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So Shut Your Eyes

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A woman with unique abilites is drawn into the lives of the Way brothers.

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Willow shoved the last of the French fries into her mouth then suddenly realized she was no longer alone in the car. Glancing over at the passenger seat it was apparent the woman was frantic. Willow sighed knowing that the dead can throw a normal uneventful evening into turmoil. While the woman spoke no words Willow could sense through images what she was telling her. Knowing what the dead wanted was second nature to her. This woman wanted her to turn on the next road. Someone was in trouble.
Willow saw the turn up ahead and tried to slow the car as much as possible, hoping that the driver behind her was paying attention. As soon as the turn was completed her eyes scanned both sides of the two-lane road. Damn this would be so much easier if she knew exactly where the person was and what she needed to do to help them. But the dead, while they could relay messages to her, couldn’t come right out and speak nor could the give exact details. Willow accepted this as a “dead rule”. She sighed again thinking that being a psychic was such a pain at times.
Driving slowly Willow realized she knew this area. It led to a back entrance for the Sand Amphitheater. There had been a concert hours earlier she had really wanted to attend but her glamorous job at McDonalds has prevented that. Yes, My Chemical Romance had performed without her. Now as she drove closer to the amphitheater the woman next to her was getting more agitated. The images she was projecting to Willow were coming in a flurry.
Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw something and pulled the car off on the shoulder. A few yards away, just off the road, was a man who appeared to be staggering. He was dangerously close to the edge of an embankment that led into a very deep ravine. Willow turned off the engine and jumped out of the car.
“Hello?” she yelled hoping to get his attention and lure him away from the edge. He didn’t seem to hear her. She quickly closed the distance between them but pulled up short. Fear filled her as she realized he was standing on a narrow cement ledge. If he fell he would plummet into the ravine. Her heart began to beat faster as she realized the true danger he was facing.
“Please stop,” she cried out. He wasn’t facing her but even in the dim light afforded by the streetlight she could see he was looking down. Hopefully her words would make him step off the wall but seemed frozen in place. She slowly edged closer.
“Let me help you.” She kept her tone smooth and unthreatening. He glanced over at her then swayed. Willow knew she had to act quickly. Without thought for her own safety she ran and grabbed him around the waist. He started to fall foreword putting them both in danger. With all her strength she jerked them back but in the process her shoulder hit the cement wall and she felt an explosion of pain. Her actions worked but as his body fell back he slammed into her knocking them both to the hard ground.
Willow lay there a moment stunned, the breath knocked from her chest. The man moaned and rolled off her. He began retching and she realized he was going to be sick. Painfully she pulled herself up and gently put her hand on his shoulder while he vomited. When the retching stopped she rolled him over and tried to decide how to get him up off the ground and to her car. She couldn’t leave him here but what she was going to do with him was a problem she would have to face soon.
“I’m going to help you to my car, okay?” He seemed to understand and tried to push himself up. After several attempts she helped him to his feet. Almost immediately his weight fell on her and she stumbled but managed to stay standing. Slowly they made their way back towards the road. When they reached the car Willow threw open the passenger door and helped him slide in. The dome light illuminated the inside of the car and she got her first good look at his face.
“Mikey Way what the hell we’re you doing out here?” she asked in a stunned voice.
His eyes fluttered open, he seemed to recognize his name. “Please make them stop,” he whispered.
She was brushing twigs from his hair but stopped at his words. He was drunk that much she knew by the smell. What else he had put in his body she wasn’t sure. But his tone was so frightened she felt a chill pass over her. “Who Mikey? Make who stop?”
He leaned his head back and closed his eyes “The ghosts, the damn ghosts.”

AUTHORS NOTE: Hello everyone. First off let me say thank you all so much again for the reviews left for "We Like Movies". I'm glad that so many were happy with the ending. You know I had that ending in my head for so long. I knew it just had to tie in with the first chapter. Anyway, here is a story I've had in my head for over a year. I would work on it a bit then leave it alone for months but now I want to tell this story. I hope you all enjoy it. It's different from my other story but still not just an average romance. LOL. Please give it a chance. Love ya all. Elena XOXO
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