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I See Dead People

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Willow reveals something about herself she had meant to keep a secret.

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The bus was now completely silent and they all were looking at her. Shit, good going Willow, she thought. Well it couldn’t be helped. She was just so excited that Mikey had seen the woman she had to question him. It was so rare for someone else to see one of the dead. It sort of made her feel more normal.
Ray was the first to speak. “Uh, are you telling us that you and Mikey both saw his dead grandma?”
“Well, to be honest I didn’t realize who she was. I mean one minute I was sitting there enjoying my french fries when suddenly I had a dead woman sitting next to me.”
“Dead woman?” Ray repeated.
Oh, shit any minute they were going to call security Willow thought. She needed to shut up but it was always like this with her. When she got nervous she started rattling
Thank God Mikey spoke again, “Gee she was really there. It was grandma and she looked so good. Not sick, not in pain.”
“Mikey what the fuck did you take?” Gerard was getting very agitated. He was making Willow’s head hurt.
Brian has started cleaning her wound again. He wanted to get her out of here as soon as possible. The alcohol had stopped the bleeding a bit but it still needed to be cleaned better. Willow flinched as he touched the wound again.
“Shit that hurts,” she muttered. She tried to focus her thoughts on Mikey. It wasn’t easy. “Hey, Mikey” she waited until he looked over at her. “When did you first see her?”
Mikey tried to think. He pushed the washcloth Gerard was using away from this face. “Stop it” he told his brother. “I gotta think. It was when I was standing on that big wall.”
“What wall?” Gerard asked, “You said he was down the road.” He was upset and it wasn’t getting any better.
She tried to ignore him and looked only at Mikey, “But Mikey was it before of after I grabbed you?”
“Why did you grab him?” Gerard asked loudly.
Man, she wished he would be quiet. “So he wouldn’t fall.”
“And die” Mikey added his eyes growing wide.
This just made Gerard even more upset. “My brother almost died? What the fuck happened?”
“Ouch” Willow cried as Brian applied even more alcohol. “Crap I think that’s enough”
“You don’t want an infection.” He answered. There was no way he was going to chance any sort of lawsuit from this woman.
She tried to keep her thoughts on Mikey only. “Please try to think. Was it before or after I touched you?”
Ray knew Gerard was on the edge so he tried to help by asking, “Why does it matter?”
He distracted Willow for a moment “Man, you’re vampire quiet” She looked directly into his eyes. It was amazing.
He looked shocked “Vampire quiet? What is that?”
Willow realized she had just said something else she shouldn’t have. She shook her head “Oh, nothing.”
“Look I want to know what the fuck is going on right now.” Gerard stood and threw down the washcloth.
Willow took a deep breath, “Look this will be hard for you to accept but Mikey really did see your grandma. I saw her too. She lead me to where he was because he needed help.”
Frank spoke for the first time since entering the bus “Their dead grandma led you to Mikey?” Willow had to give him credit he was trying to understand.
“Yes, she did. You see I’m a psychic and at the risk of sounding like a kid from a movie I see dead people.”
Once again they were all staring at her. She decided to go on “ I know you won’t understand but it’s exciting for me that Mikey saw her too. I’m just trying to find out if he saw her through my gift or if he has the gift himself.”
It was if she had just spoken a foreign language to them. They just kept looking at her as if she had two heads. This was the part she hated most about being a psychic.
“You see dead people,” Gerard said slowly. “And my brother can too. It that what you’re saying?”
“Yes, sort of. He saw your grandma tonight. I need to know if it was before of after I touched him. See sometimes when there is a dead person around I can touch the person they are trying to reach and they can see them too. It’s pretty rare but it has happened.”
Brian was again working on her shoulder. He really wanted her off this bus. This was messing up the guys and Mikey needed help.
“Okay could you please stop” she hated to be a bitch but damn her shoulder hurt and it was harder and harder to keep her focus. She knew she really needed to keep her focus. He mumbled he was sorry.
Willow tried to explain again. “I’m just trying to find out if he saw her on his own or if it was my touch that allowed him to see her” Her head whipped around to Gerard “I said my touch as in touching his hand. Yeah there is a lot of touching while having sex but nothing like that happened between me and your brother.” She practically shouted at him.
Gerard’s mouth fell open. The bus went deadly silent.
Willow realized her mistake too late “OH SHIT, you didn’t say that out loud did you?”
Gerard shook his head slowly. “I thought it”
Ray realized what had happened “You read his mind? You knew what he was thinking?”
Willow sighed, “Damn it. I usually never make that mistake but the pain in my shoulder is making it hard to focus.”
“How the fuck did you read my mind?” Gerard sat down in the chair across from her. She felt bad cause he was so confused.
“Can you read everyone’s mind?” Bob asked. He has been silent until this moment.
Willow took a deep breath, “Yes usually if I try I can hear peoples thoughts. Notice how I said IF I TRY. I think it is rude so I don’t.”
“But you read mine?” Gerard’s tone was full of anger.
“I HEARD yours. I couldn’t help it you were shouting.”
“What do you mean, “shouting”? Ray was trying the most to understand. He was starting to grasp what she was saying. At least she thought he was she couldn’t be sure cause he was vampire quiet.
Willow tried to explain, “When a person is upset then their thoughts are louder. Gerard is not only upset but he has an adrenaline rush going because of what happened with Mikey. Add all that to the fact he was an addict and it equals shouting.”
“What does the fact that I was an addict have to do with it?” Gerard asked in a chipped tone.
Willow felt bad, she really did. This was so hard for him. “Gerard I don’t know why but when someone is or has been a addict it’s like the insulation on their brain is gone. I can hear your thoughts loud and clear.”
He stood and began pacing from one side of the bus to the other. “This is just fucking insane. You are sitting there telling me that you and Mikey saw my dead grandma tonight and that you can hear my thoughts cause I’m a bit upset and was an addict. Is that about right?”
Wow he is pissed, Willow realized. “Shit, Gerard calm down. You are giving me a hell of a headache. Just try to slow down you thoughts.”
He sat back down and stared at her. “Look I don’t know what you want but it’s not going to work. I have never heard such a load of shit in my life”
Willow need to make him understand she was telling the truth. She had begun to realize she was here to help Mikey. If he was psychic, as she was starting to believe, he was slowly loosing it because he didn’t understand. The ghosts he had been asking her to stop were indeed real.
She looked Gerard straight in the eyes “I am not going to claim Mikey and I had sex, I am not going to try to get money from you, I am not some crazy bitch.”
Once again his mouth hung open. “How the fuck do you do that? How do you know what I’m thinking?” He ran his hands over his face and leaned back in the chair.
No one seemed to know what to say. Brian put a large bandage on her shoulder. It was hard for Willow not to be a bit amused. She could hear them trying to hide their thoughts for fear she would ‘hear’ them. Bob was the funniest. He kept telling himself not to think of sex.
“What did you mean when you said I was vampire quiet?” Ray asked
Willow smiled at him. “It’s a term I use for someone who I can’t hear. I noticed it right away. See I don’t want to listen to other people’s thoughts but I can always hear a very small something. Sort of like a TV down a hall. You can’t make out the words but you can just barely hear it. But you are silent. Nothing at all. I have only run into one other person like that. I don’t know why you are like that but you are. It’s actually kind of nice. I get really tired of having noise in my head all the time.” Willow smiled, “You know there is a series of books about a waitress you can hear people’s thoughts. I’ve always wanted to meet the author to see is she really knows anyone like that.”
“But why vampire?” Ray asked again.
“Oh, well vampire as in living dead. No brain activity. Not that you are brain dead, its just I can’t hear anything. In the books there are real vampires and the waitress can’t hear their thoughts. I guess I just decided that was a good way to describe people I can’t hear.”
Ray smiled slightly. “So why did Elena pick you to help Mikey?”
Willow had to give it to him he was the only one who seemed to be grasping this all fairly well. She thought a moment. “Probably cause I was in the area and cause I knew who Mikey was.”
On the sofa Mikey opened his eyes and tried to sit up. He has been listening to most of what was being said. “Can you help me? I don’t wanna be crazy anymore.”
Willow stood and walked over to him. Gently she took his hand “Mikey you aren’t crazy” she laid her hand on his forehead “but if I’m right the ghosts are trying to communicate with you.”
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