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Bananas and pillow fights

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Mikey Way - Published: 2009-04-25 - Updated: 2009-04-25 - 1115 words

Once Os had explained her little fib to Gerard, Mikey had gotten up and was sat chatting with us on the sofa’s. The guy’s were squidged opposite as Os and I lounged on the second sofa.

“So why are you guys here and not at Leeds or Glastonbury. Surly a tour of the UK festivals would have been cheaper?” Mikey was sipping his coffee and sat in his night cloths, check shorts and a plain white t-shirt.

“We needed to get out of England for a while.” I kicked Os in the foot before she said anymore. Idiot. The whole point of lying low is not telling everyone who will listen why we left the UK.

“Yeah, living with the rent’s gets old after a while.” I cut in before Os had a chance to blurt out anything else. Os gave me a glare before leaning away from me and putting her head on the high arm rest.

“Thought you said you wanted to do the great American road trip?” Bob eyed us suspiciously as Os began to shut her eyes and jolt awake, which made Mikey and Frank smirk.

“Yeah, um, to escape the control of being at home. Kill two birds with one stone sorta thing.” Os better sleep with one eye open if she does that again.

“I feel you. Sucked having to move back in at home every time a tour ended. So glad I have my new apartment. So what do you guys do when not at home?” Mikey asked, smirking as Os’ eyes fluttered shut again.

“Were chefs.” Os mumbled.

“Wow, really?” Frank seemed amazed that we were chefs. If only he knew….

“Ah, I think Os is getting ahead of herself a little. We’re just going through catering college. Maybe in ten years we will be in a position to open a restaurant or worked our way up to head chef…” Bob continued to eye me as Os finally drifted off.

As silence grew the door whooshed open and Ray appeared up the steps. He was in obscenely tight fitting lycra shorts and matching black and red t-shirt. Sorry but eww.

“I see our guest is still asleep and has an accomplice. I’m Ray, nice to meet you.” Ray held out a hand for me to shake. Os is going to love Ray for that.

“Brier, and that is Osla.”

“I hate to appear rude but I’ve just been for a run and could do with a shower.” Ray excused himself and walked towards the bunk room. Bob told me earlier there’s a proper shower in the double room at the back. But the actual bus bathroom is just a sink and toilet. Will be nice to have a proper shower. Usually we just go for a swim at the nearest pool and shower there. I wanted to hire a smaller version of this but nooo. Can’t leave the Beast, despite it being so obvious it’s ours.

“No worries.” I smiled as Ray shuffled past.

“Ray, can I have a word before you shower?” Bob stood up and followed Ray into the bunk area, giving me a wink as he left. Must be going to ask Ray about the free ride. As the door shut Os jolted awake.

“Banana! Huh?” Os yelled. As Os’ eyes darted round the room to figure out what the noise was, Frank, Mikey and I burst out laughing


Despite Ray barley meeting the girls, he trusted my judgment that they weren’t psycho fan girls or stalkers and agreed to them staying. I don’t think Gerard will agree after what Os told us, but democracy rules four to one so they stay. I broke the news and we all helped grab enough stuff from the Beast to last a few days. After a round of Guitar Hero Gee finally returned and dragged us off for sound check. We left the girls to settle and make the bus their home for the foreseeable future, but as usual I forgot my wrist strap. Without it even a sound check will kill. As I boarded the bus I could hear Os and Brier yelling.

“What the hell are you playing at?” I think that was Brier.

“What?” That’s defiantly Os. I squatted down on the lowest step of the bus, not caring how inappropriate it is to spy.

“You nearly told them why we’re here! The whole point of this is to escape the press, and I’m pretty sure with this band’s history they will kick us out once they hear why.” What the hell are these girls up to? Escaping the press could mean anything.

“Your problems aren’t the only reason were here, remember? And if they knew the full circumstances they would be understanding. Anyway, what’s going to happen when were on BBC America? Do you not think they’ll Google us?” They are on TV? Well I can see it I guess. They are both pretty and I’ve only seen them in shorts and hoody’s. I need to buy a TV guide.

“I swear any day now you are going to say ‘Don’t you know who I am?’” I had to stifle a laugh as I remembered Mikey trying to pull that one to get backstage passes to Iron Maiden. Surprisingly it actually worked. But he was wearing his ‘Mikey Fucking Way’ tee.

“Oh yeah, what about you getting us into the Ivy at short notice by using our names.”

“That was a one off!” Brier yelled. I heard laughter and thuds so I decided to thump heavily up the steps to make my presence be known. I don’t want them to know I heard that.

As I go to the top and walked into the living area, Os and Brier were stood on the couches brandishing pillows.

“Forgot my wrist splint. Can’t play without it. You guys enjoying yourselves?”

“Um. Sorry, we were just messing about.” They both hopped down and stood quietly as I grabbed the strap from the draw.

“That couch has seen far worse than a pillow fight. Enjoy yourselves. We are going to get a late lunch before our set. I’ll come get you and grab some backstage passes so security won’t hassle you.” They both looked up smiling. I don’t know who they are but they seem genuine.

“Thanks Bob. For everything.” Os yelled as I climbed down the steps.

“You’re welcome. Aim for the knee’s.” I yelled back. As the doors began to shut the thudding and hollering resumed.
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