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A Kiss and I Will Surrender

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this should make all the Frerard lovers love me verryyy much. Meh, it’s not a lot, but, it’s the beginning of something… everyone can tell. xD arr and arr.
Hey guys, one more thing; the next chapter won’t be up so quick, I just really rushed with this one. My birthday’s on the 11th of this month, and all of next week I’ll be Ms. Party Planner Person xD. So the next chapter alone won’t be up for another few weeks… but I’m always up for birthday wishes xDDD

While Frank was at the grocery store with his mother, he bumped into Bert and Gerard. “Dude!” Bert cried out. “We tried looking for you. We went to your house, and your dad said you were here, so here we are. We need to ask you something.”
“Okay, shoot…” Frank replied. “Wait…. How did you find my house?”
“We looked you up, helloooo. It’s called the White Pages, dude.” Bert said, waving his arms around violently, to add more emphasis on the ‘HeLoOoOooOooo.’ Bert continued. “And… our friend Quinn is having a small party tonight, at 9. And we wanted you to come with us.” Gerard nodded. Frank looked around for his mom, who was shopping in the produce section. “Guys, my mom would never let me go to a party… especially with guys who’re much older than me…”
“What the fuck is wrong with being a junior?” Bert asked wildly. Gerard put his hands on Bert’s shoulders, holding him down. “Sorry, Frankie…” he apologized. “He’s a bit out of it. He just reeeaallly wants you to come to this party. I do too.” Frank sighed. “..Okay,I’ll be right back.” He told them, walking over to his mother. “Mom… I was just wondering… if I could, maybe… go out with a couple of friends tonight?” She stared at him intently in the eye. “Are you talking about those boys over there, you were just talking to?” she asked, pointing to Gerard and Bert. “Yeah,” Frank replied. “We just wanted to hang out tonight, since it’s Saturday and all…”
“Oh, okay…” his mother replied sweetly. “What were you gonna do?” Frank froze. He could not tell his mom that he was going to a party… she sure as hell wouldn’t let him. “Um… the… movies. Yeah, yeah, that’s a good one. The movie theater.” His mother furrowed and raised her eyebrows. “What movie?” SHIT! Frank thought. “Um… uh, uh... N-night of The Living…” he looked over her shoulder frantically, and spotted a women with a cold chicken in her cart. So he just said the first thing that floated through his mind. “…Chicken.”
“Night… of The Living Chicken?” His mother repeated. “Uh… yeah.” Frank sighed. “All the freshman are going to the big movie premiere tonight, so…” His mother pointed to Bert and Gerard again. “They’re freshman?” Frank nodded meekly. “Yeah, why?”

“Hmm… they look kinda old for fourteen year olds…”

“Uh… yeahh….” Frank stammered. “So… can I go?” His mother gave him one last odd glance, then softened her face. “Sure.” She told him, smiling. He gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. “Oh my gosh, mom. Thanks, you’re so cool.” He turned to them and gave them a thumbs up. They smiled and motioned for him to follow them. “Oh, mom, I’m gonna go now, okay?” She nodded tiredly. “Sure, go, go have fun with your friends.”
“Okay, bye mom,” he said hastily, running to join Gerard and Bert. “I told her we were going to see a movie…” he told them. Bert obviously didn’t care, and he just started making his way to the exit of the grocery store. Gerard laughed at him and patted Frank on the back. “C’mon, let’s go. He’ll leave without us.” He said in all seriousness, and they walked out to Bert’s car, where they all drove to Quinn’s house for the party, that would unknowingly change Frank’s life forever.


It was more than just a ‘small party’. ‘House party’ would’ve been the better word. Frank stayed close to Gerard because he wasn’t drinking any alcohol, which they served, by the way. Bert, on the other hand, was pounding his weight in beer. He walked over to the two of them and handed Gerard a beer. “Just one, dude?” Gerard sighed, taking the bottle and popping open the cap. “Thanks, man.” He said, sipping the bottle slowly. Bert handed Frank a brown bottle of the liquid. “Um… Bert?” Frank asked awkwardly. He’d never exactly tasted alcohol before. Well, wine, but that was from church. So it doesn’t count. “Yeah, Bert,” Gerard agreed. “He doesn’t need anything.”
“One, Frank.” Bert said convincingly. “Just enough to loosen you up a bit, eh?”

“Bert, I dunno…”

“Come on, Frank. Just. One. Beer.”

Frank looked around once, then to Gerard, who just went and sat on the couch. He then outstretched his hand slowly, accepting the bottle. He popped open the cap, and took a small sip. Bert smirked before bringing Quinn over. “Frank, this is Quinn. Quinn, this is Frankie.”
Frank had noticed that Bert had called him ‘Frankie’. That was only okay when Gerard said it.


Only two beers had had a crazy affect on Frank. Two beers was like two-hundred beers. And he had loosened up all right. He had proved that when Bert decided to play a little game of truth or dare…


Everyone at the party began cheering and crying out for Frank to kiss Gerard. Gerard had only had one beer, and it hadn’t had a big affect on him. He declined the dare, saying he was refusing. Bert didn’t really give a flying fuck. “GO ON!” Bert yelled, pushing Frank on the couch next to Gerard. Frank stared at Gerard, who raised his eyebrows. “Kiss him, kiss him!” Bert began chanting. Pretty soon the whole party was joining the chant; “KISS HIM! KISS HIM! KISS HIM!!!!”
Frank finally caved and straddled Gerard’s hips, pressing his lips hard to Gerard’s, his tongue rolling over Gerard’s lips, begging for access. That access was soon granted.

And then, just like that, though there was about 35 million, bagillion, kershmillion people around cheering and screaming, plus the blaring heavy metal music in the background, Frank could hear none of it. He could feel no one around him but Gerard, his lips, and the inside of his mouth.

Like they were the only ones there.

And he felt something spark up inside him. Something that hadn’t been there before.

Frank leaned back, still on Gerard’s lap, and the impulsive screaming and music all flooded back through his ears. Gerard stared at him with wide eyes, breathing hard. Frank stared back, smiling cheekily. He got up off Gerard’s lap and sat next to him on the couch. “FRANKIE,” Bert called, pushing through the crowd of people. “You want more beer?”

And that’s when fully sober Gerard took control. He picked Frank up off the couch and flung Frank’s arm around his shoulder. “It’s time to go.” The two walked out of the house and down the block, Frank stumbling and struggling to stay on his feet. “Wow, you’re light…” Gerard said. At this Frank began screaming randomly. “You’re deeee wonn daaaat I-I-I waannt WHOO,WHOO,WHOO!” Frank screamed into the air. “WHOO, WHOO, WHOO!” Frank then tripped over a pebble and fell on his ass. “WHOO, WHOO, WHOO!” he repeated. Gerard grunted as he used all his body strength to pick Frank up, and carry him bridal style.

“OoooooooOoOoOOOOoOoh, I fell liiek aaa bride.” Frank slurred as he wrapped his arms around Gerard’s neck. “Lesss goo onn daaa HONAYYMOOOOON! WHOO, WHOO, WHOO!” Gerard chuckled as he slowly walked his way back to his house. He snuck in through the back door of the house and crept down the stairs, still carrying Frank. “Ooooh, youuu’sa sttrooonnngg maaaaaan,” Frank cried. Gerard shhh’ed at nothing, since Frank wasn’t really listening, and Gerard covered Frank’s mouth with his hand. When Gerard got down to his bedroom, he tossed Frank on the bed. “Frank, you’ve gotta go to sleep, okay?” Frank shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest. “I not sleepy.” Gerard wiped his brow and checked the clock; 3 a.m. “What will it take to get you to go to sleep?” Gerard asked Frank, and Frank scratched his head and looked to the ceiling. “Mmmm… be maii teddeh bearr.” He answered. “You, mai teddeh bearr.”

Gerard sighed and removed his jacket and crawled under his covers and laid next to Frank in bed. And, despite the fact that Frank was pissed out drunk, just being this close to him gave Gerard goosebumps. Frank flung his arm around Gerard’s waist. “Maii teddeh bearrr…” he whispered, falling to sleep in Gerard’s arms.


Frank awoke the next morning with a jerk, and a bad fucking headache. He pressed his hand against the side of his head, and studied his surroundings. He didn’t recognize it. It was a bedroom, definitely, but not his. The only beam of sunlight that came in was through the small crack of a window on the upper right hand corner of the wall.
He looked down and saw a still sleeping Gerard, his arm around Frank’s lap.
“Ger…Gerard?” Frank whispered. It was enough to wake him up. His eyes flickered open, and he smiled. “Mornin’ sunshine.” He said groggily.

“Gerard… where am I?”

“In my bedroom, don’t worry.” Frank turned his head a little too quickly, and his head began to throb. “OWW!” He screamed. “FUCK! What happened?”

“You got drunk at Bert’s party.”

“How do you know?”

“I was sober almost the whole time.”

Frank ran his fingers through his messy brown hair. He didn’t know how he was going to break this to his parents. “I…is that all?” Gerard chuckled. “No, that’s not all. You really had a pretty wild night.” Frank looked at Gerard quizzically as Gerard sat up next to him. “Bert even dared you to make out with me.” Frank got that uneasy feeling building up inside him again. “And… and did I?”
Frank’s heart sank as Gerard nodded. “Yeah… yeah, you did.” Frank mentally slapped himself for his mistake. Then he remembered what Gerard had told him.

“But… you were sober, why didn’t you try and stop me?”

Gerard breathed in deep. “Because…” He hesitated. “Because… I didn’t want to stop you.” Frank looked up at Gerard, who slowly started to lean back in. He gently pressed his lips to Frank’s again, feeling that same feeling he had felt the night before.

Like they were the last two men alive. And something had sparked up inside him.

Something that hadn’t been there before.

Frank broke the kiss just as soon as it had started. “I…I’m sorry, Gerard…” he stammered. “But… whatever happened last night, it…I didn’t mean it. I… I can’t do this, Gerard. I’m so sorry.”
Gerard didn’t say anything, only nodded and looked down at his hands and stayed silent. “Okay, well… your parents are probably worried sick about you,” Gerard said after a long, awkward silence. “You… you should probably get going, Frank.”
“Frank, GO!” Gerard cried, catching Frank completely off guard. Frank slowly got up out of the bed, Gerard following him upstairs. Frank opened the front door, stepping out into the chilly morning. He looked back at Gerard. Gerard just looked away, and, in fact, closed the door right after Frank. Sort of, slammed it in his face.

Hungover, alone, and confused, Frank slowly dragged his feet back home.
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