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She Helped Me Save You

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Willow meets the band when she takes Mikey back to the bus.

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So now Willow was sitting in her car without a dead woman in the passenger seat but a very alive and very sick Mikey Way, bass player for My Chemical Romance. What was he doing out here all alone she wondered. More importantly what was she going to do with him?
He moaned and she prayed he wasn’t going to hurl again. Yeah, she had a crappy car but it was paid for. Pulling down the visor she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. Leaves and dirt were matted in her hair and her uniform was torn where she’d hit her shoulder on the wall. Her nose crinkled seeing she was also splattered with puke. That must have happened as she was helping him to the car. She reached out to close the door and winced in pain. Her shoulder hurt like hell.
“Mikey can you hear me?” she reached over and gently shook him. He opened his eyes but didn’t seem to understand what she was saying. “Now what do I do?’ she asked no one in particular.
“I need Gerard,” he mumbled. “Where is Gee?” he was starting to get agitated.
“Mikey stay calm, okay? I will take you to your brother” She knew his brother was lead singer for the band. She also knew it was important to keep her tone smooth. She didn’t want him getting upset. He seemed to settle down as she started the car. Obviously the band hadn’t left the amphitheatre yet. Her plan was to drive to the gate and drop him off. She put the car in drive and continued down the road. Several minutes later she was at the back gate. Now all she had to do was hand him over to the first security person she met.
“Please take me to Gee” he whispered again. His tone was so pleading. She reached across and took his hand in hers.
When she put the car in park two security men appeared at her window. “There is no access here. You need to turn around and head back out. The band has already left” The big burly guard told her. Willow hated snotty people.
“I highly doubt they left without their bass player” she retorted.
The other guard was as snotty as the first “Miss turn your car around and get out. We have had fans try ever trick in the book and it ain’t gonna work”
Willow was tired, dirty and pissed “Hey, this is Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance. He is, uh, sick and needs to be taken to this bus.”
The first guard shinned his flashlight into the car. “That could be anybody” He had obviously been hired by the amphitheatre and had no idea what a My Chem member looked like.
Willow’s patience was running thin. “How about you get on your little walkie-talkie and call someone. You know someone who might know something?” She couldn’t help sounding bitchy. The car was really beginning to smell like puke.
The crackling walkie-talkie held by one of the guards broke the silence. “We are looking for one of the members of the group. Has anyone seen anything?” the voice on the radio asked.
Willow looked smug, “Ha, told you. Now come get Mikey here out of my car.”
The guards looked at each other unsure of what to do. Willow leaned over and gently shook Mikey. “These guys are going to help you back to the buss. You will be okay now.”
Instead of her words soothing him he started shaking his head violently. “No you take me to Gee”
She was afraid all the shaking was going to make him sick again. “Mikey they can take you to him”
He opened his eyes and tried to focus on her “Please” he whispered.
He looked so pitiful and scared he had her. “Okay guys point me in the direction of the bus I will take him.” Both guards looked relived; they didn’t want to deal with him.
She was pointed in the direction of their tour bus and took off. When she pulled up the door of the bus flew open and Gerard Way, Ray Torro and Frank Iero poured out. They spotted Mikey and ran to open his door.
“Mikey you had us worried you stupid shit,” Gerard said as he helped him out of the car. He and Ray held him up and started for the bus. Frank looked at Willow
“Where did you find him?” he asked.
“Down the road. He was staggering I’m sure he is drunk but it might be more. He’s pretty out of it”
They almost had Mikey inside when he started struggling “I have to talk to her. Gee don’t let her leave.”
Gerard looked back at Willow “Would you please come in. Just until we can get him calmed down?”
Willow shrugged “I smell pretty bad, almost as bad as he does.”
“It’s okay, please come in” he answered with a sigh. They almost had Mikey up the steps and into the bus. Willow and Frank followed them in.
The men struggled to get Mikey to the sofa and unceremoniously dumped him. He moaned as his brother pushed the hair from his face “Mikey why did you do this?”
Willow slid into a chair at the foot of the sofa. A man, who she recognized as Brain their manager, walked over to her. He introduced himself and waited for her to giver her name.
“I’m Willow,” she told him. He immediately noticed her shoulder was bleeding through the hole in her uniform.
“Let me get the first aid kit” he said and took off towards the kitchen area of the bus.
Ray sat in a chair beside her “Hello I’m Ray”
She smiled “Yeah, I know you you all are.”
He seemed to decide he would try to find out what was going on. Gerard was busy with a washcloth trying to clean up his brother.
“What happened? We noticed he was gone but we just thought he had gone for a walk to call his wife on his cell.”
Now Willow had to decide how to tell the story. Lying seemed like the best plan. Leave the dead woman out of it. She really didn’t want them to think she was crazy. “Well I was on my way home from work and I saw him” That was sort of the truth.
Brain had returned with the first aid kit. “Is there anyway you can take off the uniform top so I can clean the wound?”
Luckily she had worn a tank top under the uniform. She gingerly striped off the top and sighed, now she would have to buy a new one.
Brian started to clean the wound with alcohol, which burned like a bitch. Willow tried not to flinch but it wasn’t easy. She looked over and saw that Gerard was looking at her. Yeah, she thought, it’s always nice to have one of the sexist men in music look at you when you smell like puke and have dirt in your hair.
“Thank you for bringing my brother to us” he tried to smile but the worry in his eyes kept it from looking genuine.
Mikey suddenly tried to sit up. He was clawing at his brother “Gee I saw her. I really saw her”
Gerard turned his attention back to Mikey “You saw who?”
“Grandma, I saw grandma” his eyes were wide, very wide.
“Mikey…” Gerard started to say but Willow sat foreword in the chair.
“You saw her? You really saw her, Mikey?”
“Yes, it was grandma.” He whispered. His head fell back but his eyes were still open.
Gerard looked at Willow, his tone was angry “Look don’t encourage him our grandma is dead”
“Duh, like what fan doesn’t know that?” Willow saw the look on his face and regretted her words but she couldn’t help being cranky. She looked over a Mikey and saw he’d closed his eyes again. “Mikey open your eyes”
Gerard looked like he was going to say something but Mikey spoke first. “I really saw her didn’t I?” he sounded like a little boy.
Willow nodded “Yes Mikey you did and she helped me save you.”
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