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Chapter 7:Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge!

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Buffy and the guys party at Ray's

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Buffy’s p.o.v
Ray had convinced (more or less bribed) his older brothers to get out of the house for the rest of the night for us. He ordered up have a dozen pizzas and stole three cases of beers from his brother’s stash. No one complained about pizza but Bob was the only one that hasn’t drunk more than two bottles in his life but he was up for it.
Ray popped ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ into the VCR. I’m the kind of girl that likes guts and gore, inhumane sort of killing, pure horror movies so I cheered for it. I stretched out on the couch resting my head in Mikey’s lap. “You don’t mind do you” I asked. He sort of stuttered wit his response.
“Not, not at all” his face was so red from embarrassment I laughed silently to myself. Once the movie was over I decided we should have a little fun so I suggested we play a little game of Truth or Dare. They agreed (surprise, surprise) we turned it into a drinking game, every time someone chicken out we all took a shot.
“Buffy, Truth or Dare?” Frankie asked me, I was afraid or what he might make me tell him so I picked dare. He dared me to strip down to my bra and underwear and dance under the streetlights on the sidewalk in front of Ray’s house. I hit him after he said ‘I wanna see you body babe’. But I did the dare anyway, one of the most embarrassing things I have ever done. All five of the little perverts watched, I pretended to be enjoying it (thank god only two people saw) just dancing there but I was plotting my revenge against Frankie. Time for me to get some revenge. Once I had wrestled my cloths back from them I dared Frankie to make out with Gerard as my own little bit of revenge. And surprisingly they did it. “Ha-ha, I can see this, it’s Frankie and Gerard, the future Ferard” I howled with laughter. I took a picture of it with my phone and threatened to send it to every other kid in the eleventh grade.
“That’s what you get, mess with me I mess with you, three cheers for sweet revenge” I exclaimed proudly holding my phone from Frankie’s reach. Everyone cheered and laughed. After that it was dare after ridiculous humiliating dare (no one wanted to admit anything so no one would pick Truth.)
After awhile everyone started drinking. The boys indeed LOVE alcohol, Ray got so drunk that you could get him to do anything. Mikey only drank two beers and was passed out on the couch. Frankie and Gerard (who were now best friends or maybe it was the alcohol) drank themselves senseless and were making out with their reflections in the mirror which was utterly hysterical. Bob and I were the only two that hadn’t touched a drop.
“Don’t you want a drrrriiiiink Bee” Ray fumbled holding a beer in one hand, I was temped to drink but I was afraid to get drunk with them around afraid of what they’d make me do if they came to before I did. I sat on my back talking to Bob completely ignoring the drunken idiots around us.
“Hi Buffy” Frankie said letting out some weird little giggle but his words were slurred I had to strain my ears. Liquor dribbled down his chin, he was so wasted he couldn’t see straight, he would do anything I told him to, this was too good to pass up.
“Hey Frankie” he made an odd grunt opening one bleary bloodshot eye like he was trying to sleep standing up. “Go and dance with Demy” I asked pointing at Ray who was staggering back from the kitchen. Ray and Frankie are so tired and wasted that I could’ve gotten them to do anything. I recorded them with my phone dancing round and round the living room, it’s pretty hilarious watching two drunken kids dance because they don’t really dance. Frankie stared nibbling and kissing Ray; I knew it was because the alcohol but I played along just for the hell of it.
“Oh Frankie, what’s your boyfriend Gerard going to think?” I knew that their little kissing episode no matter how drunk would make great blackmail, I recorded every bit. I made Ray scream ‘I’m horny’ into the phone in exchange for the beer I was holding, I hated doing this to sweet big brother Ray but that’s the whole fun of it.
Frankie took his shirt off, I laughed so hard. I was sort of afraid of all the tattoos and piercings he had on the non visible parts of his body but I took so many pictures of that I’ll have months of blackmail, the best part of all of this is they wont remember a thing of it. The only one I didn’t do horrible things to (in terms of blackmail) was little Mikey and Bob. I mean he’s only fourteen and I had nothing against Bob and they were the only two that were passed out already.
Around four in the morning I must’ve passed out because the last thing I remember was Frankie jumping up and down humping the air (and yes I got that too.)
When I woke up in my head was in Mikey’s lap, he was stroking my hair. “How’d you like the party? I should’ve told you Gerard and I can’t resist alcohol” Mikey laughed, he was the only one up. Gerard and Frankie were on the floor arms stretched over each other so it looked like they were hugging. Ray was knocked out back against the wall with a half empty beer bottle in one hand.
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