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Chapter 9:Hard to Forget

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Another shorty. Sorry I just wrote this at the last minute before school.

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Gerard's p.o.v
A mixture of feeling welted inside my chest, anger and confusion and disbelief. So many things angered me, Mikey was too young, he’s fucking thirteen, and she’s seventeen. She’s a junior and he’s a freshman. No. No fucking way. She’s so screwed up in the head, I don’t want that crap around my little brother.
I stuck my middle finger up in the air. Frankie walked up behind me “ooh. Hot stuff” he laughed his eyes glued to my brother and Buffy across the street.
“You know. It’s funny. They’ve been at that for almost four minutes. I didn’t know my brother or that slut could hold their breath for that long” I hissed, my voice dripping with sarcasm and harshness. Frankie laughed again, my eyes never left them like I was a watchdog.

Buffy’s p.o.v
I wrapped my arms around Mikey running my hands through his spiked brown hair down to his back. The kiss gave me a spark. I hadn’t felt this spark in a long time, I forget what it felt like, it gave me a surge of happiness. I pulled away with my arms still snaked around his waist; he had an adorable goofy smile on his face.
“Wow.” Was all he could say, I laughed, we rolled on our sides facing each other, I curled my fingers through his hair, I felt his light breath on my chest.
“I really do like you Buffy and I’ll do anything for you” he said. Another cry welt up in my chest. That was the same thing Caleb said to me when we were eleven years old. I closed my eyes trying to keep away the tears; some of the tears must’ve leaked out because Mikey sat up “I’m sorry"
“No Mikey, it’s not your fault” I said just letting the tears flow now “my boyfriend...” the rest of it was drowned out by my sob. Mikey held me close to him, so close I could feel his warm breath, and I cried into his arms.
“It’s okay Buffy, I’m here for you, and I’m not leaving” he coaxed. “But tell me what’s wrong” I told him everything that has happened in the last two years. How I lost my boyfriend. My mother. Having to move away from my best and only friend back home in Maryland . Everything.
“God I’m so screwed in the head” I finished. Mikey held me tighter.
“No you aren’t. You’re perfect. We’ve all had hard times. Maybe….if you had another boyfriend it’d make you forget Caleb.” I know what Mikey was trying to ask me, I knew him too good now, I hugged him.
“I love you too Mikey” I said kissing him again, but it'll be hard to forget
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