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The Stylus

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Mario Kart and revenge

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When we got back to the bus I went to ‘my’ bunk and dug out my DS. I am addicted to darts even though I am really crap at it and end up breaking the stylus in a rage. Bri was right about something bothering me, but it’s not home. Bob knows. I don’t know whether to tell Bri or not. There’s no way she would want to tell the guys. And telling isn’t going to solve anything, just cause more problems. But what if Bob cracks or the others find out? After eleven attempts at getting a double I finally snapped. And so did the fourth stylus since the start of the tour.

“Argh!” I threw the two piece of plastic out of the bunk.

“Hey, watch it!” I pulled the curtain fully back to find Frank picking up a piece of stylus from the floor.

“Shit, sorry.” The other half was sticking out of a slice of cheesecake Frank was carrying on a plate.

“Alright, just glad it wasn’t the console. You have got to try this cheesecake Brier made. Bob is going to kidnap her and ‘make sweet cheesecake’ with her. If she makes pizza as good as this, he may have competition.”

So that’s why she seemed so keen on pizza tomorrow. Scheming little mare.

“She does a good cheesecake, but nothing can beat my margarita pizza. Maybe I can make one for lunch tomorrow?” I hopped down from my top bunk, ironic I should get it being so vertically challenged, and dipped my finger in a drizzle of couli on Franks plate. Hm that is nice.

“Awesome!” Frank tore off back out to the lounge area with me in tow.

Everyone was sat on the benches apart from Frank who was sat on the worktop. Grabbing a slice, Frank put the offending stylus in my cheesecake.


“Revenge!” He shoved a forkful of my cake into his mouth and smirked as he munched away. Bumping him sideways, Frank slid off the surface and stumbled to his knees, but managed not to spill anything from his plate. Smiling innocently I took a seat by Brier. As I tucked in, Gerard shot me a glare before excusing himself, leaving his half finished desert on the table.

“Fuck sake.” As I got up to go find out why Gerard has such a problem with me Bri grabbed my arm and tugged me down.

“Just leave it.”

I sunk down in my seat and put my feet in the spot opposite which Gerard had vacated.

“Gerard’s just a private guy and not used to sharing his space. Anyone mind if I finish that?” Bob leant over from next to Bri and snatched Gerard’s plate up.

Mikey stood up and took his plate to the sink. “Getting late, we’ll be leaving soon so I’m going to head to my bunk. See you guys in the morning”

“Me too, night.” Ray followed suit, tidying his plate away in the process.

“Just great. I’m going to go curl up and die.” I got up and skulked off to my bunk. Fishing out my ipod I put on some The Used in an attempt to calm myself. I have a famously short fuse, and Gerard was holding a flame thrower to it.

As I chilled to Yesterdays Feelings, the curtain was yanked open and Frank leant on the edge of bunk, scaring the living shit out of me.

“Fuck me!”

“Ok, the double bedrooms free.” Frank gave me a sly wink as he pulled my headphones off.

“I don’t know what to say to that. Why are you here?” I sat up confused, partly by how Frank was leaning on my bunk as I’m at the top. My feet don’t touch the floor so his can’t be either.

“Came to see if you had died yet. But I see you are still living.” He sighed, resting his head on his folded arms.

“Sorry to disappoint.” As I was about to replace my headphones the irritating guitarist swiped them from my reach.

“Don’t be. I’m glad cuz it means you can play Mario Kart with me.” Frank grinned as he pulled a black DS adorned with stickers from his back pocket.

“I love Mario Kart! You’re going down Iero.” I narrowed my eyes at him in mock threat.

“Only if you will too.” Another wink and he bridged the bunk room corridor and climbed into his bunk, also on the top, ironically. I think my cheeks must have matched my red DS. I turned on the DS and searched for Frank. Selecting Mario Kart I chose Mario as my character, whilst Frank was Yoshi.

After four cups Frank finally gave up trying to beat me and settled for telling jokes on pictochat until I fell asleep.


If Os’ presence does that I am so glad I didn’t have sushi! She cleared the whole bus. Well apart from me and Bob. Frank followed Os out, coincidence I think not. As the door to the bunk room shut, silence grew as we finished the deserts.

“Sorry ‘bout that. Os has a temper like a three year old.” I said as I put my empty plate back on the table and licked couli off my spoon.

“Gerard’s just as bad. Like I said, he’s not used to sharing. You’d think he was an only child.” Bob chuckled as finished off Gerard’s cheesecake.

“I thought you were too nice to be an only child but after snaffling Gerard’s leftovers’ I’m not so sure.”

Bob looked up thoughtfully from wiping up the couli from the plate with his finger before replying. “I am an only child. And snaffling?”

“Yeah. Like, snapped up, pinched, yoinked.” I shrugged. A yell came from the bunkroom, startling me before I shrugged it off and met Bobs gaze.

“Yoink?” The drummer raised an eyebrow, licking the couli off his finger.

“Shut up!” I playfully shoved him as he sat laughing at my choice of words.

Something I’ve not seen before flashed in Bobs eyes. He looked almost mischievous. Before I could react a grinning Bob launched himself at me, pinning me on my back to the bench. Bob leant down to within inches of my face and whispered. “Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Before grabbing the jug of extra couli and drizzling I on my face.

“You did not just do that!” I tried to wriggle out of his grasp as he straddled me, but I couldn’t break free. His forearms rested flat either side of my head as he slyly grinned.

“You bet I did.” He leant back down and licked couli of my cheek.

As Bob leaned in, the stupid part of my brain kicked in and I yank a hand free, putting a finger to his awaiting lips.

“This. This is not going to happen.”

Sighing and leaning back to rest atop my legs, Bob grabbed a napkin off the table.

“You sure ain’t no groupie.” The disheartened drummer offered a half smile as he grabbed another napkin and removed the sticky red sauce off his hands.

Wiping my face clean as best I could I groaned and slammed back down to lie flat on the bench. Rubbing the heal of my hands across my eyes, I tried to make sense of everything.

“It’s not that I don’t want…Things are awkward enough. With Gerard and Os at it the last thing I want is to cause any more problems.”

“I like problems.” Bobs weight moved from my legs and the sound of the engine roaring to life drowned out the rustle of clothing.

Seriously what is wrong with me? Thousands of people would kill to be between Bob Bryar’s thighs, and I just rejected him for the sake of Gerard Way’s bad mood?

“Bob wait…” As I sat upright, I glanced around an empty bus. “Bolocks.” I sprawled back out on the bench with a thud, licking the remnants of Bob’s desert from my lip.
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