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I love this chapter. Hell, I love this story so much. :]

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I didn’t wake up alone. Matter of fact, I didn’t wake up to any kind of phone-buzzing either. Instead, this time, I woke up content, Gabe’s arms still wrapped tightly around me as he snored lightly, his breath every once and a while landing around my shoulder and neck. A soft chuckle came from my lips as I became coherent, realizing that he was still there and still very much naked. His arm moved slightly and I heard his own smirk before rolling over onto my back to peer up at him.

“Good morning,” he mumbled, his eyes still closed. I hummed in response and stretched my legs slightly, smiling again as his hand moved across my stomach gently. “It’s nice to finally say that,” he joked. I rolled my eyes and turned my head towards him, waiting for his eyes to open before saying anything.

“I know this is one of those moments but,” I gulped as his eyebrows creased together. “How long are you in town?” I whispered, moving my hands to hold the sheet against my chest. Gabe sighed, shuffling himself a little closer as he realized what I was asking.

“Well, for a few more days but after that I’ll be going back to New York,” he skewed his mouth to the side. “But touring starts soon, so…” he paused and raised an eyebrow at me.

“What?” I questioned, rolling over to face him fully.

“You are coming with me, right?” he asked. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“I already did that, last night,” It took him a moment to realize what I had just said and he rolled his eyes before pulling me closer, pushing a kiss to my forehead.

“I’m serious, are you going on tour with us?” Gabe’s eyes seemed wide again and I smiled at it, him obviously excited to hear my answer. I nodded once but before I could even say anything he squealed slightly in delight, pulling me on top of him as he rolled onto his back, rocking us a little as he grinned. I laughed with him as he loosened his grip and leaned up to observe his face. He was beaming with happiness, making me feel the same. Whatever was going on would have to be put on hold for a while, but once touring started, I knew that what we had would flourish.


Gabriel_Saporta the tour starts here. You ready, NY?

It wasn’t exactly October 7th, but I couldn’t blame Gabe for being excited for tour. I had been a little disappointed for his lack of appearances in Chicago since our minor split up in the summer, but knew that because there was nothing official even there to begin with, had nothing to complain about. We were still having a ‘thing’, which was actually a very extensively long and strange ‘thing’ according to everybody who wasn’t in the know that we had slept together long before the ‘us’ nowadays. If that makes any sense. I was in Buffalo now, organizing the backstage area for the concert the next night. We had set up camp the day before, but decided to take a day off and fit everything we needed to do into today rather than be bored over the two days. I still had not seen Gabe, and was highly surprised by the fact he had not been returning my phone calls, and for the first time ever my Tweets as well. Even the fans that had taken the liberty of following me had noticed and began to speak out to him about it, but not one of them were replied to.

Figuring there was just another plan up his sleeves, I let it be, and went back to my job, figuring out where the catering service would set up the massive amount of food we had ordered for the opening show. Clipboard in one hand, walkie-talkie in the other, I had turned on massive work mode, my eyes constantly darting from one person to another as I passed them in the giant halls. My phone would buzz occasionally, but upon glancing at it, only found device updates from Twitter, all Elizabeth complaining about how long it was taking for Dirty to come home from the grocery store. Rolling my eyes at the thought, I kept going, and in my luck, ran into somebody, making my clipboard tumble to the ground. Thinking that it might have been Gabe, I laughed, but when I glanced up, found a confused looking Nate instead.

“Oh,” I mumbled, frowning slightly. He beamed a smile.

“Hi to you too!” he announced and tilted his head to the side before glancing at my all-access pass that hung around my shoulders. “Wait, you’re Billy Jean, huh?” he asked. I blinked multiple times before realizing that Ryland was the one that called me that. It had been quite a while since I had heard it and had to apologize for my confusion before nodding.

“Yeah, I’m sure Ryland has told you about me, right?” I asked, bending down to grip my clipboard. Nate shrugged, pocketing his hands in the front of his hoodie.

“More like Gabe,” he corrected. I shot my eyebrows up and adjusted my clipboard.

“Really?” I asked, trying not to sound too excited. Nate nodded and smirked at my expression.

“Yeah, he talks about you, you know,” he seemed bashful and I rolled my eyes, slightly shaking my head.

“I doubt that,” I paused as he frowned slightly, silently asking me why. “He hasn’t really kept in touch since we last saw each other,” I explained. Nate laughed at this.

“You’ve got to be kidding me because he kept saying that he couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he urged. I creased my eyebrows together again.

“God Gabe is so confusing,” I muttered. Nate chuckled again before fishing out a folded red piece of paper out of his pocket and extending it to me.

“Prepare to be even more confused then,”

I sighed to myself and let him go, taking the note and unfolding it, shaking my head at Gabe’s strange ways of communicating.

My favorite N*Sync song is ‘Girlfriend’. What’s yours?


The next night was hectic for me. A million thoughts were constantly running through my head and many of them revolved around whether I would yell at or kiss Gabe when I saw him. They were set to perform in less than ten minutes, and I was currently running frantic backstage, turning into some sort of Wonder Woman. My phone had been turned up to its maximum level and my walkie talkie the same. The opening bands had given me slight grief, but I knew the root of my stress was my missing beau.

“Billy Jean,”

I turned sharply at the name, finding a grinning Ryland walking up to me, arms spread as well. I accepted his hug but then forced a smile.

“I’m stressed,” I quickly said. Ryland nodded.

“I can tell, but don’t worry, the night is almost over,” he tried to reassure. I just shot up an eyebrow and gave him a sarcastic look.

“…and only 45 more dates to go,” I muttered. Ryland widened his eyes.

“Seriously?” he asked. I nodded and he just smirked.

“Sweet deal,” he announced, glancing over my shoulder. “I’ll be honest,” he spoke next. I glanced down at my walkie talkie as it blared slightly and turned down the volume to listen.

“What?” I prompted. Ryland just grinned.

“I’m distracting you,” he smiled even more and I rolled my eyes before turning around, finding Gabe already running in the opposite direction, towards the stage. I looked back to Ryland to find him running away too, before realizing that my walkie talkie was blaring at me to find the band before it got too late. I found myself glaring up at the ceiling momentarily, before hustling myself down the corridor after them, catching up right as the music started for their entrance. I got to the barricades between the backstage area and the area that blocked off fans from the security and let myself breath a sigh of relief as I saw the band on stage, already going into The City Is At War.

Walking back to my post still on the side of stage, I sighed as I grabbed my phone, finding a text from the Cobra master himself.

7th song in

I raised an eyebrow but shrugged, glancing up at the stage one last time before walking back to do some of my duties. I still kept count in the back of my head, and laughed as the 6th song ended. I was standing where I could still hear the music, which had stopped momentarily as Gabe talked to the crowd. I had already been walking towards the stage when I paused as I heard him.

“I gotta text my hoe,”

I shook my head, getting a few glances from roadies, but continues towards the side of the stage, where I could watch without really being noticed. My phone buzzed in my hands and I glanced down, before watching as Gabe re-pocketed his phone and looked over, and unfortunately/fortunately noticed me, grinning. I looked at the text, which ended up a Tweet.

Gabriel_Saporta @ aureliejean this one’s for you

“Hey babe,” he announced at the same time. I froze a little, and smiled meekly as the security guard that was standing next to me peered down at my expression. I shrugged once, but watched as Gabe looked back at his bandmates, the song instantly being recognizable as it started. I couldn’t help but smile.

“She was more of a beauty queen, from a movie screen…”

The song continued, and I found myself giggling everyone and a while as Gabe sang and danced a little on stage. But then, right as he got to the chorus, he paused on stage, smiling wide in my direction.

“Billy Jean is my lover,” I widened my eyes. “She’s just a girl, and hey now, she is the one,” I gulped even more, feeling way more on a level of flattered. “And the kid might be my son…”

I let a nervous and dry laugh go, and shook my head as my phone buzzed, my inbox slowly filling with @replies from fans asking me if I was pregnant, or if Gabe and I were official now. I didn’t bother to answer them. I had my own questions for Gabe after the show.


Backstage was hectic after the show. I was caught up in another tornado, my mind running wild yet again. I tried to find Gabe, just like another text had instructed, but discarded it after it turned into some sort of scavenger hunt over Twitter. However, about a half and hour after the end of the show, my assistant manager to me told me to get lost, in a nice way, telling me to go find Gabe. I figured she was probably in on whatever was going on as well and obliged. I ventured out to the buses in the back and sighed, knowing that if I didn’t find Gabe by bus calls, I would be stuck on bus with other backstage people. Just as I rounded to the corner to walk towards the bus to change, I was bombarded by two pairs of arms, them picking me up in the air, backwards. I whipped my head to the side in the air to see white sunglasses and a hat, smiling to myself as I knew it was Gabe. He placed me back on the ground and immediately, I turned myself around, letting him grab my waist as I threw my arms around his neck, the two of us hugging rather tightly.

He placed me down on the ground again and we pulled away slightly, me just smiling kind of widely as Gabe held a smirk.

“Sorry for being a crappy long-distance lover,” he spoke, softly. I shrugged.

“The song made up for it,” I assured. Gabe raised an eyebrow.

“Even though we are going to get hassled by people for it,” he joked. I shook my head and pointed to my bus.

“So…” I paused, frowning slightly. “I’m on tour with you, but I’m not on bus with you, sorry,” I tried to explain. Gabe shook his head and grabbed my hand, lacing our fingers before yanking me down the row of buses until we got to the one marked with a 7.

“I just wanted you to think that until I could show you,” I looked at Gabe for a moment as he opened the door, and shoving me on until I was walking down the rather nice bus, noting the nice décor and my bags from my old bus sitting on the breakfast nook. Gabe came up from behind me and I turned slightly in his arms to look at him.

“What did you do?” I asked in a soft voice. Gabe just shook his head and nodded towards the back room, guiding the two of us to the moderately sized bed that was there. I smirked a little and peered at him, still waiting for an answer, but still falling to lie down. Gabe landed next to me and threw an arm around me, bringing me so I was slightly lying over him. He grinned again.

“I got it so that you can bus with me, and it can be just us,” he looked at me. “Is that ok?” he asked. I nodded once and leaned back up, waiting for him to sit up with me.

“I’m glad you did so,” I whispered. Gabe nodded slowly and I let my expression relax as we locked eyes and I blinked leisurely as he leaned forward a bit and allowed my eyes to fully close as we finally kissed for the first time in months. It was a simple smooch, but it was longing and mildly passionate, which differed from previous kisses. Gabe pulled away and smiled softly, grabbing at my waist to pull me to him again.

“Good, because I like to snuggle with you,” he teased. I chuckled with him and took the liberty to turn in early, me slightly surprised that nothing more than a kiss happened tonight. Though, I understood perfectly that sex wasn’t always something a relationship needed to survive. I climbed under the sheets in my bigger sized tour shirt and underwear, watching as Gabe climbed in as well and instantly brought me into a spooning position. I pushed my head into the pillow and closed my eyes. We stayed silent for the longest time, the two of us slowly drifting towards sleep before Gabe sighed softly into my ear, his voice somewhat tired.

“Plus,” he whispered. “I love waking up with you still in my arms,”

My heart swelled at his comment, and I let a smile come to my lips, amazed at some of the things that came from his mouth sometimes. The fact he had decided to share it exclusively with me and not the World Wide Web made it even better. I snuggled a little more into his form and sighed contently; falling asleep in the happiest mood I had been in the longest time.
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