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So, You Think you can... Play in A Band?

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"So you think you can dance? NOOO! I teenk i can play in a band!" Jamia and Frank have a leeetle conversation...

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Gosh, why must I update so quick?
esstreamly boring chapter. Meh, not extremely, but I was just running out of ideas for this chapter, so if it’s a bit suckish I apologize.. The next chapter is the good one xD. Well, mildly good, but still. R&R, trickieesss. Pwease?

Frank sat on the porch swing in front of his house, strumming away on his guitar. It was Friday evening, and Frank was enjoying the nice spring weather.
He’d become fast friends with Gerard and Bert, and had recently met Gerard’s younger brother, Mikey. He was still feeling something more than a friendship with Jamia, but he was too chicken shit to ask her out, hence the reason they’re still only friends.

Speaking of which, when Frank looked out across the street from his place on the swing, he saw Jamia in her bedroom, looking down at him from her bedroom window. He stopped playing immediately.
“Awww… that was good,” Jamia called down to him. “Keep playing.”
Frank thought about it, and decided that he would take advantage of that little statement to score some quality alone time with Jamia.
“As long as you come down and sit with me.”
A small smirk played on his lips.
She smiled at him, and he watched as she closed her window and wandered out of sight. A few moments later, her front door opened, and out walked Jamia, into the cool spring air. She walked across the dirt road and up Frank’s porch steps, and sat next to him on the swinging bench. “There.” She said jokingly. “Happy?”
veeeerrryyy… Frank thought. He then quickly checked to make sure the mountain hadn’t decided to make itself known, and he sighed in relief when it hadn’t.
“Okay, now,” Jamia ordered. “Play. You’re good, I wanna hear more.”
“Damn, bossy…” Frank said, sticking out his tongue. He grabbed his pick and strummed it against the strings, tapping his foot to the rhythm. Jamia sat and listened intently to every single chord.
“Wow, you sound much better down here.” She told him, smiling. “Heh, thanks,” Frank said modestly. “I’m… I’m not very good, though…” Jamia put her hand on his shoulder. “No, shut up, you’re good. Have you ever played live? Like, in front of people live?”
“No…” Frank admitted. “And I really don’t plan on it. I have really bad stage fright.” Jamia sucked her teeth loudly. “C’mon, man, you can’t be scared. You’ve got talent, it needs to be put out there. You can’t just stay on your front porch forever. You should think about starting a band.” Jamia suggested. Frank looked at her with a weird expression. “A band… really, Jamia?” She nodded assuringly. “I think it could be good for you.”
“Who are you, my mother?” Frank asked, and Jamia laughed. “No,” she replied. “Just a friend who is trying to help you, in doing something she knows you like to do. Obviously.”
“How do you know I like to play guitar?” Frank questioned. “You, know, like, my parents could be forcing me against my will to play this thing.”
“Then why are you out here every other night playing it? Phenomenally, might I add.” Frank went silent, staring at Jamia, who raised an eyebrow, knowing she was right. “Okay, so… what if I do start a band? It’ll be one of those bands who get nowhere, one of those one-hit-wonder’s, or something.”
Jamia shook her head at him. “Kay, dude, this is Jersey. There’s major labels running around here everywhere.” Frank looked down at his feet. Sure, there were major labels hiding out in fucking alleys, but what difference would that make? It’s not like he’d be good enough to be approached by one, anyways…
“…Would it help to say I believe in you?” Jamia asked quietly, in all seriousness. Frank lifted his head up and looked at her. He decided to shit out all the chicken in him, and leaned in, Jamia’s lips pretty soon gently brushing against his own…
Just then Frank’s front door opened, and the two broke apart immediately as his mother walked out. “Frank, come on, dinner’s ready,” She said, looking over his shoulder. “And… who’s this?”
“Um… mom, this is Jamia. Jamia, this is my mother, Linda Iero. Mom, Jamia lives in the house right across the street.” Frank stammered awkwardly, standing up in front of his mother. He hated her right then and there for killing the moment. Grrr, parents…
“Hi, Mrs. Iero,” Jamia said politely, standing up and shaking Linda’s hand. “Hi.” Linda replied with a warm smile. She turned back to Frank, “Hurry up, we’ve gotta eat dinner soon. Nice meeting you, Jamia.” Mrs. Iero rambled before kissing her son lightly on the forehead. “Nice meeting you too, Mrs. Iero.” Jamia said, turning back to Frank after his mother had gone inside. “So… I’ll… see you tomorrow?” she told him, and he nodded. “See you tomorrow.” He replied. Jamia began walking down the porch steps, then stopped dead in her tracks. She quickly turned back around and lightly kissed Frank on the cheek. “I do believe in you,” she told him before turning back around a second time, this time all the way to her house.
Frank lightly touched the cheek Jamia had kissed and beamed to himself. He stumbled over the porch steps and fell into the house. “Whoah, honey, be careful!” His mother exclaimed. “S-s..sorry, mom.” He said, snapping out of it and getting up.

ahwww, my friend’s blushing. She’s like, awwwww! Daas sooo cutteeee. And I’m like, yeah, frerard’s cuter xD. And she’s like, :O.
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