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I'm Not One For Love Songs (Part 8)

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Natalia finally gets home and has a very interesting night, believe me. Reviews are lovely. :]

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I'm Not One For Love Songs

When I got home from work the next day I was ready to hit the sack and sleep forever. I had a three day vacation and a promise of a few more coming up soon because of how I had worked extra hard during the shortage.

And who said that hard work never paid off?

I saw a note on the counter from Jay saying that she had gone to Joe’s because he was worried that his nasty cat was pregnant and he didn’t want anymore nasty looking cats running around his house. They were going to see if his cat could possibly get an abortion.

And this was them NOT high.

I knew that there was a 75% chance that Joe would have an emotional breakdown sometime tonight so I was guessing that Jay was going to be spending the night at his apartment.

Yeah, these are the types of people that I surround myself with.

I grabbed some cookies from our very classy pink pig piggy bank that Jay and I had started using as a cookie jar a few months back. I grabbed a water bottle and headed for the couch where I’d pass out and wake up and just pretty much veg out my whole 3-day vacation.

I took like two sips of my water bottle before I fell asleep at around 8:37.

Seven hours later I awoke to a loud pounding. I jolted up immediately and looked around the dark room, expecting someone to jump me over the couch or something. I was relieved when I realized that it was just someone knocking on the door, and then I was really confused. Who the hell is knocking on my door at 3:30 in the morning?

I got up slowly as the knocking continued.

I nearly died, except not really, when I tripped over a pile of Lego’s that was unexplainably lying in the middle of the room. Boy was Jay gonna get an earful from me when she got home.

When I got to the door the visitor was still knocking annoyingly loud. At this point, it seemed that they were knocking on the door to the rhythm of ‘It’s A Small World’.

“Who is it?” I asked with the door still closed.

All I got in response was some gibberish and mumbling that could not have been English.

It was either Jay and Joe totally drunk and grieving over the aborted kittens or some crazy psycho rapist killer. I mean, we are in New York for Christ’s sake. The sad thing is that I couldn’t decide which potential visitor was worse.

I sighed and opened the door annoyed, only to be met with Gabe’s body falling from its position, sitting against my door, to lying in the doorway, halfway in my apartment.

I realized that the mumbling and gibberish that I heard was in fact not English, it was Spanish. I placed down the tennis racket I had been holding ‘just in case’.

“Gabe, what the hell are you doing here? And what the fuck is wrong with you?” I asked grumpily. I had just woken up and I was still tired, really tired. I needed my beauty sleep, dude or else no one would ever want to reproduce with me!

“The hospital they..uh, what is it? Uhmm,” he rambled, completely out of it.

“They gave you my address?” I asked him soothingly.

“Si senorita, si,” he mumbled and seemed to be passing out half way in my apartment with his legs still out the door.

I grabbed his foot with an annoyed sigh and dragged his body so that it was turned and completely in the apartment.

“You owe me big time bud,” I mumbled to myself as I went to go get him a water bottle.

When I saw that he had crawled over to the Legos and had made a penis out of Legos. Oh my lord, please save me from killing this man.

“Gabe,” he didn’t seem to hear me, “GABRIEL!” I yelled and his head snapped in my direction.

“Yes, sugar plum?” he slurred as he crawled in front of me and kneeled. His head reached above my waist with his tall height, even on his knees.

“Come here,” I commanded as I dragged him by the ear over to the couch and he crawled along humming to himself.

Once I got him settled and laying back on the couch admiring his hand in front of his face, completely out of it, I decided that I wanted some answers.

“What did you do tonight Gabe?” I demanded, more than asked.

“Well I wanted to partayyy, so I like went to this place and this dude was all like ‘man you need to try this shit, it’s fucking amazing’ and next thing I know I’m snorting some shit and I am flying highhh as a birdieee!” he cooed, still out of it, “Oh! And I had like this many shots and a bunch of other stuff that was really fuckin’ yummy!” he remembered and flashed his ten fingers twice to indicate the amount of shots he’d done.

I really hope that was not the actual number. I did not need to deal with someone with alcohol poisoning at the moment.

“What happened to chilling out with the drugs and alcohol?” I enquired as calmly as I could with his annoying humming still going on.

“Well, you see now that is a very high-larious story,” he said chuckling at his own pun. I just looked at him blankly.

“Well my landlord gave me three days to move out, cause I’m like causing too much ruckus in the building or something. I hated that stupid Jew,” he cursed that ‘stupid Jew’ under his breath.

I paused, “Wait a second, Gabe, you’re Jewish hun,” I reminded him.

He paused in his cursing of the landlord then grinned, “Oh! Yeah!” he said laughing and reciting something was probably related to the Jewish religion.

I just sat there and waited for the little spiel of his to pass, I’ve come to realize that’s the best thing to do in this case with him.

“Also!” he seemed to remember all of a sudden, “The whole freaking band put me on speaker phone and told me that the band is being put on hiatus until I get all my shit together and grow up. Pfft! I am sooo a grown up! I’m a big boy, I swear! I even have like my driver’s license!” he said pulling out a gift card to Target.

“Well, that sucks,” I commented. It was all I really could think to say.

I was torn between amusement and annoyance at the turn of events. Not to mention that I was still seriously exhausted, I wasn’t in the mood to baby sit him right now.

“So then I’m like ‘I’ve got nothing anymore, let’s go get trashed!’ and that’s what I did,” he explained to me, “Cobra is my life, it’s my everything. Without Cobra Starship I have nothing,” he seemed to be sobering up a bit and becoming very much depressed.

“Oh Lord, Gabe I want you to drink as much of this water as you can, okay?” I asked him slowly making sure that he comprehended. He really needed to stay hydrated.

“M’kayy,” he mumbled and practically collapsed onto the couch next to me.

“I’ll be right back,” I told him as I went into the hallway and grabbed him a blanket and a pillow from the closet. I also paused for a second and decided to grab a bucket from the bathroom just incase he decided that he needed to hurl in the middle of the night. I’m pretty sure that tomorrow was going to be filled with lots and lots of puking.

When I got back to him the first thing I noticed was him passed out on the couch with half his body hanging off of it. I shoved his body all the way onto the large couch as gently as I could. It didn’t make a difference though because he was out cold. I frowned at how miserable he looked in his sleep. A person should at least be able to escape their worries in there sleep, if nowhere else.

I smiled though when I noticed that he had finished almost all of the water bottle. He’d actually listened to me, that made me feel kind of proud of him, I’m not gonna lie.

He suddenly frowned in his sleep and made an uncomfortable noise deep in his throat. It looked like he was having a nightmare. I leaned down and tried to smooth the frown lines between his eyebrows. It worked for now and I went to go walk to my bedroom where I collapsed onto my bed tiredly.

“Tomorrow I am going to get real answers from him,” I said to myself decidedly.

I laid there for ten minutes, unable to get to sleep.

Suddenly I jerked up and pulled my pillow and blanket into the living room where he was still uncomfortable tossing and turning on the couch.

I went to the kitchen and luckily didn’t trip over anything in the dark apartment. I grabbed him another water bottle, which I was sure would be put into use later when he woke up. I walked back and put the bottle on the table next to him. I laid my blanket on the floor next to him and go comfortable and wrapped myself up into a ball.

I just wanted to make sure that he didn’t died from choking on his own vomit, that’s all.

Gosh, don’t look at me like that; I’m just doing my job.

5:00 A.M.

I woke up to the miserable muffled sounds of retching coming from down the hallway. I got up tiredly and noticed that both water bottles had been completely emptied.

When I got to the bathroom I saw Gabe curled up on the ground hugging the porcelain God desolately. I kneeled down behind him and began to rub soothing circles on his back, which made him jerk, as I caught him off guard.

“Hey,” he croaked out hoarsely.

“Shhh,” I said quietly as he began puking again. I just stayed there, rubbing his back trying to ignore the horrid smell.

When I thought that it was impossible for him to puke anymore it just kept coming. Eventually though his stomach seemed to calm down and he wiped his mouth weakly with his hand and turned to me slowly.

“Thank you,” he croaked out again dejectedly. The tears that I saw in his glassed over eyes almost made me want to cry.

“No problem, come on, I’ll let you brush your teeth and we can go back to bed,” I told him calmly, trying to coax his tired body into a standing position. I flushed the toilet for him as he stumbled over to the sink where I gave him a spare toothbrush from under the cabinet. I went to wait for him outside of the bathroom and when he was done we walked back to the couch slowly, together.

I helped him down onto the couch and pulled the blankets over his motionless body. His stare burned into me with the strength and energy that the rest of his body seemed to be missing at the moment.

“Are you going to stay in here?” he asked quietly, his voice still hoarse.

“Would you like me to?”

“Yes,” he croaked out simply.

“Okay then,” I answered and laid down on the floor with my blanket and pillow right next the couch and in front of him. He looked like he was going to say anything but held back and took a deep breath before closing his eyes slowly.

I laid in front of him thinking he was asleep for a few minutes before I heard him mumble something, “Good night Naty,” before falling, presumably into a deep sleep.

“Night,” I whispered to his already sleeping form.

I feel asleep right after him with the intent on unraveling this guy. I wanted to know everything that made him this way. Something had to have happened.

And when I want something, I get it.
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