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Sushi and pizza

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“Good afternoon ladies.” I said as I boarded the bus. Both were sat on the couches reading some magazines. Hope they didn’t find them in our bunks…. Both had changed into jeans and sweatshirts to fend off the gloom and cool breeze.

“Hey Bob. Where are the guys?”

“They’ve gone on to the restaurant; I just wanted to have a little word with you both before we go meet up.” After a shared nervous glance, both put the magazines down.

“Sure, problem?” Brier’s nudge to Os’ foot didn’t go unnoticed. I’m a nice guy, but i also like to have my fun.

“Of sorts. I did a bit of internet research whilst we waited for Wentz’ lot to finish sound check.” I discovered some very interesting facts about our little master chef’s. But I don’t want them to know that yet.

“Ok…” Os fidgeted waiting for my news. I leant against the counter top and folded my arms.

“I ordered the parts for the beast. But they cost $1000 and won’t be here for three weeks. They will be delivered on the 24th, and then one of the tour mechanics can fit them for you.”

“That’s great! You had me worried for a minute there.” Os relaxed back into the couch as Brier stood up.

“Why’s that?” Brier stopped walking toward the drainer; you could almost see the cogs turning in her head.

“Oh, ur, thought you were going to say you couldn’t get the parts or it would cost an insane amount.”

I actually thought Bob had Googled us for a minute! Os totally jinxed us by saying that. We both left with Bob to meet the guys who were at a sushi place. Frank and I being the only vegetarians went on to get a pizza whilst Os opted for sushi.

At the local Pizza Hut we order a stuffed crust vegetarian supreme with cheesy garlic bread on the side. A few people noticed Frank so we got a booth in the corner. Yeah I know it’s bad for a professional chef to eat at The Hut, but dam it its good and there aren’t many Michelin stars around here exactly.

“Enjoyin’ the tour so far?”

“It’s like nothing I’ve experienced. I was expecting more press around actually. In the UK you can’t go anywhere without paparazzi trailing you if you’re even remotely recognised.” I sighed, remembering all the tabloid journo’s chasing our van on mopeds.

“Us rock stars can’t compete with Lohan and Spears. We usually have the major music channels and magazines along for the tours and all interviews are booked through Brian. It’s the crazy fan’s that can be a problem. Some dude asked me for an autograph while I was taking a leak. We try to do as many meet and greets and signings as possible. But some guys take the piss.”

“Literally!” I laughed. Frank smirked and glanced at an approaching figure.

A young girl bought our pizzas across and blushed furiously when Frank thanked her and gave her a wink.

“You always such a flirt?” I asked as Frank took a massive bite out of slice of pizza.

“Yup. Hmm this is good.” He smiled as he dived in for another massive bite.

“You should seriously taste Os’ pizza. I hate to admit it, but she totally beats my efforts. Though I do make the superior cheesecake.” I really miss filming. We used to have a cook off each week. Each make the same dish and get some diners to pick the best. I totally won!

“Oh man, Bob’s going to love you. He would die for a piece of cheesecake.” Frank wiped a piece of melted cheese from his chin and grabbed some garlic bread.

“I’m not that great. Not like I’m a chef or anything…” Maybe I will make a cheesecake tomorrow, if we can find a decent supermarket round here.

“Hey, maybe one day. Keep the faith. So what’s the deal with you and Os here on your own? You must be going out with some very trusting guys.” Frank raised an eyebrow as I chewed on my third slice.

“Oh, no were both single. Os just… got out of a relationship.” I covered.

“Oh, really?” Frank seemed to smile for a second when I said that, but quickly hid it.

“Yeah, but no offence, I can’t really elaborate without making sure she’s ok about it first. She gets a bit tetchy about that sorta stuff.” The last person she told phoned the biggest Sunday tabloid in the country.

“Makes sense. I’m guessing she’s not going to be too impressed by guys hitting on her at the minute then.” Frank screwed up his napkin and slumped down in his seat after finishing his last slice. Dam that boy eats fast.

“I didn’t say that.” A smirk crossed Franks cheese coated mouth. I wonder….

I think I’ve had less painful bruises than this meal! Mikey and Ray were talking animatedly across the table about whether guitar or bass is superior whilst Gerard sulked next to me, and Bob sat quietly trying to start up a conversation with Gerard from my other side. The food was fantastic; I’m surprised to find such a great place all the way out here. After insisting on picking up the bill as a thank you for letting us stay, a reminder which made Gerard walk off with Mikey and Ray in hot pursuit, Bob and I took a slow walk back to the Bus.

“You really didn’t have to pay for that you know. That bill cost nearly as much as the bill for your van.” Bob put his hands in his pockets as we walked down the overcast street.

“It’s nothing.” I brushed off the bill. I’d hate for him to see how much we charge in our restaurants!

“I thought you guys were students?” Bob glanced across at me, a slight smile playing on his lips.

“Well yeah. But a hire car would have cost us way more, and I don’t want to leech off you.” Dam I am thinking on my feet tonight! Bri will be impressed.

“You’re hiding something.” Bob said knowingly as he looked ahead. He’s probably just trying to mess with us again like earlier.

“Sure. You into conspiracy theories by any chance?” I played it off as though he was crazy.

“You and Miss Yardley Brier Hook are hiding something.” Oh. My. God.

“How’d you know that’s her real name?” I stopped in the middle of the pavement, staring in disbelief as he continued his steady pace toward ‘home’.

“I asked Jeeves.” He called over his shoulder. Dam.

“Hey, get back here! You can’t just say shit like that and walk off!” I yelled after him.

“Gota get back, you could always try to walk and talk.” I jogged after him and quickly caught up due to his leisurely pace.

“I, we, can explain. We didn’t want to lie to you guys but…” Bob raised his hand to stop me mid sentence.

“Relax. I understand your reasons. And I understand half of what I read about you two won’t be true. And when you’re ready, I’d appreciate if you told us at least who you really are.” Bob’s smile was reassuring and I knew that at least one of the band will be ok when the whole ugly truth comes out.

“Thanks Bob. Guess I might as well confess now. Me and Bri, we’re professional chefs who own five top restaurants in the UK and have a TV program. Well two actually, but we don’t start filming the second series till October. And as the saying goes ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen’ we skipped the UK when the press took an interest in our personal lives. But I think it’s best if you wait for Bri to come to you with what that was all about.” I rambled. I doubt Bri is going to tell them mind, not after Gerard’s history. Hopefully that’s the part Bob doesn’t believe.

“Which restaurants do you two own?” Bob asked after walking in silence for a little way as everything sunk in.

“Chapalu in Bath. Mabuz in London, Kana also in London, Griffin in Cardiff and The Dead Parrot in Nottingham.” The Dead Parrot is more of a pub/restaurant where we first started out. We worked in the kitchens after school and when the owners decided to retire, we leapt to buy it. It’s our latest acquisition but by far our favourite, even basing our show there.

“Kana, is that a sushi bar?” Bob asked as we approached the bus.


“Man you can cook! We try to go there every time were in England.” Bob stopped outside the bus and leant against it.

“Small world. Chances are we weren’t actually working that night. Our times spread thin lately. We have a good team of chefs keeping the home fires burning though.” I sighed. I relay miss the insanity of a kitchen. The pure adrenalin of getting a service out and getting around all the little disasters that happen like running out of something when you have a critic in is incredible.

“I’m not going to say anything to the others, but tell Yardley I’m here to listen if she wants. Same goes for you too.”

“Thanks Bob. But I seriously wouldn’t call her that if you ever want to play drums again” With a final smile he unlocked the door and boarded the bus with me in tow.
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