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The Sheep

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Couli and the Kraken

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When Frank and I got back to the bus, Mikey and Ray were getting ready. Frank went off to grab the shower and Gerard was sat drawing at the small table in the lounge area. Bob and Os weren’t back yet.

I sat down opposite Gerard and watched silently as he sketched furiously. It looked like Kraken. I love comics and The Umbrella Academy is a favourite. After a minute or two he looked up and stared at me.

“Oh, sorry.” I stammered under his intense gaze.

“It’s fine. I just don’t like people watching me draw. Makes me uncomfortable.” He muttered, studying what he had just drawn.

“I’ll go. I hope you keeping Gabriel as the artist, his works incredible.” I added.

I got up to walk away but Gerard stopped me. “Wait, you into comics?”

“Yeah, not a ‘true fan’ like Os, but I know what I like and the Umbrella Academy is fantastic.” I took a seat again as Gerard set his pens down and leaned back on the bench seat.

“Why do you like it? The artwork I mean?”

“I don’t know. It’s just so clean and fresh. It’s got a distinct style and the detail of the backgrounds is quality. Not like the Iron Man I’m reading at the minute. It’s the Extremis strip in Marvel Universe I think. It’s not got the detail or the style. Looks almost like it was done using faded watercolour it’s so flat and lifeless.”

“Interesting. What about Batman?”

“The older ones are by far the better comic wise. Obviously Bale’s Batman is superior out of all the films. I wish more mainstream superheroes were like Batman. They totally ruined Spiderman with the third film.”

“It’s so they can sell as many action figures as possible to spoilt eight year olds. What do you think of the Umbrella covers?”

“Respect to Jean, but Gabriel should do the next series covers, no offence…”

“None taken. He is actually. Jean can’t fit us into his schedule so as its Gabriel’s comic as much as mine, he’s doing them in the future.”

The doors opened and Os and Bob walked aboard, prompting Gerard to gather his stuff and walk into the bunkroom without another word. He’s got serious problems with Os.

Bob followed Gerard and Os took the vacant seat opposite me.

“Good meal?”

“Yeah, apart from King Dickhead.” Os started to play with her watch, her sign for something was up. I don’t get why Gerard bothers her so much.

“He’ll come around. I think I may make a cheesecake tomorrow.” I mused.

“Random, why?” Os looked up raising an eyebrow.

“No reason. Wanna go catch Avenged Sevenfold while the guys get ready?”


The show that evening was incredible. I mean, MCR are amazing. But that show was something else, even if sitting at the side of the stage just wasn’t the same as being in the crowd. Bob was possessed, and paid for it by destroying his wrists to the point he couldn’t grip anything smaller than a bottle of water afterwards. All throughout the set he kept glancing up and I swear kept looking at me. Os was acting weird too. Os is never quite, and she’s barley spoken a word since she got back from lunch. The guys headed off to cool down and shower, while I grabbed Os and headed to a supermarket I saw on my way back from The Hut.

After walking in silence for a while I eventually got bored of grumpy Os.


“Huh?” Os looked up from examining the pavement.

“Something’s bothering you. Spill.” She stared to examine the floor again as we walked through the automatic doors of the small supermarket.


“It clearly is. You never shut up. But you’ve not said a word since lunch.” I was starting to get irritated now. Always bottles shit up, no matter how big or small.

“Just a bit homesick I guess.”

“What’s bought this on? Has that knob been bugging you again?” I don’t know how that waster scumbag can afford all the international calls he tries to make, hassling Os to the point she’s changed her number.

“Stop calling him a knob. It’s too nice a word for him. And no. I just miss being in a kitchen. I mean, it’s great being here an all, but being in the crowd and being in a crowded kitchen aren’t the same.” Shoving her hands in her sweatshirt pocket, Os followed me around like a sheep as I grabbed everything off the shelf’s I required. I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity of fresh fruit and veg.

“I know what you mean. That’s why I’m making cheesecake. You should make pizza tomorrow.” I got everything needed for the pizzas Os was going to make as well and made our way to the till.


“I think the guys will appreciate it.” I smiled to myself at my ingenious plans for her and Frank.


We got back to the bus and Os disappeared to her bunk. I could hear the shower running and talk coming from the bunk area. Putting the pizza ingredients away, I set about making the cheesecake. After half an hour the mini oven pinged and I pulled out the base.
It looked pretty good considering it’s been made in a bus. But the couli was not going so well. In the absence of a blender and sieve I was mashing the strawberries with a big spoon, pouring the juice from one bowl to another to remove the seeds as best I could. After adding the caster sugar and cream someone approached from behind.

A hand slowly made its way to the cheesecake cooling on the side. Before its owner could touch it, the couli coated spoon whacked it away.

“Ow. I only wanted a taste.”

“Shit, sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“My wrist is already fucked. One more spooning won’t hurt. That looks amazing.” Licking a splat of strawberry goo from the back of his hand, Bob smiled. “That really is amazing.”

“It’s lumpy as hell. I need a blender or at least a whisk.” I grumbled, pouring the couli over the still warm cheesecake.

“If I buy you a blender will you marry me and make sweet cheesecake for me?” He leant against the worktop, smiling at me from under his shaggy fringe. Yes. YES! A thousand times yes!

“Heh, afraid my Dad may have something to say about that.” I cut a large slice and grabbed a plate. Adding extra couli around the edge, I handed it Bob who immediately ate a bite.
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