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The Towel

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Camera phones and showers

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I woke up to an incessant pinging. Opening the one eye not smushed into a pillow, I glanced around to figure out what was happening. By bunk curtain was open, and Frank’s was open too, revealing the shirtless guitarist in all his tattooed splendour, curled up and snuggling into his pillow. Aw.

Coming to my senses, I felt a plastic bulk in my hand and a damp pillow. I was cuddling my red DS, and drooling. Nice. Wiping the drool form my chin a message flashed on the bright DS screen and the red low battery light blinked furiously.

“Thanks for falling asleep on me. I could watch your sweet cheeks all night. X”

What the!? Rubbing my eyes, the DS emitted a final beep before the screen went black.

“Fuck” I swore under my breath. Scrambling around for the charger I plugged it into one of the bunks sockets. As I turned it back on, all our conversation was lost. I must have read I wrong. My sleep deprived mind must be playing tricks on me. Frank Iero did not say that. Did he? Shut up and go back to sleep. I’m probably asleep and I will wake up in the back of Beast or in the front of the bus any minute.

Flipping the damp pillow over, I went to pull the curtain too. Just in case….. I left the curtain open and laid back down, studying all of Frank’s incredible ink before drifting back off to sleep.

Waking up for the second time, I was greeted with Franks Jack lantern curving over the contorted yet relaxed muscles of his back.

I couldn’t help but let out an mmm of approval as I scanned his inked back.

Slipping, or rather inelegantly falling, out of my bunk I shuffled quietly through to the living area. Bright sun shone in strips through the blinds, a refreshing change from the bleak and chilly week just gone. The bus was silent apart from a soft breathing coming from the kitchen bench. Presumably the weather was partly down to reaching our latest destination.

Peering over the table cluttered in last night’s dishes; Bri was flat on her back, covered in blobs of smeared couli. What the fuck? How can anyone sleep like that? Even I have standards and I can sleep in a kitchen pantry. It had been a very long week of late shifts….

Doing what all good friends would do in this situation, I grabbed my new camera phone off the sofa arm and took a photo. The shutter noise caused Bri to stir, so I quickly shoved the phone in my pocket.

Groaning, Bri gradually hauled herself vertical, knocking numerous plates in the process.

“Care to explain?” I grabbed up the dishes and went to put them in the sink. Flicking the coffee machine on, I took the seat opposite a bleary eyes Brier.

“I hate you.” She muttered darkly, holding her head in her hands.

“Excuse me? Is this cuz of that mardy prick?” I had to suppress the snarl that thinking of that knob causes. Treatin’ me like something he stepped on. Motherfucker.

“Yes, I had Bob literally throw himself at me last night.” Brier went from holding her head to staring at the ceiling.

“No!” Dam I wish I had stayed!

“Yes. I was between Bob mother fucking Bryar’s thighs and I blew him off cause’ of all the awkwardness between you and Gerard.” Brier flicked a cheesecake crumb at me which deflected of my shoulder. I relay need to change, I’m still wearing my sleep rumpled cloths from yesterday. A shower would be nice too. Hang on, that… No way.

“You were between his thighs? And you blew him?” Where did Brier go and who the hell am I talking too?

“Bad choice of words. I rejected him. It was like kicking a puppy!” She exclaimed frustrated. At the sound of the coffee machine clicking off, she got up and stomped to grab a mug out of the cupboard. As she rummaged for a clean mug I strode across to her. I am not taking the blame for this one.

“Hey, you get back here missy. Don’t you go blaming me for being a chicken shit. I know why you made cheesecake. So don’t you go crying to me when it works. Strap on a pair and march up to his bunk right now and snog his face off!” I leaned against the worktop, hand on hip staring Brier down.

“I am not going to just walk up to him. And what was all that blatant flirting with Frank last night huh?” Pouring a steaming mug of black coffee, she pointed a condescending finger at me.

“We were just messing about. I know why you want me to make pizza you little schemer! Not gunna happen. It’s too soon…” I trailed off, thinking back to my own reasons for coming on this tour. It really is too soon. What the hell was I thinking? Lowering my gaze, I muttered an apology before retreating back to the bunk room. All the curtains were shut so I yanked out my fluffiest towel and a change of clothes from my still to be unpacked bags and made my way to the shower.

Opening the door to the double bedroom at the back of the bus, I was greeted with a wall of heat. Shutting the door I turned around to find Frank wearing nothing but a rather small towel doing push ups beside a plush double bed, covered in more pillows than I had in my entire house.

“Um… Sorry, I’ll go.” I didn’t know where to look. Well I knew where I wanted too, but no. Instead I just stood, trying to avert my gaze from his still damp skin. I couldn’t help but tilt my head a little for a better view.

Frank leapt to his feet in a burst of energy and athleticism, the towel staying firmly in place, causing me to snap my head up. Wincing at the sharp bolt of pain from my neck, I met Franks gaze.

“No worries, I’m done exercising for the day anyway. Not all of us are as naturally fit as you.” With a smirk and wink, Frank slid un-necessarily closely past and exited the stifling room.
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