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Chapter 6:Such Wierd Friends

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After my talk with Gerard my mood drastically changed, I was happier. I mean I was still way beyond upset about my mother and Caleb but I felt sort of accepted finally. The next day at lunch everyone met in the usual spot for lunch, Mikey, Frankie, Ray and me. Gerard came sauntering over holding a green apple in one hand while the other grazed through his hair, a drawstring bag hung over his shoulder. Ray fists tightened “you want my foot in your ass, I’ll be happy to-”
“Ray-Ray” I taunted him in a baby-ish voice, he hated it when I called him Ray-Ray. He scowled at me, I giggled “Ray, it’s fine, he’s cool.” My gaze shifted from Ray to Gerard waiting for him to say something, he flushed sort of, embarrassment.
“Um” he coughed into his hand “…can I sit with you guys? Just asking…hey Mikey.” I nodded, everyone around me gave Gerard a death stare, and he sat quietly next to me.
“Ok seriously Buffy, sitting with the freshman is seriously hurting my rep” Frankie cut in lying back stretched out in the grass trying to look like he had nothing better to do. I laughed
“What rep? You’ve shoved in five different lockers and it’s only our third day and the girl you crush on, what’s her name-”
“Demy Shrowen” Ray interjected with a wide smirk on his face.
“…Doesn’t even know you exist” I explained.
“Not yet, by the end of the year, she’ll know me as-“
“The annoying midget?” I cut in again, everyone laughed except Frankie who gave me another death stare.
“Well you….” Frankie’s voice trailed off trying to bite back with a good insult which made us cackle like hyenas.
"I have such wierd friends, but I love you guys" I cracked up.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you guys, it’s Friday, my parents are all out of town, wanna party tonight?”
“Hell yes Ray” Frankie blurted out “I need an excuse to get out of the house, my parents are fighting again, I need to stay out until it blows over.” Frankie’s parents are always fighting, he’s told me his father is an alcoholic and has beaten him several times. How can a person live with that and not be afraid?
“I’m game for it” Bob and I both agreed. “Hey, Gerard, Mikey you should come too.” Ray hated Gerard, I could tell, but he didn’t hate Mikey, it made sense that if one was going then the other had to go. Mikey and Gerard both nodded, I wrote my address on Gerard’s hand “ you two can both come by later, we can walk over.”
Mikey’s P.O.V
Later after school before getting ready for the party I heard Gerard in the shower, singing.
“…never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you, never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you-”
“You just got Rick Roll’d” I called at the door. I’ve never heard him sing, well once in seventh grade when he played like fucking Peter Pan but Gerard doesn’t sing but he’s amazing at it. I heard the water stop and a thud, I laughed because Gerard always trips over the same thing on his step out of the shower. He came out wrapped in a towel. “Oh were you waiting for an encore Gee?” I laughed; he gave me his famous cold stare. He looked at me head to toe then walked down the hall to his room. I spiked my hair in the mirror throwing on my favorite t-shirt and a pair of jeans.
I sat downstairs waiting for Gerard sipping coffee, or more inhaling it, I’m a coffee-holic. Gerard and I walked down to Buffy’s, she lived only 7 blocks from us, 3 blocks from Ray’s. I knocked on the door, a boy about four years older than me, 6’2 with greasy black hair answered the door.
“What’s up little dudes?”
“Uh, Mikey and Gerard….Buffy told us to come by”
“Oh right, right, so you’re the kid” he looked at Gerard “that changed my little sis’s mood. Thanks, you really helped her out of this depression.” Gerard smiled “hey Buff!” He yelled into the house “the dudes are here.” Buffy came down the stairs, she had black skinny jeans, a red Coca-Cola tee and heavy eyeliner. She gave the boy an awkward one armed hug
“I’ll be home whenever” she called bounding towards us.
“See you whenever” he called closing the door behind her.
“The best thing is, now that I’ve made friends he doesn’t care how late I stay out” Buffy laughed.
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