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Chapter 3:Conversation

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Sorry it's short, I was bored, I wrote this in math, I had alot on my mind, its Friday, hope you like it

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I stared daggers at him; he had one arm around Mikey and another brushing through his greasy jet black hair. He didn’t look back, Mikey did though. The gangly freshman looked guilty, like it was his fault he was caught in the middle of that.
“Aw shit Buffy that looked like it hurt” Ray laughed sarcastically. He helped me up but I didn’t take my eyes off Gerard. No way a little punk was going to tell me what I can and can’t do. That didn’t stop me from seeing Caleb, getting drunk with some friends (hehehe what can I say) and practically hitch hiking halfway across Massachusetts to see a concert I was dying to go to and future shit that will happen.
“C’mon Buffy, leave it, that shithead aint worth your time” Frankie tried to convince me. I forced myself to look away and walk back to class with the guys. I trudged home after the agonizingly long boring day just happy to get away from it. I threw my bag across the room flopping on my bed. Sam wasn’t home yet so I screamed at the top of my lungs “I HATE BELLEVILE!” The slow gloomy tone of the funeral march stared echoing through my room (my ringtone, suits me don’t you think, hehehe. ;)) I looked at the caller ID, UNKNOWN but I answered it anyways.
“Hello…..Buffy” said the voice on the other line, it sounded shaken and nervous.
“Yeah, that’s me. Who’s this?”
“Um….its Mikey, remember me, from school?”
“Oh, hey Mikey…’d you-”
“I asked some of your friends for your number. First they wouldn’t give it to me, but that Ray kid handed it over he said I had to apologize anyways.”
I groaned “don’t mind Ray, he’s sweet and he’s like a brother, even though I’ve only known them for a day now” I laughed.
“I just wanted to talk, say thanks for earlier. You saved my ass today.”
“No probs kid.”
“And…sorry about the thing with my brother too” he continued, he sounded shy the way he was trying to start a conversation with me, I’m a junior, he’s a freshman, perfectly normal.
“Oh that….I almost forgot all about that” I lied; truth was it was bugging the shit out of me.
“My brother can just be sort of” the was a pause for a few seconds “…overprotective, stubborn, and annoying-”
“Kind of a jackass” I added, I heard Mikey laugh on the other end.
“Pretty much. He just broke up with his girlfriend and he’s treating people like shit, he started smoking and drinking again and I’m really worried about him” Mikey explained, he sounded a little stressed. I couldn’t help feeling sympathy for him; he has to live with an alcoholic smoking sixteen year old for a brother. Sam smokes and drinks every so often but I wouldn’t consider him an alcoholic, he’s straight, got a good job, sweet car, can live on his own, hell I wouldn’t care if he became an alcoholic as long as he can keep a great life like this.
“It’s okay Mikey" I comforted him "I’d be worried too if I were you” I told him with a pang of sympathy in my voice. I heard the back door slam, cars keys drop on the table, bag drop to the floor and footsteps trail up the stairs, my brother was home.
“Buffy, you here?”
“In a minute Sam” I pressed my ear back to the phone.
“Mikey I gotta go, talk to you maybe tomorrow okay?”
“Wait! Let’s hang out later…I mean if you want to. I don’t know anyone at this school and you’re the only one that isn’t treating me like shit” Mikey explained in a sort of way that made me feel really really bad, almost guilty enough to spend time with him. Not that I wouldn’t bbe happy going the rest of the year with the freshman on my back all the time, he seemed okay to me.
“Uh sure Mikey….tomorrow meet me under the bleachers for lunch, kay, oh and try not to get whipped on your way will ya’?”
“I can’t promise that” he laughed before hanging up.


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