Hearts I had taken from the deck of cards two nights ago. Flipping it over, I found writing, but struggled to read what it said. I sat back on my mattress, but opted to text him rather then let the Internet know what was going on. I had already received a bunch of replies from followers asking me what it was.

What does it say?

I waited patiently for a few moments, and skewed my mouth to one side when I didn’t get a quick reply. Refreshing the Twitter dashboard once again, I found the reply I wanted from Gabe over text on display for the world to see.

Gabriel_Saporta @aureliejean “You’re the queen of my heart xo Gabe”

I frowned a little, not exactly sure if him proclaiming such a thing was good when done over the internet. Skewing my mouth to one side, I refreshed, and found multiple replies, but only one stuck out.

izzymiller @ aureliejean I’ll save you from the Twitter-world, let’s go out

I nodded to myself and closed my laptop, and sighed when my phone began to buzz with a text. It turned into a conversation until I decided to stop, leaving my house to go fetch Elizabeth downtown.

Sorry, but you know how I am

Yeah, scandalous, right?

Actually, sexy, but that too. So it’s true

What is?

What I wrote…Aurelie, you are the Queen.

Do you want to be the King?

I already am


Talking to Elizabeth, sometimes, was like speaking to my mother. I mean, we were close in age, but the fact she was both married and a mother put her on a completely different level than me. Today, she dropped that image (for once) to hang out with me, while Dirty babysat Emily. Though, being that she, along with the rest of the world, had seen the conversation between Gabe and I, I knew she was bound to make fun of me for it sooner or later.

“So how long are you going to be in Chicago?” she asked, turning to look at me as I drove. I shrugged, keeping my eyes on the road.

“Well Gabe wants me to work on their tour that is coming up so that we can be together, but I haven’t made up my mind yet,” I explained. Elizabeth laughed out.

“That means you are going, then, right?” she assumed.

I raised an eyebrow over my sunglasses and turned my head slightly at her.

“How do you know?” I questioned. Elizabeth turned her expression smug and it was then that I knew what was coming.

“It’s kind of obvious, the way you flirt,” she started, smirking as I gripped the steering wheel tighter. “This morning? Don’t tell me you weren’t feeling at least a little bit giddy,”

I sighed, knowing she was right. Her phone buzzed, and I almost thought I would be saved until she chuckled again, reaching over to show me a text.

Tell Aurélie “The Cobra” sends his venom, and when I say venom, I mean love.

“Don’t even start,” I mumbled, observing the cheeky smile that came to her lips.

What?” she whined, before playfully pushing me as we stopped at a red light. I looked to her.

“He’s just flirting,” I pressed. Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, and me and Dirty are just friends with benefits,” she joked back. I pursed my lips together, slightly annoyed. “You know something is going on between you two, something a lot more than flirting,” I gulped, also knowing that was the truth.

“I know,” I admitted, sighing as I continued to drive. “It’s just weird getting used to, you know?” I mentioned. Elizabeth nodded once, taking her phone back to her lap before looking at my profile again.

“Dirty told me that Gabe said you were this girl he met on tour earlier this year,” she raised a curious eyebrow. “What is that all about?” she asked. I smirked once, stealing a glance as I turned down another street.

“Well, we were in Chicago, at the hotel bar when he bumped into me, and realized that I was the same girl from backstage, and learned I had been there all tour,” I paused, not really knowing if I should continue.

“Yeah, and? What made him fall head over heels?”

Her statement baffled me momentarily, and I had to shake my head to catch my train of thought again.

“Well, he hit on me and then followed me up to my room…” I trialed off and tilted my head to the side, looking at Elizabeth. Her mouth fell open and she reached over to playfully hit my arm.

“You slut! You slept with him, didn’t you?” she yelped. I gulped once, but then couldn’t help the grin that appeared on my lips a moment later. Elizabeth continued to hound me about it for the next five minutes, and I thought I wouldn’t catch a break until Dirty called her, and she became distracted with talking to him and Emily. It gave me a moment to think back to that night and in a small amount of time, I found myself hoping the next two weeks would go by fast.


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…

I found myself taken back by the commotion that was unveiling in front of me, various members of Pete’s posse surrounding him and the giant cake that had been wheeled into the backyard of the house we were at. I didn’t really know or care where we were, all I knew was that Dirty had driven a good 45 minutes until we got here. I felt a little disappointed, though; I had not heard from Gabe at all today, but I knew he was here, due to the fact he claimed in a Tweet he was boarding his plane this morning. I was fully explaining himself to surprise me at my apartment, but when I opened my door to find Dirty, I couldn’t help but frown. Regardless, I still took the liberty to have fun, mingling around during the night and running into old friends, bandmates I had met along my career. Now though, I was standing near the laughter, the team preparing Pete to make the first slice of the cake that was probably twice his height. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned, smiling as I recognized Vicky. I had not ever really talked to her, except for the occasional aside, when we found ourselves being segregated for being women in the business. She grinned.

“You’re Aurélie, right?” she asked. I nodded once and she smirked once. “I figured as much, Gabe instructed me to find you,” I rolled my eyes and shook my head in disbelief. I looked to her.

“I’m sorry that he’s making you run around, he’s playing some sort of game,” I explained. Vicky shook her head.

“I find it hilarious,” she looked down to her jacket pocket and I watched her as she pulled out a piece of paper, handing it to me. “This is for you,” I laughed lightly, and observed it, and was about to ask her what it was when she stepped back and walked away and towards the rest of the band who were all gathered around the bar. Looking over the paper, all I saw written was, ‘I can show you the world’. I looked around me again, but suddenly found my attention being moved towards the cake again, as Pete jumped up onto a stool to try and start cutting it. Moving to getting a better look, I only jumped back along with the rest of the crowd as a body jumped out of the cake, and onto Pete, knocking him down on the ground, making me laugh out. I tilted my head to the side, trying to see who it was, and found my mouth falling agape in amazement as I saw Gabe in a Speedo, helping a frost covered Pete back to his feet. While Pete tried to dust himself off, Gabe continued to run around the crowd, and I stayed where I was, and tensed myself up as he saw me and ran towards me, picking me up in a giant hug before placing me down and running off again. I widened my eyes a little, and looked to anybody around me, only finding Patrick coming towards me with a confused look.

“I go away for one minute, and the next thing I know a half-naked Gabe is running around my backyard,” he joked. I raised an eyebrow as I pulled a piece of cake out of my hair.

“This is your place?” I asked. Patrick nodded once before shrugging.

“Yeah, Pete’s parents told us to have it here instead of at their house,” he explained. I nodded a few times and for the next few minutes, the two of us chatted, talking about anything, from the difference of tour life for a roadie versus a band member to chocolate cupcakes.

“I like the ones from New York, you know the ones, right?” he asked. I nodded eagerly and clapped my hands together.

“OOH! I know…” I shifted my eyes as I saw Patrick glance over my shoulder. “What?” I questioned. Patrick shook his head but still motioned his head to behind me. I slowly turned and let the grin come to my face as I found Gabe leaning against the pool gate, fully dressed now and observing me quietly. Patrick gave me a small nudge, and after he walked away, I couldn’t help but be drawn towards Gabe, his stare enticing. Standing in front of him, I looked up at his face, his expression softening, but still holding a glimmer of swagger.

“Hey there stranger,” I breathed, crossing my arms loosely over my chest. Gabe smirked, pushing himself off the wall before reaching his arms down, wrapping them under my arms and around my waist to bring me into a hug. I snaked my arms around his neck and snuggled my cheek into his shoulder, yelping slightly as he tightened his grip, leaving me on the tips of my tippy-toes. We stayed like that for a good few moments, and I felt content, only until he spoke.

“I need you,”

I fluttered my eyelashes for a moment, taking in exactly what he had just said. Slowly, I peeled away from him, and observed his face, his eyes glazed over in lust and his lips pressed into a small smile. My heart picked up in its beating and I laughed uneasily once before letting his hand slip into mine, our fingers lacing. He tugged me a little closer.

“I’m here for a while, so I don’t feel guilty if were to sleep with you, because I’d be there in the morning,” he explained. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“For once,” I joked. Gabe rolled his eyes and turned, dragging me a little with him, the two of us walking past various people, a few turning to watch us holding hands as we walked around the side of the house.

“Is that a yes, then?” he questioned. I chuckled lightly to myself but nodded, glancing up at him as we stopped by the gate. He paused in his unlocking of the door and looked down at me.

“What?” I asked. Gabe shook his head but leaned down and I closed my eyes as he left a lingering kiss on my lips.

We made quick time after that, us quiet as we climbed into his rental car, drove to my house and ultimately ended up against the inside of my apartment, my body pressed up against the front door as soon as it closed. My purse fell to the ground and I let go of my keys as well as Gabe kissed me again, snaking my arms around him to bring him a little closer, letting his tongue invade my mouth passionately. A small moan came from the back of my throat, and Gabe smiled as he pulled away, grabbing at my body to follow him. We paused again a few steps away, and I relaxed my shoulders as he pushed my sweater off my shoulders, it sliding down my arms before falling on the ground. Standing in the middle of my living room, he lowered his head, kissing one of my now bare shoulders, his hands resting themselves on my hips. I breathed out again, moving my hands to slide under his already unzipped hoodie, pushing back his hood before pushing the sleeves as well. He paused to shed it and I laughed as he pulled me again, this time the two of us falling into the couch, my legs falling over each side of his thighs so that I was straddling him. Our lips reconnected shortly after that, and I shivered lightly as Gabe pushed his fingers against my back, slowly unzipping the casual dress I had worn out tonight. He pulled away slightly, resting our foreheads together as he moved his hands to the straps of my dress instead, sliding them forward a little and breathing a laugh.

“What?” I mumbled, smiling breathlessly at his touch. Gabe shook his head lightly.

“I would say we should do this here, but I don’t fit on your couch,” he explained. I laughed breezily and nodded, shifting a little to get up, only to yelp again as he stood up, arms cupped under my bottom as he picked me up.

I held onto his shoulders as he walked, taking us down the hall and into my bedroom, closing the door before throwing me down on my bed, my body bouncing a little. Gabe stood there for a second and I leaned up on my elbows as watched him as he unbuckled his belt, following that with his jeans before pushing them down his legs and kicking them off. He grinned at me afterward, and I lied back down as he climbed back over me, raising my hands to frame his face. He adjusted himself slightly and pressed his lips to my neck-line, and dragged the kisses he left up to my neck where he placed a butterfly kiss. I let a shaky breath go and shook my head slightly as he smiled against my skin.

“You missed me?” he whispered. I nodded once, feeling honest for once. I know that in the position we were in kind of made it sound like I missed him and not Gabe, but I didn’t care, I was telling the truth. He pulled away from my face and I glanced up at him as his eyes softened in a knowing look.

“I did, Gabe,” I let my eyes light up and smiled. “Really,” I assured.

He nodded once, but still leaned up on his knees, moving his hands back to my shoulders though to pull down the straps of my dress again, and I moved my arms up so that he could fully pull the black fabric off. He tossed it over his shoulder and instantly, slid his body back over mine, gripping his hand over both of mine, keeping my arms above me head. Knowing that was some sort of trademark with him, I allowed him to do so, actually finding it turning me even more on. He lowered himself a little more on me and I felt my hips buck a little at the feeling of his arousal, and rolled my eyes as he smirked into my ear again, his mouth leaving marks along my neck. Letting go of my arms, he reached down and pulled up his shirt and I made a quick movement to slide my hands under his under-shirt, taking it off of him and throwing it off the bed. Gabe sat me up slightly after that and I leaned against him, already feeling out of breath as he un-hooked my bra and in a dominating move, pushed me back, letting his body fall over mine again, this time making sure our naked chests touched in an electrifying way. I groaned out again and moved my arms around his back, holding on as he moved his own hands to my waist, his fingers hooking into the fabric of my panties as he slid them down. I brought up my knees to make it easier, and I grinned as he let out a low moan of approval. Gabe seemed to discard his boxers a little bit after and hovered over me, his eyes darting across my face in a quick manner.

“What?” I breathed as I observed him. Gabe shook his head and after attaching one of his hands to my hip and the other resting above my shoulder, he kissed me hard. Not expecting it, I jolted up as he pushed himself in, my back arching up to meet his initial thrust. He groaned out at the feeling and I copied before relaxing as he pulled back but then met him again as he crashed back in. He picked up a fairly moderate speed after a few more pushes and I couldn’t help but push my fingernails into his back, holding on as he worked. Gabe gulped loudly near my ear and I turned my head, breathing out loudly as I caught his eyes. He forced a smile through his concentration and kissed me again and I adjusted myself slightly, picked up the speed. We worked like this for the longest time, occasionally slowing down to savor the moment but then picking it up as we both found we couldn’t take the ecstasy feeling.

“Aurélie,” he breathed against my skin and I nodded into his shoulder, understanding what he was saying. A moment later he slowed only for a second, moving his hands down to grip my hips so that he could hold me against him as he shook, our hips grinding slightly against each other as we reached euphoria. I allowed one last rather loud moan go and found myself lightly chuckling as Gabe pulled himself out, his body landing next to mine, the same breathless grin plastered on his lips. Finding the energy, I rolled to face him and he closed his eyes, shaking his head into my pillow.

“Yes?” I prompted, raising a hand to push some of his sweat-mattered hair out of his face. He opened his eyes and paused in a response to grip the thin sheet and bring it over us, then reaching over to wrap an arm around my waist and bring me closer.

“This time there will be a round two,” he simply spoke. I licked my lips, trying to seem skeptical, but nodded, accepting his offer. We had been apart (in more ways than one) for too long.

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